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Giancarlo Mazzů Trio Meets Salvatore Bonafede: Among the Waves of Light
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Giancarlo Mazzů Trio Meets Salvatore Bonafede: Among the Waves of Light

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Giancarlo Mazzů Trio Meets Salvatore Bonafede:
Among the Waves of Light
(Giancarlo Mazzů Web Page)

Giancarlo Mazzů on Guitar
Salvatore Bonafede on Piano
Vincenzo Baldessarro on Bass
Fabrizio Giambanco on Drums

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
June 14, 2010

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All tracks composed by Giancarlo Mazzů (except 6, 8 by Vincenzo Baldessarro).

This CD is a collection of new compositions by Giancarlo Mazzů, whom I have reviewed in CD’s and concerts with pianist, Luciano Troja (see links to their collaborative work above). One track explored below is an homage to that musical friendship. Mazzů’s “Among the Waves of Light”, he notes, connects the highlights of his personal and professional inspirations, including musical dialogues with pianist, Salvatore Bonafede, the Zen circle, the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, and an Indian Raga that merges with Miles Davis’ music. Each track is unique, but tonally and emotionally similar, with a reflective, richly textured theme. The ensemble, Giancarlo Mazzů on guitar, Salvatore Bonafede on piano, Vincenzo Baldessarro on bass, and Fabrizio Giambanco on drums, generously shares the spotlight, with each musician taking breezy, beautiful riffs.

Notable tracks:

#2 - Arrivo fra 3 Anni – Mazzů creates a lengthy, repetitive opening to this track, with a percussive-musical motif. He notes that it “unfolds like a mantra”; and it’s obvious that Mazzů is influenced by East Indian and Asian cultures. The ensemble then takes bits of the opening repetitions and weaves them into a relaxed and sparkling melody. The most captivating instrument is the guitar, with scintillating, debonair intonations.

#4 – Luctroja – The longtime friendship of Mazzů and pianist, Luciano Troja, inspired this upbeat track. It begins with Mazzů’s guitar and Bonafede’s piano conversation, accompanied by Giambanco’s light percussion. Baldessarro’s bass infuses the center of the track, in earthy string interpretations, before Mazzů and Bonafede merge in the final phrases. There’s a joyful reverence to this composition.

#8 – L’Alba – Bassist, Baldessarro, composed this piece, featuring guitar and piano in shifting, delicate combinations. Mazzů notes that his inspiration here is “a vision of the first light”. There’s a spiritual quality that enchants and tantalizes the listener, especially with Mazzů’s electrically stunning guitar harmonies.

#9 – Enso – This track actually seems infused with a Brazilian beat - buoyant, billowy, and unbroken. Mazzů notes that he’s inspired here by Zen, even while the momentum turns jazzy and spirited, with a long drum riff. The opening minutes, however, are composed with spellbinding echoes, like circular melodic chants.

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