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Thai Select, Aceluck, and Aura ZoobZib, the Three Finest Thai Restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen!
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Thai Select, Aceluck, and Aura ZoobZib, the Three Finest Thai Restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen!

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Thai Select
Alternative Thai Cuisine

472 9th Avenue (36th-37th)
New York, NY 10018
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Sun.-Thurs. 11:30AM - 11PM
Fri.-Sat. 11:30AM - 12AM

Yen Ta Fo Noodle Soup!
Fried Calamari / Duck Roll!
Massaman and Panang Curry!
Jumbo Shrimp Lemongrass!
Spicy Cantonese Noodle!
Red Snapper Teriyaki!
Thai Pumpkin Custard!

Organic Thai Cuisine with Sleek Style & Authentic Spices!
The Three Finest Thai Restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen!

Thai Select
472 Ninth Avenue (36th-37th Streets)
New York, NY 10018

530 9th Avenue (39th-40th)
New York, NY 10018

Aura ZoobZib
Thai Noodle BeerBar
460 9th Avenue (35th-36th)
New York, NY 10018

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
April 4, 2017

Three superb Thai restaurants on Ninth Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen, Thai Select, Aceluck, and Aura ZoobZib, feature organic ingredients, a selection of Asian fusion dishes, and a warm, inviting ambiance. Thai Select, the most expansive of the three, even has a semi-private seating area in the back for events and parties. Each of the three has comfortable seating, attentive service, special dishes for diets and allergies, heavenly spices, and rapid takeout. You can order brown rice as a substitute, and any dish can be steamed and altered to your taste, on request. Party catering is available for your home or office entertaining, and each individual dish or party platter is presented with colorful, fresh preparation. At the larger Thai Select, at 36th-37th Streets, you will find appetizers like Rock Shrimp Tempura with sweet chili sauce, Curry Puffs with chicken, potato, onion, and cucumber salsa, Pork Poppers with seasoned pork jerky and black-white sesame seed in fire sauce, and Fried Tofu with sweet chili sauce and ground peanuts. At the smaller Aceluck, at 39th-40th Streets, you’ll see most appetizers above plus Duck Spring Roll with duck meat, glass noodle, and mixed vegetables and Duck Wrap with roast duck, scallion, cucumber, and hoisin sauce, wrapped in a pancake. At the noodle bar, Aura ZoobZib, at 35th-36th Streets, they add Chive Pancakes to the appetizer items mostly seen above.

Among Thai soups, all three restaurants feature my favorite, Tom Yum, with shrimp and vegetables in spicy lemongrass soup, plus Thai Select has Poh Thak, with mixed seafood and shallot, and Aceluck has Chicken Dumpling Soup. Noodle Soups are prepared with shrimp in coconut soup and roast duck with bock choy, while Aura ZoobZib has a wide variety of Noodle Soups, made with shrimp or squid, drunken noodles, flat noodles with egg, and green or yellow curry. Salads found at this amazing trio of Thai cuisine destinations include Ground Chicken Salad with roasted rice and spicy lime dressing, Papaya Salad with green papaya, string beans, and sticky rice, and Asian Chicken Salad Royale with crispy chicken, vegetables, and honey mustard dressing. There is no limit to the Wok and Curry dishes, with combinations of Pad Thai and Pad See-Ew prepared in green, yellow, Panang, and Massaman curries. Chef Specials at Thai Select include Jumbo Shrimp Teriyaki with steamed broccoli and pickled ginger. Aceluck Chef Specials include Aceluck Combo with Moo Yang (barbecued pork), Chicken Gai Yang, and papaya. Aura ZoobZib Chef Specials include Seafood Royal Curry with shrimp, calamari, lychee, and green curry.

Lunch Specials (11:30 PM-3:30 PM) feature traditional noodle soups, Chef Specials, Wok / Curry, and Rama Dish with peanut sauce. Desserts feature Fried Honey Banana and Thai Pumpkin Custard. At Thai Select an expansive, fully stocked bar celebrates Happy Hour and Happy Everything, with wines, beers, and cocktails to enhance your festive lunch, dinner, or before-show / after-show dining. All three restaurants are a short walking distance to the theaters on West 42nd Street, like American Airlines Theatre, The Pershing Square Signature Center, Theatre Row, and The Pearl Theatre Company, as well as theaters on West 36th Street and Broadway theaters throughout the neighborhood. The High Line is very close, as well as the Circle Line, Intrepid Museum, and Madame Tussauds NY Wax Museum. Stop by Thai Select, Aceluck, and Aura ZoobZib, before or after a show or outing, and tell them you saw them on!

Expansive Bar at Thai Select
Courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Comfortable, Contemporary Seating at Thai Select
Courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Comfortable, Contemporary Seating at Thai Select
Courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Thailand Décor at Thai Select
Courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Spacious Intimate Dining at Thai Select
Courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Shiitake Mushroom Soup with Tofu
Courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Shrimp Dumplings and Edamame at Thai Select
Courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Chicken in Spicy Lemongrass Sauce with Brown Rice
Courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

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