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President Nestor Kirchner at The Argentine Consulate in New York
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President Nestor Kirchner at The Argentine Consulate in New York

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President Nestor Kirchner
(Information in Spanish - Information in English)
The Argentine Consulate
(Consulate Website)
12 West 56th Street, NY, NY 10019

Originally Published on

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
September 25, 2003

Tonight Dr. Nestor Kirchner, President of Argentina, greeted the New York Argentinean Community at The Argentine Consulate. I arrived in the waiting line with Carlos De Chey, my Argentine Tango Coach, email him at, and saw Virginia Kelly. The Pulpo (See Review of Pulpo's Show), Daniel Martinez, a Tango DJ, Carlos Quiroga of ReporTango, and Orlando Garcia (A Tango friend, who translated a portion of President Kirchner's speech for me). The line of political fans of President Kirchner spread down the entire sidewalk, outside the Consulate.

Once inside, the crowds thickened to the point of extreme body contact. After greeting friends and sipping Malbec wine, I was invited upstairs to the VIP Press room, where the crowds were equally thick. Because I am short, I was uncontrollably inched to the front of the reception room, near the stage, and was able to clearly watch President Kirchner and the Embassy Officials and bodyguards, who had keen eyes for this crowd.

My translator, Dr. Orlando Garcia, assisted me with the general concept of President Kirchner's speech: I come from the South. My nickname is "El Penguino". I am honest and want to hear what the people have to say. I do not want to enrich myself in this job. I want to rid the country of corruption and return our economic environment. I will be open-minded and will not have pre-determined solutions. We will learn together how to solve the problems of the country.

After the speech, President Kirchner bravely, once again, walked among his people. The crowd proceeded to grab onto President Kirchner's arm and hand, to touch him, to kiss him. I managed to touch his hand and felt very lucky. He is a very charismatic figure, a man of the people, humble and warm. I look forward to hearing about Dr. Kirchner's new Presidency and to reading about his impending accomplishments. The Argentine Consulate provided excellent security and managed to accommodate an enormous crowd of political fans. I am always impressed with the fine programs and ambiance at The Argentine Consulate. Watch for future articles about programs in art and culture at The Argentine Consulate, 212.603.0440.

Arrival of President Nestor Kirchner

Embassy Officials

President Kirchner's Speech

President Kirchner Greets the Crowd

Roberta, Photo by Carlos Quiroga

Dr. Orlando Garcia is Interviewed

NY Argentinean Community

Consulate Reception

Paintings of Argentina

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