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Hector del Curto’s Eternal Tango
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Hector del Curto’s Eternal Tango

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Hector del Curto’s Eternal Tango

Featuring Eternal Tango Orchestra
Special Guest, Pablo Ziegler
Hector del Curto, Bandoneón, Artistic Director
Gustavo Casenave, Piano
Pedro Giraudo, Bass
Nick Danielson, Sami Merdinian, Sergio Reyes, Julia Sakharova, Violins
Mark Holloway, Viola
Jisoo Ok, Cello

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 21, 2007

(See Pablo Ziegler and Hector del Curto at Jazz Standard)

This happens to be one of the finest new Argentine Tango CDs, played and arranged by Tango virtuosos, such as Hector del Curto, who performed with the renowned Osvaldo Pugliese, and Pablo Ziegler, who performed with composer, bandoneonist, Astor Piazzolla. Hector del Curto has assembled top tango musicians to complete Eternal Tango Orchestra, including Jisoo Ok on cello and Gustavo Casenave on piano (who recently performed at the Bösendorfer piano showroom). This CD is for listening, for dancing, and for transporting you to an intoxicating Milonga in Buenos Aires.

Notable Tracks:

#4 – Los Magos - Composed by Hector del Curto. In the edgy style of Piazzolla, del Curto's composition grabs the listener and fills the mind with gorgeous, impassioned music. The Eternal Tango Quintet plays this piece, with del Curto's bandoneón and Nick Danielson's violin both featured in soulful solos. The rhythms are perfected for performance dance, as well.

#5 – Introducción al Angel - Composed by Astor Piazzolla, arr. Pablo Ziegler. Jisoo Ok, on cello, is showcased here in a richly emotional theme, textured and deep. Pablo Ziegler has arranged this Piazzolla work with drama and persuasive professionalism, and performs on piano. Del Curto elegantly fills out this trio performance, with quintessential Piazzolla power and shifts in mood.

#8 - Vigilia - Composed by Victor Lavallén. This duo performance, with Jisoo Ok and Hector del Curto, highlights the pure sounds of cello and bandoneón, in slow, rapturous timing. Ms. Ok has captured the essence of the tango, and del Curto extends the bandoneón with seamless sultriness.

#9 - A Mis Viejos - Composed by Mario de Carlo. This classic tango is performed by full Eternal Tango Orchestra with Pedro Giraudo on bass, Gustavo Casenave on piano, Mark Holloway on viola, Ms. Ok on cello, del Curto on bandoneón, and all four violins. The result is pure beauty

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