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Romero: Duende

- CD Reviews

Romero: Duende
(Hernan Romero Website)
Romero on Flamenco Guitars, Charango, Cajon, Guitar Synths, and Vocals
Oscar Feldman on Flute and Soprano Sax
David Silliman on Percussion
Samuel Torres on Cajon, Palmas, Udu Pot, and Percussion
Pepe Canto on Palmas
Mario Rodriguez on Lyrics, Vocals, and Fretless Bass
Estela Raval on Lyrics and Vocals
Rock: Trumpet

2005 Bolero Records
(Record Website)

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
April 15, 2007

This exotic, evocative, and impassioned mix of Flamenco genre compositions is both original and extraordinary. Each track, almost all composed by Romero, includes a fresh mix of Flamenco guitar, flute, percussion, bass, palmas (clapping), trumpet, vocals, and more. One only has to imagine the ruffled Flamenco dancers in Spain, castanets and heels rhythmically connected, and this dynamic imagery comes to mind.

All compositions by Romero, except one CD track by J. S. Bach.

#1 – Tangos Pa’ Ti - With Oscar Feldman on flute, the music and mood captivate the listener in the first few bars. Romero, Rodriguez, Torres, Silliman, and Canto all fuse Flamenco guitar, bass, and mixed percussion with palmas, and it’s hard to sit still. Oscar Feldman, known for Tango-Jazz, is talented in this genre as well.

#2 – Adore - With Romero, Rodriguez, and Raval on vocals and lyrics, romanticism reigns in this sultry song. Rodriguez adds bass to Romero’s guitar, and Torres plays percussion and cajón in driven and devilish style.

#6 - Duende - Romero opens this title track with solo guitar, each note showcased like dewdrops on flowers. After more than two minutes, cajón and palmas join in, for uncluttered, nuanced sound, true flaming Flamenco at its finest.

#10 - Concierto de Guitarra a un Viajero - A digital mix of strings opens this track, before Flamenco guitar overlay. Soon Romero’s solo, mesmerizing guitar resonates in sequence, with a mix of muted trumpet, percussion, cajón, and soft vocals.

Romero will perform at “Jazz in the Sky” at Terrace in the Sky on June 12, 2007, and Oscar Feldman will perform during the same series on July 17, 2007. Check “Upcoming Events” for details.

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