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Gene Bertoncini: Acoustic Romance

- CD Reviews

Gene Bertoncini: Acoustic Romance
(Gene Bertoncini Bio)
2003 Sons of Sound Productions, Ltd.
(Record Website)

Gene Bertoncini on Guitar
Akira Tana on Drums
Rufus Reid on Bass

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
April 9, 2007

This CD is so engaging that you will not wait to hear it again and again, with new musical nuances revealing themselves each time. Bertoncini is a master at synthesizing and showcasing the melodies with uncluttered, elongated technique. Rufus Reid and Akira Tana join Bertoncini on numerous tracks for buoyant, rhythmic effects.

#5 – Gone with the Wind - Composed by Allie Wrubel and Herbert Magidson. This romantic film score opens solo and sultry but soon turns to ensemble Swing, with shifting keys and moods. Bertoncini has designed a unique, upbeat interpretation of this renowned ballad.

#6 – ‘Round Midnight - Composed by Thelonius Monk, Cootie Williams, and Bernie Hanighen. With guitar chord chimes, Bertoncini counts to midnight, an eerie introduction that fades into this soulful theme. That theme is turned inside out, playing the listener’s heart strings in duet with his mesmerizing guitar. Bass and drums join the track later on, before Bertoncini’s final solo and re-appearing twelve chord chimes.

#8 - Stella by Starlight - Composed by Victor Young and Ned Washington. Bertoncini, solo, introduces this sensual standard, then picks up the beat with bass and drums as Rufus Reid echoes Bertoncini’s chords. Akira Tana keeps a percussive, pronounced pulse. The trio ends the track in a combined flourish.

#10 - Invitation - Composed by Bronislau Kaper and P. F. Webster. With a Brazilian Samba motif, Tana opens the track like a colorful Carnivale. Reid adds solo bass ornaments and then repeats Bertoncini’s theme without his bow. Tana closes the track once again, as effectively as he introduced it.

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