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Ludovic Beier and Angelo Debarre: Come into my swing!
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Ludovic Beier and Angelo Debarre: Come into my swing!

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CD Review

Ludovic Beier and Angelo Debarre: Come into my swing!
2003 Le Chant du Monde
2003 City Record

Ludovic Beier on Accordion
Angelo Debarre on Guitar
Antonio Licusati on Bass

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
December 15, 2003

This is a very romantic CD, compliments of the renowned Gypsy Jazz duo, Angelo Debarre and Ludovic Beier. These are danceable tunes, energizing and electric, that follow each other in hot pursuit. Django Reinhardt would be proud.

Notable tracks:

#1 Venez Donc Chez Moi (Come to My Place) Composed by P. Misraki. This is a teasing piece, for cognac and candlelight, with Debarre and Beier switching leads.

#8 Ne Dors Pas (Don't Fall Asleep) This traditional Russian piece is evocative and soft, with Debarre leading the theme and then Beier picking up the melodic lead on his keys.

#13 Premier Bal (First Dance) This piece, by S. Bechet, first led by Debarre, has opportunities for vocalization and dancing, with its sweet, sensual, and scintillating tunes. Without missing a beat, Beier assumes the lead and improvises in a very earthy style.

#15 Stomping at Birdland This is an obvious reference to the annual Birdland Festival of Django Reinhardt's music. It is fast and furious and reminiscent of the extreme energy level of this event. This is rapid-fire music with frequently changing musical passages.

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