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Gustavo Casenave: Teatro Solis

- CD Reviews

Gustavo Casenave: Teatro Solis
(Gustavo Casenave Website)
(Jorge Trasante Bio)
2004 Fula Records
Gustavo Casenave on Piano
Jorge Trasante on Percussion

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
March 4, 2007

This record has only five tracks, one almost 20 minutes long, all original Casenave compositions. There are piano and percussive solos as well as blended and fused segments. The music is mainly atonal, with hints of Argentine Tango and artists like Satie. Gustavo Casenave, from Uruguay, is known in the Argentine Tango circles as an impassioned pianist of the genre. This CD is a different genre, with contemplative and cutting edge originality. Jorge Trasante, also from Uruguay, is a long-time drummer with Gipsy Kings.

All music composed by Gustavo Casenave.
Notable tracks:

#1 – Vicky The Latin conga softly pulsates in the silence for over two minutes, followed by a simple treble melody. This track, named for Casenave’s wife, is abstract, sometimes atonal and sometimes melodic. He maintains a quiet, curious mood.

#3 – 14 de Julio With a hint of Piazzolla, Casenave has created a fragmented, mixed percussive and rhythmic work. At times, the theme shifts into contrasting and meandering imagery.

#4 – Bicho Feeling Home Again, I heard a hint of Tango, but with staccato dissonance. There are sudden musical meltdowns into driven percussive arrangements, so that one experiences contrasting urban and bucolic themes.

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