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Andrea Esperti: Yo Yo Eclecticum

- CD Reviews

Andrea Esperti: Yo Yo Eclecticum
2004 Splasc (H) Records

Andrea Esperti on Trombone and Composition
Lorenzo Paesani on Piano
Niccolo’ Faraci on Double Bass
Guests: Christian Pahud on Samplers, Mambi Arguelles on Percussion,
Nicola Orioli on Clarinet, Gianni Denitto on Samplers,
Emilio Calabrese on Samplers, and David Granite on Rap

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
February 19, 2007

With a clear effort to relate to American audiences, this trio of youthful, Italian jazz artists has created a new recording with fused edgy, atonal, melodic, and Afro-Caribbean sound. Andrea Esperti’s trombone is prevalent in both electrifying and elegant embellishments that intensify the repetitive and mesmerizing spirit presented in his compositions. Esperti, Paesani, and Faraci know how to grab the listener’s attention.
Notable tracks:

#3 – Soft Mamy – Composed by Andrea Esperti. With a soulful trombone entrance, accompanied by Lorenzo Paesani on piano and Niccolo’ Faraci on bass, the trio showcases itself here as in touch with mainstream jazz. This long track (over 8 minutes) allows for generous solos with smooth transitions to the echoing, enchanted theme.

#8 – Bonus Cosmus Rap – Composed by Andrea Esperti, Gianni Denitto, and Emilio Calabrese. Very different in style, this track immediately rivets the listener with David Granite’s rap voiceover. The musical volume builds, and one can imagine an athletic artist with onstage rap choreography. The electronic effects are split-timed to the vocals.

#10 – Andy Rag Time – Composed by Andrea Esperti. With a buoyant, ragtime bounce, Esperti’s melody could survive any New Orleans French Quarter Club. The samplers added the sound of a kazoo to Nicola Orioli’s guest clarinet, and this music was refreshingly upbeat, melodic, and even danceable.

#11 – Reginella (II) – Composed by Gaetano Lama. With another dramatic switch in mood and tempo, Lorenzo Paesani’s solo piano was enhanced with organ-infused undertones, followed by Andrea Esperti’s soothing trombone. Andrea Esperti and his trio and guests have a bright future, thanks to their stylistic versatility, musical compatibility, and pure, pleasant sound.

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