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Anne Ducros Trio and Ada Rovatti at the Blue Note Brunch
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Anne Ducros Trio and Ada Rovatti at the Blue Note Brunch

- Jazz and Cabaret Corner

Sunday Jazz Brunch
Anne Ducros Quartet
(Anne Ducros Website)
Anne Ducros on vocals
Olivier Hutman on piano
Essiett Okon Essiett on double bass
Bruce Cox on drums
Special Guest: Ada Rovatti on Saxophone
(Ada Rovatti Website)

Blue Note
131 West 3rd Street at Sixth Ave.

General Manager: Tom Bailey
Media Contact: Jonathan Kantor

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
January 14, 2007

In a combination of sensual French vocals, mixed with seasoned scat, Anne Ducros took the Blue Note brunch by storm, accompanied by her very talented pianist, Olivier Hutman, plus Essiett Okon Essiett on double bass and Bruce Cox on drums. The surprise of the afternoon was Ada Rovatti on saxophone, a young, Italian dynamo with a very promising future. The Blue Note’s Bösendorfer was missing today, probably because of the evening’s contemporary band, but Hutman held his own with captivating tone on the electric keyboard available onstage. Ms. Ducros sings in English with an exquisite French native accent, and the first piece brought Ms. Rovatti out with a dynamic saxophone solo. Hutman exuded timing and energy, playing on two keyboards, for extra sound effects. Essiett’s bass was earthy, while Cox’s drums added a soft, not overwhelming touch. The second piece, a rousing swing, had a busy saxophone, with Ms. Ducros on scat. Essiett’s solo and Hutman’s soft piano joined in the building momentum, with its twists and turns. I Fall In Love Too Easily was sung with a mellifluous voice, smooth and sensuous. Come Rain or Come Shine brought Ms. Ducros back to scat, but this scat used elongated notes and impassioned drama. Ms. Rovatti kept pace, mimicking the scat on brass.

One of my favorite composers, Erik Satie, was honored with a scat improvisation of one of his Gnossiennes. Hutman added special keyboard effects and Cox added cymbals in an incandescent moment. Essiett took out his bow, and Ms. Rovatti changed saxes for a bluesy, atonal, staccato riff. Hints of the original theme were apparent. I Thought About You was a vocal/piano duet, a piece Ms. Ducros had recorded. The next piece, in native French, included too much scat, in my opinion, as it’s so rare to hear ballads in native French, why take that moment away? However, Ms. Ducros turned the music into red hot swing in a wild riff. Finally, a piano/bass/drum riff, infused with a soaring sax, brought the set to a finale, but not before Cox took a pulsating solo on his full set of drums.

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