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Jazz with a French Accent at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola
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Jazz with a French Accent at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola

- Jazz and Cabaret Corner

Riccardo Del Fra and Hervé Sellin
Le Conservatoire de Paris
Jazz Department and Improvised Music
Jazz with a French Accent
Hervé Sellin on piano
Riccardo Del Fra on bass
Dre Pallemaerts on drums
François Théberge on saxophone

Frederick P. Rose Hall
Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola
Broadway at 60th Street
(Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola Website)
Todd Barkan, Artistic Administrator
Scott Thompson, Press

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
January 11, 2007

In this “After Hours” set, the professors from Le Conservatoire de Paris, pianist, Hervé Sellin, and bassist, Riccardo Del Fra, were joined by Dre Pallemaerts on drums and François Théberge on saxophone. With a blast of brassy saxophone, the late set began with a piece, called Evidence, amidst a nice, steady pulse. Sellin’s piano riff was more melodic than the atonal sax, with drums and bass providing a rich background for this Parisian jazz. Sellin was relaxed and seasoned, and Del Fra’s bass solo extended and enhanced the piano theme with improvisations. Théberge’s sax finished the piece with the original melody.

Sellin led the second work, a ballad, with a soft, dreamlike sound. The sax was more moody and traditional here, an embellishment on I Remember You. Théberge added depth and meaning to a well-known song. As a surprise to Todd Barkan, Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola Artistic Director, the musicians had composed Todd’s Delight, just for the occasion. It was edgy, energized, and percussive, very a propos to the New York skyline on view at the rear of the stage. Théberge led this piece with charisma and clarity.

Del Fra told the audience that this quartet “had to come all the way to New York to play together”. And, we were glad they did. At exactly 11:55 PM, the group played Miles Davis’ ‘Round Midnight. Del Fra’s bass was soulful and rapturous, with Sellin, on piano, creating an equally momentous mood. The sax did a musical dance, and Théberge captured the essence of the “Miles moment”, in a searing, captivating, and buoyant style. Del Fra's bass exuded an earthy, energized beat, while Sellin, on piano, raced along his keyboard roller-coaster. Théberge played a differentiated theme, picking up on mood and melody, while Dre Pallemaerts ended the set with a seamless solo, syncopated and sensational. Check Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola Website for current and upcoming listings.

Hervé Sellin, François Théberge, Dre Pallemaerts, Riccardo Del Fra
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

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