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Sophie Milman: S. Milman

- CD Reviews

Sophie Milman: S. Milman
(Sophie Milman Website)
2004 Linus Entertainment

Sophie Milman on Vocals
Bill King and John Sheard on Piano
Artie Roth and Marc Rogers on Acoustic Bass
Davide DiRenzo on Drums
Reg Schwager and Rob Pilch on Guitar
Pat LaBarbera on Alto Sax
Lenny Solomon on Violin
Alexis Baro, Phil Dwyer, William Carn on Trumpet
Alan Hetherington on Percussion
Guido Basso on Chromatic Harmonica
Steve McDade on Baritone Sax


Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
January 4, 2007

This extraordinarily skillful vocalist has assembled an equally extraordinary ensemble of musicians to create one of the loveliest CD’s I’ve heard in some time. With her swinging or soulful, soft voice, Sophie Milman is an artist to watch, who has what it takes. The recording took place in two studios, with mostly two musical ensembles, but each and every track is mesmerizing and magical.

Notable tracks:

#3 – Guilty – Composed by Aksy/Kahn/Whiting. With a piano-vocal lead, followed by bass and brushes, the slow, sensual vocals unfold. This uncluttered arrangement, in slow swing or foxtrot, includes echoing bass and generous guitar embellishments.

#4 – My Baby Just Cares for Me – Composed by Kahn/Donaldson. Sophie Milman knows how to dazzle the listener with seamless, canary-like lyrics. Bill King’s piano and Paul LaBarbera’s alto sax enhance the vocals with ebullience.

#6 – The Man I Love – Composed by Gershwin/Gershwin. Rob Pilch on guitar keeps the mood seductive with Ms. Milman’s warbling vocals. Guido Basso, on harmonica, presents a rich and riveting theme, more meaningful than I’ve previously heard in this heart-rending ballad.

#9 – La Vie En Rose – Composed by Piaf/Louiguy. Ms. Milman sets the mood, with an authentic native, French accent, à la Piaf and à la Paris, and LaBarbera’s sax solos begin and end this track with soul. The French flair is textured throughout Ms. Milman’s nuanced interpretation.

Bonus Track:
#11 - Dark Eyes/Ochi Chemye - Traditional. I could not resist adding one more track, as this beautiful one is in Ms. Milman’s native Russian, with Lenny Solomon on violin. Ms. Milman has roots in Israel, Russia, and Canada, and the texture and depth of her performance is indicative of this rich, cultural background.

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