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Nilson Matta & Friends: Walking with My Bass

- CD Reviews

Nilson Matta & Friends: Walking with My Bass
2006 Blue Toucan Music

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Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
December 17, 2006

This CD was recorded on three locations and produced by Brazilian bassist, Nilson Matta, with the assistance of 24 “friends”, on vocals, drums, piano, flute, harmonica, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, tamborims, and percussion. The mood ranges from soft exotic to energized dance, framed in the Samba genre. Matta’s bass is always prevalent, but there are generous solos throughout from renowned musicians, such as Kenny Barron and Helio Alves on piano, Harry Allen on saxophone, and Duduka da Fonseca on drums.

Notable tracks:

#4 – Atlantida – Composed by Ivan Lins/Celso Viafora. With a vocal ensemble lead, this smooth Samba, arranged by Ivan Lins and Nilson Matta, features Lins on piano and vocals, Leonardo Aumoedo on guitar, and Theo Lima on drums. Lins has a soothing voice, and his Portuguese lyrics are enchanting. Matta, on bass, provides rich texture.

#8 – Perfume de Cebola – Composed by Filó Machado. This rapid, energized track features Filó Machado on vocals and acoustic guitar, Robertinho Silva on drums and tamborims, and Jorge Silva on percussion. This danceable song includes exotic sound, cultural authenticity, and Machado’s Portuguese scat, while he enhances the mood with sumptuous guitar passages.

#9 – Smile – Composed by Charles Chaplin. This simple arrangement by Matta features just bass, harmonica (Mauricio Einhorn), and drums (Duduka da Fonseca). This tune is soulful and mesmerizing, with soft, sparing percussion and an elegant bass-harmonica duet.

#11 – Here’s that Rainy Day – Composed by J. Van Heusen/J. Burke. This simple arrangement, by Matta, again allows for individual musicians to be showcased. Here, Matta features Kenny Barron on piano and Jeff Tain Watts on drums. Barron leads the track in a masterful rendition, taking an upbeat, wistful mood. Matta’s long solo plays with a fragment of the theme.

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