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The Rooftop: A Live Shot

- CD Reviews

The Rooftop: A Live Shot
2006 Germ Recordings

Christian Ver Halen, Guitar, Composer
Selan, Keyboards, Vocals
Lonnie Plaxico, Bass
Gintus Janusonis, Drums
Kahlil Kwame Bell, Percussion
Monet, Flute, Vocals
Nora Friedman, Violin
Lenae Harris, Cello

Special Guests on Vocals, Background Vocals, Bass and Vocals, Additional Percussion, Announcement

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower and Jake Laughlin
November 24, 2006

This CD contains elements of Reggae, Jazz, and Gospel. The vocals have a smooth, uplifting quality, and each track has a unique fusion of percussion, strings, and vocals, including the rare cello and violin. Various vocalists infuse soulful musicality to Christian Ver Halen’s 11 collaborative tracks.

Notable tracks:

#1 – Set You Free – Composed by Ver Halen and Azucena. This very spiritual and liberating vocal track to piano, guitar, drums, builds in volume and emotion. Maya Azucena has a clear, rich voice and creates fullness and texture as the track ends with drums and tambourines.

#5 – Wasteland – Composed by Ver Halen and Dobson. Abby Dobson’s vocals and collaborative composition combines reggae and gospel, with soft rock and a bit of new age. She works with a rhythmic guitar, bass, and percussion to achieve buoyancy and tempo.

#6 – Washed Away – Composed by Ver Halen and Lerner. Featuring Selan and Monet on vocals and keyboards, with generous guitar backup, this folk-infused melody maintains a slow meandering mood. This is a very nurturing, song.

#8 – Deep in the Water – Composed by Ver Halen and Monet. Featuring Monet on vocals and flute, this track has a tribal rhythm, funky bass, and soulful melody. The music would be well served with additional flute accompaniment.

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