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Project Delos: A Saturday Night on the Moon
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Project Delos: A Saturday Night on the Moon

- CD Reviews

Project Delos: A Saturday Night on the Moon
2005 Splasc (h) Records

Andrea Esperti on Trombone
Lorenzo Paesani on Acoustic Piano, Yamaha dx7s, Yamaha cs5, Emulator
Niccolò Faraci on Double Bass, Software Sequencers
Alessandro Blasi on Drums, percussion
Massimo Manzi, Special Guest on Drums

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
October 29, 2006

This hot new CD from Italy features ten compositions by bassist, Niccolò Faraci, and one by pianist, Lorenzo Paesani. The music is original and versatile, with generous solos from all five musicians. Bassist Faraci fuses jazz genres to create some mesmerizing moments, like the piano introduction to I Remember Christopher Pike.

Notable tracks:

#4 – Love’s Away from Earth – Composed by Niccolò Faraci. Esperti’s trombone introduction engages the listener, as Paesani’s piano joins for a melancholy mood. The recording acoustics are strikingly clear, with Blasi’s and Manzi’s percussion, plus Faraci’s bass rhythm, adding texture and warmth.

#6 – The Day We Touched the Sky – Composed by Lorenzo Paesani. Paesani’s piano leads his own composition in eerie slowness and sensitivity. This piece is at once soulful and playful with a mellifluous, meandering melody.

#10 – Ufo, Where Are You? – Composed by Niccolò Faraci. The percussionists and bassist are busy, with Faraci’s clavé-fused jazz, buoyantly enhanced by Esperti on trombone. This track would be a sensational score for modern dance choreography.

#11 – The Trouble with Tribbles – Composed by Niccolò Faraci. Piano and drums lead in repetition to draw the listener on a wild Latin-laced ride. Paesani finds fascinating sounds to catch the urban mood.

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