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Foggy Bottom at Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex
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Foggy Bottom at Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex

- Backstage with the Playwrights

Foggy Bottom
Abingdon Theatre Company

Foggy Bottom
By James Armstrong

At the
Dorothy Strelsin Theatre
Abingdon Theatre Company
312 West 36th Street

Featuring: Dan Cordle as Dick, Jo Mei as Lee, Jeremy Beiler as Bill, Susanna Guzmán as Juanita, Angela Polite as Sadiku,
Maja Wampuszyc as Marina, Richard Zekaria as Muhammad,
and Denise Bessette as Woman.

Directed by Rob Urbinati
Scenic Design/Production Manager: Gabriel Hanier Evansohn
Light Design: Carl Faber
Costume Designer: Susan Scherer
Sound Design: Graham Johnson
Casting: William Schill
Production Stage Manager: Kate DeCoste
Associate Artistic Director: Kim T. Sharp
Press: Michael Page

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
September 15, 2006

This State Department bedroom farce brings new meaning to the phrase, “Being in or out of the closet”, as two closet doors of an Asst. Secretary of State, named Pat Simon, who never actually appears, are used as props to transparently hide the sex partners of a State Dept. bureaucrat, named Dick, who uses Pat Simon’s identity to promise green cards to passionate, young women. These women are from Colombia, Nigeria, an Asian country (China or Korea), and all are willing to “do whatever it takes”, day or night, to land that elusive green card. Dick’s unwilling, soon willing partner in crime, Bill, uses the third door to disappear and arrive at indiscreet moments. That third door is also the prop for the intrusion of a fourth woman, from an Eastern European country, who poses as just another green card wannabe, before she turns entertaining into edgy. Her accomplice, Muhammad, in contrast, turns edgy into entertaining.

The ensemble of actors, in this intimate theatrical setting, all project personality and presence, especially the fifth woman, who steals the show, second act. James Armstrong provides a multitude of humor, surprise, political innuendo, and one great monologue, and Rob Urbinati backs this new comedy with tight timing, in the style of Feydeau. Susan Scherer outdoes herself with the ethnic costuming and wide-bottomed raincoat that hides another critical prop. I could not help wonder how much of this play could be based on actual goings-on, “State”-side. To see future productions at Abingdon Theatre Company, click here:

Angela Polite, Jo Mei, Dan Cordle, Jeremy Beiler and Susanna Guzman in Foggy Bottom
Photo courtesy of Kim T. Sharp

Richard Zekaria, Jeremy Beiler and Dan Cordle in Foggy Bottom
Photo courtesy of Kim T. Sharp

Maja Wampuszyc, Richard Zekaria and Jeremy Beiler in Foggy Bottom
Photo courtesy of Kim T. Sharp

Dan Cordle and Jeremy Beiler in Foggy Bottom
Photo courtesy of Kim T. Sharp

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