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The Capitol Steps in Songs from "I'm So Indicted" at The Supper Club
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The Capitol Steps in Songs from "I'm So Indicted" at The Supper Club

- Backstage with the Playwrights

Who Put the Mock in Democracy?
With Songs from I’m So Indicted
By the
Capitol Steps
Lyrics by Bill Strauss,
Elaina Newport, Mark Eaton
Producer: Elaina Newport
Director: Bill Strauss
Media: Mike Thornton

The Supper Club
240 West 47th Street
NY, NY 10036

Mike Thornton, Mike Carruthers, Mike Tilford
Elaina Newport, Ann Schmitt

Pianists: Marc Irwin, Howard Breitbart

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 26, 2006

In their new show at The Supper Club, the revolving troupe from Capitol Steps, from a Washington, DC based ensemble of 17 actors/singers (plus pianists) sang, mimed, and joked their way though songs from their new album, I’m So Indicted, plus favorites from other albums, such as Four More Years in the Bush Leagues and Papa’s Got a Brand New Baghdad. Some of tonight’s songs ranged from the title song to The Sunni Side of Tikrit, Barry (Bonds) with the Syringe on Top, Rolling Kidney Stones, Mexifornia, Here I Come, and Al (Gore) Shook Up.

The cast of three Mikes, Ann, and Elaina were hilarious, dressed as Kurds in robes, aging Supreme Court justices in robes, and heads of state in robes, suits, wigs, and more. They fiercely took on Hillary, Al Gore, Avian Flu, Cheney (If You Only Had a Heart), FEMA/Katrina, Lieberman, Viagra, and even gasoline (What Kind of Fuel Am I?). Capitol Steps takes a well-known tune and then creates rhymes and verses about popular news and news figures, political, pop culture, pharmaceutical, and sports. They change songs and topics frequently, even in the same series, so you could actually attend the show twice and be entertained all over again. Plus, some songs are even funnier second time around.

Mike Thornton, who appeared as Bush II, with grey wig, shoulder shrugs and facial mannerisms to perfection, was also the stand-up guy for a long tale in pig Latin called Lirty Dies, with verses about “Ack Jabramoff”, “Chick Daney”, and Yubble-doo”, such as “Yubble-doo said, ‘You’re a brass act, Clownie’… ‘What a lunch of boozers’.” Costumes and wigs and props are as funny as the lines. Capitol Steps appears all over the nation, adding new songs and show themes all the time. Check for the latest news and tour dates.

"Wouldn't It Be Hillary!"
Photo courtesy of Keith Stanley

The Four Singing Liberal Supreme Court Justices - "Staying Alive!"
Photo courtesy of Keith Stanley

"Three Little Kurds from School"
Photo courtesy of Keith Stanley

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