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Eric Nemeyer: Blessing in Disguise

- CD Reviews

Eric Nemeyer: Blessing in Disguise
2004 E. S. Proteus Production

Eric Nemeyer on Vibraphone, Tony Monaco on Hammond B3 Organ
Mark Elf on Guitar, Curtis Weaver on Guitar
Byron Landham on Drums, Donny McCaslin on Tenor Sax
Valery Ponomarev on Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 20, 2006

This is an upbeat, rhythmical compilation of vibraphone-plus compositions, with Hammond B3 organ, guitar, drums, tenor sax, and flugelhorn, quite a vibrant mix. Eric Nemeyer has composed seven of the twelve tracks, and each original piece has infectious intonations that engage the listener, while seamlessly introducing the next. The other five tracks include compositions by Jimmy Van Heusen, Bernard Peiffer, Miles Davis, Mort Dixon/Ray Henderson, and Benny Golson.

Notable tracks:

#3 –Blessing in Disguise – Composed by Eric Nemeyer. With syncopated rhythm, this melodic title track exudes buoyancy. Nemeyer is a talented vibraphonist, and he plays solo with effortless abandon on the heels of Valery Ponomarev on trumpet. The band fills in with blended organ, drums, guitar, tenor sax, soprano sax, and flugelhorn, led by scintillating vibraphonic waterfalls.

#6 – Milestones – Composed by Miles Davis. This staccato piece includes Donny McCaslin’s tenor sax lead, with Valery Ponomarev on trumpet and flugelhorn, plus the steady band of Tony Monaco on organ, Mark Elf on guitar, and Byron Landham on drums. The almost-swing beat is fused with jazz, as Ponomarev seizes the lead, accompanied by drums and organ. McCaslin’s tenor sax follows with versatility and vibrancy.

#11 – Enlarged to Show Texture – Composed by Eric Nemeyer. Nemeyer’s composition begins over soft organ and drums, with flowing rhythm, just before Curtis Weaver takes a melodic solo. Monaco and Weaver switch leads, when Nemeyer takes a break, and the sound is engaging and scintillating.

#12 – Stablemates – Composed by Benny Golson. With no brass or second guitar, this streamlined track is one of the best, pure sound from the band, on vibes, organ, drums, and guitar (Marc Elf). The sound is smooth, sensual, and successful.

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