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Peter Buffett: Inside Looking Out

- CD Reviews

Peter Buffett: Inside Looking Out
2006 Bisonhead Records

Peter Buffett on Macintosh Computer
Guest for One Track: Tom Nelson on Guitar

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 20, 2006

This is a cutting edge CD of computerized music, plus guitar, written, performed, recorded and mixed by Peter Buffett. Tom Nelson co-wrote and plays guitar on Missouri Turning. Buffett was involved in the score for Dances with Wolves and created a PBS Special, Spirit, and the touring show, Spirit-The Seventh Fire. Buffett is fascinated by American Indian culture and computer technology, and this recording was made within his Macintosh. The music exudes contrasting moods and rhythms, and several tracks seem poised for modern dance choreography, with pulsating or introspective themes. A variety of unique sounds and original effects have been discovered by Buffett in this contemporary and fascinating recording.

Notable tracks:

#3 –Dadaday – This track opens with melancholy, meandering momentum. The melody is lyrical and lovely, with percussive intonations appearing spontaneously. Soon a repetitive theme resounds with deeper chords, quite a feat for a computerized composition. Human vocal accompaniment is mixed with bubbling buoyancy. A digital guitar-like passage closes the almost four-minute work.

#4 – Missouri Turning – Electronic music repeats as the track is introduced, followed by some “hustle” dance rhythms. There are passages with contrasting timing but similar echoing interludes. Every once in awhile, an upbeat, percussive mix is added to change the volume and mood, with echoes abounding. Nelson’s mesmerizing guitar is inherent throughout. The track fades quietly.

#5 – Riverside Drive – This piece opens with eerie, electronic effects. A driving hustle rhythm makes this track a candidate for energetic dance studios and modern choreography, as well as dance exercise classes. The sound is urban New York and builds to crescendos of repetitive musical electronics, enhanced with some bird-call-like effects.

#9 – Waiting – Buffett switches moods to introspective, ethereal, and elegant. This is beautiful blended music, and it’s hard to imagine its conception on computerized methodology. The motif is akin to soft raindrops in a spring garden.

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