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Elliott Caine Quintet: Blues from Mars

- CD Reviews

Elliott Caine Quintet: Blues from Mars
2006 EJC Music


Elliott Caine on Trumpet/Flugelhorn, Michael Rose on Baritone Sax
John Rangel on Piano, Bill Marcus on Bass
Kenny Elliott on Drums, Carl Randall on Tenor Sax
Justo Almario on Tenor Sax, Munyngo Jackson on Congas
DJ Bonebrake on Vibraphone, Antoine Cayito Dearborn on Congas
Probyn Gregory on Theremin/Tannerin, Inocente Alvarez on Congas

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 18, 2006

This CD is an eclectic, contemporary jazz collaboration, with quartet to septet arrangements and performances, all composed by Elliott Caine (trumpet and flugelhorn). With three guest artists enhancing Elliott Caine and his accompanying quintet, plus three additional artists, there is a diversity and dynamism of sound, from trumpet to tannerin. The tracks contrast moods and rhythms, explosive to elegant.

Notable tracks:

#5 –After Thought – Composed by Elliott Caine. Elliott Caine’s flugelhorn opens this melodic, meandering track, accompanied by soft piano, bass, and drums. There is a midnight mood that captivates the listener, before DJ Bonebrake plays a scintillating solo, followed by John Rangel on piano, on the heels of Caine’s finale.

#6 –Blues from Mars – Composed by Elliott Caine. This title track has some eerie electronic effects, on theremin and tannerin, followed by Caine’s persuasive lead on trumpet. Carl Randall is showcased on tenor sax, in an interpretive interlude.

#7–Mambolishus – Composed by Elliott Caine. With Caine on trumpet, Randall on tenor sax, and Bill Marcus on electric bass, this track has motion and fusion, enhanced by Inocente Alvarez on congas, for Latin rhythms and resonance. Rangel has powerful piano presence, and DJ Bonebrake on vibes and Kenny Elliott on drums complete the syncopated septet.

#10 –I Thought About You – Composed by Elliott Caine. Caine’s flugelhorn mournfully enters in solo, with Markus’ bare bass accompaniment. Piano and drums add smooth sensitivity to this romantic final track, and I find this my favorite of the ten, with purity and simplicity of four instruments.

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