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Dom Minasi: The Vampire's Revenge
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Dom Minasi: The Vampire's Revenge

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Dom Minasi: The Vampire’s Revenge
2 Disc Recording
2006 CDM Records


Dom Minasi on Guitar
Ken Filiano on Bass, Jackson Krall on Drums, Perry Robinson on Clarinet
Joe Giardullo on Soprano Sax, Jason Kao Hwang on Violin, Tomas Ulrich on Cello
Carol Mennie on Voice, John Gunther on Reeds, Herb Robertson on Trumpet
Steve Swell on Trombone, Francois Grillot on Bass, Ras Moshe on Reeds
Matthew Shipp on Piano, Mark Whitecage on Alto Sax, Borah Bergman on Piano
Joe McPhee on Tenor Sax, Paul Smoker on Flugelhorn, Sabir Mateen on Tenor Sax
Blaise Siwula on Alto Sax, Peter Ratray on Recitative, Byron Olson, Conductor

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 17, 2006

This is an interesting 2 CD package with original compositions, presented by a jazz ensemble of 21 musicians and one conductor. The tracks are dissonant, atonal, unpredictable, cacophonous, and edgy, and the overall effect is that a good deal of originality and resourcefulness have been combined for a cutting edge recording. An inspiration for these compositions was Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.

Notable tracks:

Disc I:
#1 –The Seduction – Composed by Dom Minasi. With a guitar and clarinet (Perry Robinson) entrance, accompanied by edgy brass and bass, the instruments melt together in eerie repetition. Minasi’s guitar keeps the lead flowing and melancholy, before the track turns wild and explosive.

#5 –The Dark Side – Composed by Dom Minasi. Matthew Shipp leads on piano chords, with Minasi’s guitar, Ken Filiano’s bass, and Jackson Krall’s drums in surreal background sound. The tracks that feature individual instruments in smaller ensembles seem the most effective.

Disc II:
#2 –The Hunt – Composed by Dom Minasi. With Paul Smoker on flugelhorn, Sabir Mateen on tenor sax, Joe McPhee on tenor sax, and the steady involvement of Minasi, Filiano, and Krall, this track builds in volume and energy. Sometimes the brass performs as one, and sometimes individual players are showcased, with contrasting tones and moods.

#4 –The Vampire’s Revenge – Composed by Dom Minasi. With a frightening introduction in this title track, by Tomas Ulrich on cello, Minasi, Filiano, and Krall are joined by Jason Kao Hwang on violin, John Gunther on reeds, Herb Robertson on trumpet, Steve Swell on trombone, Francois Grillot on bass, and Ras Moshe on reeds. The sound builds like traffic on a New York Friday eve, with unexpected brass solos and a final, blended cacophony of orchestration.

Dom Minasi - The Vampire's Revenge

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