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Roger Davidson: Pensando en Tí

- CD Reviews

Roger Davidson: Pensando en Tí


Roger Davidson, Piano
Ignacio Berroa, Drums
David Finck, Bass
Marco Granados, Flute
Francisco Navarro, Guitar
Kenny Rampton, Trumpet
Pernell Saturnino, Percussion

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
June 4, 2006

This is a seductively enchanting CD with “must-hear-again” danceable tracks, also well suited to easy listening and romantic dinners. Davidson is well versed in the Latin genre, and his rumbas, cha-chas, and bossa novas, include exotic percussion, muted trumpet, surreal flute, authentic guitar (Francisco “Pancho” Navarro is renowned in the Argentine Tango community), supportive bass and drums, and, of course, Davidson’s warm piano solos and accompaniment. Every track in this recording is unique, with Davidson’s compositions, plus those of his Latin American favorites.

Notable tracks:

#3 –Somos Novios – Composed by Armando Manzanero. Davidson leads on solo piano, extending this sultry rumba with its heart-rending melody and unsung lyrics. Navarro follows with a scintillating interpretation, drawing the listener in, as Davidson repeats his lead and fades out with slow rhythms. Bass and drums are prevalent in the background.

#7 –Tres Palabras – Composed by Osvaldo Farres. This upbeat cha-cha or bossa nova (depends on the dancer’s choice) has strong rhythmical effects. Davidson leads, before Rampton takes the theme in muted repetitions. Rampton’s trumpet vibrates on a single note, before Davidson returns with syncopated chords.

#10–Rumba Feliz – Composed by Roger Davidson. This original rumba has Cuban style and instrumentations. Berroa and Saturnino figure strongly with numerous percussive ornaments. Finck also takes a bass solo with buoyant breeziness, followed by Rampton on a full-out trumpet lead.

#14 –Pensando en Tí – Composed by Roger Davidson. This original rumba is slower than that in track #10, more soulful and textured. Granados takes a fluttery flute solo, and the song exudes an airy, dreamlike tone. Drums and percussion take active roles, as Davidson and Granados carry the title theme through the finale.

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