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Trio del Sol Opens the Debut "Jazz in the Sky" Series at Terrace in the Sky
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Trio del Sol Opens the Debut "Jazz in the Sky" Series at Terrace in the Sky

- Jazz and Cabaret Corner

TWINZ Records Artists
Trio del Sol

“Jazz in the Sky”

Terrace in the Sky
400 West 119th Street
Btw. Amsterdam Ave. and Morningside Drive
New York, NY 10027

Misha Piatigorsky on Piano
Freddie Bryant on Guitar
Gilad on Percussion

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
May 23, 2006

(Read a Review of Trio del Sol’s TWINZ CD).

Tonight was opening night of “Jazz in the Sky” at the new, re-designed outdoor space at Terrace in the Sky, with breathtaking skyline views of Manhattan, the rivers, Central Park, and bridge after bridge. The management of Terrace in the Sky created a unique menu for this outdoor jazz series, the first of its kind. A variety of cold, fresh tapas, such as artichokes, calamari, and marinated tuna, in addition to full-course dinners, was served by the friendly, fashionable wait staff. A “Jazz in the Sky” bar, with exotic drinks and liqueurs, including wedges of tropical fruit, was the busiest spot all evening.

Just as the sun began displaying its hues of peach and lavender, Trio del Sol warmed up, and the bustling crowd was treated to Brazilian, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European music, with Gilad on a variety of exotic percussion, Freddie Bryant on guitar, and Misha Piatigorsky on keyboard. The brilliant sound system was provided and supervised by Manfred Knoop of TWINZ Records and Knoop Studio, a specialized and high end recording studio in New Jersey. Most of the songs, all composed by the band, from tonight’s concert can be heard on the TWINZ CD, Trio del Sol. They include: Eucalyptus Air (Gilad), Suite del Sol (three songs by Piatigorsky), and Heaven (Bryant).

At times, guests milled about or stood mesmerized near the band, watching this new fresh-air, jazz space, surrounded by stars, take form. Terrace in the Sky has an enormous indoor greenhouse restaurant, plus one more sizeable indoor space, filled with antiques and its own wooden bar, in addition to the outdoor terrace, so, in inclement weather, “Jazz in the Sky” will always be a dry, comfortable venue, with top-of-the-line dining and entertainment. Tonight was chilly with a soft breeze, but Terrace in the Sky management was prepared with incredibly warm heating machines that literally warmed the air. This was quite a surprise and testament to the high quality and attentiveness of this new jazz venue.

Terrace in the Sky’s new outdoor space is always open, for lunch, brunch, or dinner, with piped-in music and a menu created by one of the top chefs in New York.

The schedule for some upcoming “Jazz in the Sky” events, all Tuesday evenings, is below. Reservations are strongly recommended (212.666.9490), well in advance, for a table near the music. Views can be seen from every table, every angle.

June 13, 2006
Brazilian Piano and Vocals

June 27, 2006
Little Jimmy Scott's Touring Band
w/ Hill Greene, TK Blue,
Aaron Graves,
Dwayne "Cook" Broadnax

July 18, 2006
Swinging Jazz
Tenor Saxophone, Guitar,
Bass, Drums
w/ Harry Allen, Joe Cohn,
Joel Forbes, Chuck Riggs

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