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Pedro Giraudo: Desconsuelo

- CD Reviews

Pedro Giraudo: Desconsuelo

Pedro Giraudo on Bass
Will Vinson, Ramiro Flores, Luke Batson, Carl Maraghi, on Saxophones
Jonathan Powell, Tatum Greenblatt on Trumpets
Ryan Keberle, Mike Fahie on Trombones
Jess Jurkovic on Piano
Jeff Davis on Drums
Tony De Vivo on Cajón
Sofia Tosello on Voice

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
May 14, 2006

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This is a fused Latin-Jazz, Big Band recording with dynamic, daring musicality and mixed brass, cajón, piano, and voice, plus the versatile composer, Pedro Giraudo’s, earthy bass. This recording is suited to the listener who seeks new combinations of jazz that include the sensuality of the Latin temperament. Giraudo is an accomplished musician in the Argentine Tango and Salsa genres, and his music reflects his rich Latin roots.

(All compositions and arrangements by Pedro Giraudo).

Notable tracks:

#1-3 –Desconsuelo – The first track, Mate Amargo, features Jonathan Powell on trumpet and Carl Maraghi on sax, and Giraudo certainly knows how to create a big band sound that’s danceable and driven. The almost 17 minute, 3-track work, opens with a blast of brass and continues with blended buoyancy. The second track, Con un Nudo en la Garganta, is slower and more dissonant with featured soloists, Tatum Greenblatt on trumpet, Will Vinson on sax, and Mike Fahie on trombone. The final track of this title composition, La Bronca, explodes with clavé rhythms, thanks to Tony De Vivo on cajón and percussion, and soloist Ryan Keberle on trombone.

#5 – Ese Grito – This compelling track has smooth musical fusion, few solos, and elegance and electricity at once. This band works quite well together in the new terrain of Giraudo’s compositions.

#7 – Primer Intento – With a hint of Tango in the early vocal by Sofia Tosello, the music merges to rumba and then mambo rhythms. Giraudo’s music is predictably versatile and vivacious, yet, thankfully, with unpredictable variations. This band has a promising future.

Pedro Giraudo CD - Desconsuelo

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