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Roland Batik: Bridges: "Still"
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Roland Batik: Bridges: "Still"

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Roland Batik: Bridges: “Still”
(Roland Batik Website)
Camerata Tokyo, Inc. 2004
(Camerata Website)

With Roland Batik on Bösendorfer Imperial
Woody Schabata on Vibes and Marimba
Heinrich Werkl on Bass

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
April 12, 2006

This eclectic CD is a magnetizing blend of the fine Bösendorfer Imperial, vibes, marimba, and bass, in compositions conceived by pianist Roland Batik, vibraphonist, Woody Schabata, bassist, Heinrich Werkl, plus Bill Evans, Jerome Kern, and more. One can hear a blend of Latin, New Age, Jazz, Classical, and even hints of Swing. Batik, Schabata, and Werkl perform solos, duos, and trios with seamless transitions between musical genres, tempos, and mood. A four movement composition by Batik completes the final four tracks.

Notable tracks:

#5–Blue Road – Composed by Woody Schabata. With a bluesy bass entrance, blended piano chords, and lyrical vibes, this introspective track soothes the listener and slides into a midnight mood. The melody slowly meanders like a downtown walk.

#6 –1. April – Composed by Roland Batik. With a Latin hint early in the track, this upbeat theme generously showcases both vibes and piano, with a steady bass backdrop. The vibes take a singable melody and carry it over and through playful piano accompaniment.

#8 –Waldviertel - Composed by Heinrich Werkl. This sensitive composition, for duo piano and bass, allows the Bösendorfer Imperial to sing with vibrancy and clarity. Batik maintains a raindrop-like sensation to the performance style and tone.

#15 –Blues-Intermezzo – Composed by Roland Batik, third movement of Vier Intermezzi. This third movement in an original work has classical overtones and formations, as well as soulful piano-bass repetitions. Batik’s classical training and interpretive technique is evident in the inherent sophistication and development of the entire composition. The movement fades with marimba, piano, and bass in increasingly blended quietude.

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