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Cliff Korman: Mood Ingênuo

- CD Reviews

Cliff Korman - Mood Ingênuo

Cliff Korman on Piano
(Korman Website)
Paulo Moura on Saxophone

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
January 30, 2006

(See a review of Cliff Korman’s CD, Migrations).

This is an early Brazilian Samba recording, fused with jazz, for duo saxophone and piano. Paulo Moura and Cliff Korman have adapted music by Duke Ellington and Pixinguinha, as well as Jobim and other cultural icons, with creativity, class, and charm. There are even spoken tracks in Portuguese and English, as the Afro-Brazilian, Moura, and New Yorker, Korman, engage their live audience at Cantar da Costa, in Genoa, Italy.

Notable tracks:

#5 – Ellington-Pixinguinha Medley – Composed by Ellington, Pixinguinha, Strayhorn, Lacerda, and De Barro. It’s a pleasure to sometimes hear just duo instruments in all their purity and virtuosity. Korman and Moura play with these jazz standards, like Satin Doll, Ingênuo (title song, grammatically merged with Mood Indigo), and Sophisticated Lady. Moura and Korman switch leads seamlessly and back each other with equal mood and tonal contrasts.

#7 – Saudade de Paulo – Composed by Cliff Korman and Oto Coberg. Interestingly, this track is very New York with a long, rambling piano solo in midnight jazz style. The sax accompaniment takes on edge and electrified accents.

#9 – Tarde de Chuva – Composed by Paulo Moura. This track showcases Moura, as Track #7 showcases Korman. Moura’s sax is charged and confident, with crisp Samba rhythm, backed by Korman’s Samba (fused with jazz) repetitions. On each listening experience, this track, like the others, reveals new surprises and sounds.

#12 – 1 x 0 – Composed by Pixinguinha-Lacerda. This last Samba-Jazz track brings out the richness of the piano and skill of the pianist, as well as the improvisational expertise of the saxophonist. This authentic Brazilian composition reminded me of Samba coach, Carlos Porto, who performs in Carnivale.

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