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Cliff Korman: Migrations

- CD Reviews

Cliff Korman - Migrations

Cliff Korman on Piano and Arrangements
(Korman Website)
Billy Drewes on Clarinet and Saxophone
Luis Bonilla on Trombone
Rob Curto on Accordion
Andy Eulau on Bass
Henrique Cazes on Cavaquinho
Marcello Gonçalves on Violão Sete Cordas
Vanderlei Pereira on Drums
Edson Da Silva (Café) on Percussion
Beto Cazes on Percussion
Cida Moreira on Spoken Voice
Murí Costa, Jane Balzana, Eduardo Ferrer,
Malu Von Krüger, Eliza Lacerda, and Juliana Rubim on Coro

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
January 30, 2006

(See a review of Cliff Korman’s CD, Mood Ingenuo).

This is a sensational samba CD, full of authentic dances and rhythmic renditions of popular and original works. Cliff Korman has assembled the crème de la crème of Brazilian Jazz to collaborate on this remarkable CD, one that I intend to listen to as often as possible. With no fewer than 17 musicians, either on jazz trombone or clarinet or on Brazilian coro or cavaquinho, this recording has it all.

Notable tracks:

#2 – Choro (Chorondo and Baixaria) – Composed by Cliff Korman and Marcello Gonçalves. This track fuses Korman’s long piano solo with drums and percussion, with a familiar Samba beat. Background instruments are muted to highlight Korman’s composition.

#4 – Dance (Corta Jaca) – Composed by Chiquinha Gonzaga. This track sounds more Argentinean than Brazilian, with a fast Milonga played by Korman and Curto. Curto’s accordion seems more like a bandoneón, with coy, playful themes.

#7 – Choro (Migrations) – Composed by Cliff Korman. Korman’s title composition, with a Latin infusion, includes Drewes on soft, melodic clarinet. There’s a sensual undulation to this track, and Korman seems to have magical mastery of this genre.

#14 – Exit (Abre Alas) – Composed by Chiquinha Gonzaga. This next to last track, almost identical to the first, is a renowned Brazilian Samba, with vocals, drums, piano, and percussion. Unlike track #1, called Entrance, Exit includes more fadeouts and less brass.

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