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Our Sponsors and AC Pianocraft Piano Plus Jazz Series to Benefit the New Orleans Musicians Clinic - Alon Yavnai Trio

- Jazz and Cabaret Corner and AC Pianocraft, Inc.
Piano-Plus Jazz Series to Benefit New Orleans Musicians Clinic
(NOMC Website)

Nine Concerts, Once/Month
October, 2005 through June, 2006
Monday Evenings
8:00 - 10:00 PM
$20/Ticket, At the Door, Includes 8 - 10 PM Concert, Wine,
and Hors d'Oeuvres
PLUS! A Spa Raffle for a Choice Treatment at !
(Bring Business Cards)

Fourth Event
(See a Review of the First Three Events)

Alon Yavnai Trio
Alon Yavnai on Piano
Massimo Biolcati on Bass
Take Toriyama on Drums
Special Guest: Paquito D’Rivera

(See Alon Yavnai CD Review)
(See Alon Yavnai Trio at Fat Cat)
(See Paquito D’Rivera and Alon Yavnai at JALC)
(See Paquito D’Rivera Tribute)

A. C. Pianocraft, Inc.
333 West 52nd Street
NY, NY 10019
Ask for Alex

(See a Showroom and Piano Restoration Tour
and Owner Interview at A. C. Pianocraft, Inc.

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
January 9, 2006

Program (Program Notes Courtesy of Alon Yavnai. Special Guests were Paquito D’Rivera on Paquinet, his newly invented instrument, and, in the audience, Brenda Feliciano, who is a vocalist and wife of Paquito):

1. “Shir Ahava" (Love Song), Music: Alon Yavnai, Lyrics: Yonatan Geffen

Shir Ahava is a love poem written by one of my favorite poets, Yonatan Geffen, who also writes children songs. I grew up listening to his songs and stories. Writing music to his poem was a way for me to connect with my childhood and pay tribute to his wonderful work.

2. “Funktango", Music: Alon Yavnai

An attempt to fuse Tango with Funk, using time feels and elements from both styles.

3. “Mouche Blues", Music: Alon Yavnai

A medium tempo sort of a blues form, dedicated to my wife, Julie, also known as Mouche.

4. “Paquito's Merengue", Music: Paquito D'Rivera

This piece is the second part of “Preludio and Merengue" by Paquito D'Rivera. It's based on the Venezuelan Merengue, which is played in 5/8 time signature. Some people say that it's actually written in 6/8 time feel and should be felt as if there is one beat missing. That's the characteristic of this genre. It was a great addition to the program, since we had the great Paquito D'Rivera perform this piece with us on his new instrument, the Paquinet.

5. “Nature Boy", Music: Eden Ahbez, Lyrics: Eden Ahbez

We decided to play this beautiful song without thinking how we were going to play it. I played a short theme on the piano, then Massimo and Take each played their themes. After that we got into a conversational free improvisation. Free, in the sense that we develop together the three themes at the same time, without a solid structure of bars or form.

6. “Blues for Alon", Music: Massimo Biolcati

Blues for Alon is spiced with Middle Eastern and Afro Cuban elements. Massimo uses the Augmented 2nd interval in the melody, which is a strong characteristic of Middle Eastern melodies, while his bass line is based on the famous “Descarga", written by the great Cuban bassist Israel Lopez Cachao. There is a great counterpoint between the melody and bass line, which adds tension to the piece.

7. “Fugue #7", 2nd Book, Music: J.S.Bach, Arrangement: Alon Yavnai

I love playing Bach's “Fugues". They are a great source of inspiration for piano introductions, and most important, for motif development. I re-harmonized part
of Bach's 7th “Fugue" from his 2nd Book of “Preludes and Fugues".

Encore: “Long Time Ago Moses", Music: Alon Yavnai

"Our mission is to fuse music from different parts of the world and adapt it to the trio setting in a tasteful way. The three of us come from different places and cultures, and we feel that the trio is a great vehicle for a conversation. We experiment with free improvisation, and pay tribute to concert music, viewed from a different angle". and AC Pianocraft, Inc. are Co-Producers of a Piano-Plus Jazz Series, a series of Benefits for New Orleans Musicians Clinic (Post-Hurricane Katrina), held in the elegant showroom of AC Pianocraft, Inc., Midtown West, NYC.
Owner Alex Kostakis generously provided an antique Steinway & Sons piano. This instrument has been restored to perfection by craftsman at AC Pianocraft, Inc., so it looks and sounds as beautiful as ever.

The growing list of additional sponsors of this Series includes: and Robert Abrams, Webmaster of, (gift certificate raffles), a new Brazilian Spa on West 56th Street at 8th Avenue, NYC; Matles Florist (Flower Arrangements), TWINZ Records (Sound Equipment), Zuni Restaurant , 9th Avenue at 43rd Street (Buffet Platters), Amish Market , 9th Avenue at 49th Street (Buffet Platters), Amarone Restaurant at 9th Avenue at 48h Street (Buffet Platters), (Publicity), and Hot House Jazz Magazine (Publicity).
Plus assistance from , Leah Cash at AC Pianocraft, Inc., Longacre Copy Center on West 56th Street, Other AC Pianocraft, Inc. Staff, and Bethany Ewald Bultman of New Orleans Musicians Clinic, NOMC Program Director

Future Piano-Plus events in this nine-event jazz series are:

February 6, 2006, Hendrik Meurkens - Helio Alves Brazilian-Jazz Piano Duo, with Hendrik Meurkens on Harmonica. (See Hendrik Meurkens and Helio Alves CD Review). (See Hendrik Meurkens and Helio Alves CD Release Event).

March 13, 2006, Harry Allen Saxophone with Brazilian, Trio da Paz Plus, on Piano, Bass, Drums, Vocals, and More.

April 3, 2006, Daryl Sherman Piano Vocals with Loren Schoenberg on Saxophone.

May 1, 2006, Elio Villafranca Piano Duo, Cuban Jazz Fusion with Wilson “Chembo" Corneil on Percussion

June 5, 2006, Two sets: Argentine Tango and World Fusion (Duo Pianos with Maurizio Najt and Thomas Barth), and a New Orleans Mix with Lenore Raphael Trio and Kuni Mikami Duo Piano.

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