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Barbara Sfraga: Under the Moon

- CD Reviews

Barbara Sfraga: Under the Moon
2003 A440 Music Group


Barbara Sfraga, Vocals
John McLean, Guitars
Paul Wertico, Drums
Christopher Dean Sullivan, Acoustic Bass
Indigenous Tribal Nuances
Kevin Patrick, Percussion

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
January 12, 2006

This is a quiet, contemplative, and contemporary CD, with interesting, incandescent interpretations of Broadway and jazz standards, as well as a Sfraga composition, plus one Dylan. Barbara Sfraga uses a smooth mixed with staccato vocalization over her band of guitars, drums, percussion, bass, and nuances.

Notable tracks:

#2 –I’ve Grown Accustomed to His Face – Composed by Lerner-Lowe. Soft drums and equally soft vocals open the song, adding guitars, bass, and percussion in surreal tonalities. Ms. Sfraga plays with words, rhythms, and music for a fragmented, but recognizable, melody. The vocals are varied in taut and elongated sound.

#4 –You’ve Changed – Composed by Fischer-Carey. Ms. Sfraga features John McLean and Paul Wertico on this track in rapid, racing rhythms. A long guitar riff is preceded and followed by twists and turns of lyrics and vowels in contemporary style.

#6–Under the Moon and Over the Sky – Composed by Bofill. This track includes jungle atmosphere, warbling and cooing effects, behind Ms. Sfraga’s sultry, exotic musicality. Guitar and percussion are prominent, with hints of bass and drums, in a melting, subdued fusion.

#8 –Prelude to a Kiss – Composed by Ellington-Parrish-Mills. With Ms. Sfraga’s vocals merging with the exotic guitar, bass, and combined percussion, like one more instrument, the song magnetizes the listener with a mélange of meandering music. These interpretations are creative and courageous.

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