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Oscar Perez: Nuevo Comienzo

- CD Reviews

Oscar Perez: Nuevo Comienzo

Oscar Perez on Piano and Fender Rhodes
Greg Glassman on Trumpet
Stacy Dillard on Saxophones
Anthony Perez on Acoustic Bass
Geoff Clapp on Drums
Angel Dessai on Voice
Emiliano Valerio on Percussion
Special Guests: Wycliffe Gordon on Trombone and Peter Bernstein on Guitar

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
January 3, 2006

This CD has a nice fusion of Latin, jazz, and soft listening. Special guests, Wycliffe Gordon on trombone and Peter Bernstein on guitar, bring an extra dimension to this emerging jazz ensemble. Oscar Perez has composed an eclectic mix of abstract, surreal sound, fused with almost danceable mambo rhythms. There are inclusions of voice, percussion, and brass heard above the standard trio of piano, drums, and bass.

(All music composed by Oscar Perez).

Notable tracks:

#4–Borrowed ‘n Blue – With a percussive introduction, followed with a brass combo, the piano adds soft swing that mellows the track. Glassman on trumpet leads Dillard on sax, as Perez creates a soft background blending. Clapp on drums is prominently featured, in and around the horns. Perez’ solo passage is accompanied by soft brushes and muted brass.

#7 –Regalo – With a fused trombone leading the brass contingent, this track quickly goes Latin clave rhythm. The danceable motif is brief, as Gordon on trombone adds depth to atonal horns. Anthony Perez on bass takes a short riff, prior to Oscar’s contemplative one. The band teams up for a flourish and finale.

#8 –Solamente Todo – Bernstein, on guitar, develops an immediate, mellow, meandering mood. Bass and guitar blend with soft keyboard and drums, while the brass contingent is silent.

#10 –Early Endeavor – An eerie opening, with contemporary keyboard effects leads to horns and back to the keyboard, in an almost Asian motif. This is an abstract, fragmented, but often melodic track worth waiting for.

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