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Piano-Plus Jazz Series to Benefit New Orleans Musicians Clinic - Jim Ridl on Piano and Diane Monroe on Violin
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Piano-Plus Jazz Series to Benefit New Orleans Musicians Clinic - Jim Ridl on Piano and Diane Monroe on Violin

- Jazz and Cabaret Corner and AC Pianocraft, Inc.
Piano-Plus Jazz Series to Benefit New Orleans Musicians Clinic
NOMC Website

Nine Concerts, Once/Month
October, 2005 through June, 2006
Monday Evenings
8:00 - 10:00 PM
$20/Ticket, At the Door, Includes 8 - 10 PM Concert, Wine,
and Hors d'Oeuvres
PLUS! A Spa Raffle for a Choice Treatment at !
(Bring Business Cards)

Third Event
(See a Review of the First Two Events)

Jim Ridl on Piano and Diane Monroe on Violin
(See Jim Ridl CD Reviews)

Jim Ridl on an Elegant Restored 1912 Steinway Piano
Diane Monroe on an Elegant, Restored 1746 Violin

A. C. Pianocraft, Inc.
333 West 52nd Street
NY, NY 10019
Ask for Alex
(See a Showroom and Piano Restoration Tour
and Owner Interview at A. C. Pianocraft, Inc.

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
December 5, 2005

Program (Program Notes Courtesy of Jim Ridl):


grazed by light (J. Ridl) - Melodic and harmonic movement in a
semi-classical style with a swinging feel, with a longer form for extended

your cheatin' heart (Hank Williams) - A country standard. It's swinging
with some mixed meter and a 7/4 vamp that opens open the tune for more
elaborate improvising.

caravan (Juan Tizol) - Completely rearranged harmonically with a Latin
groove in 7/4, often using an ostinato in the left hand.

sun on my hands (J. Ridl) - A reflective ballad dedicated to my father, who
was an artist of the land, a farmer in North Dakota.


sweet clover (J. Ridl) - A medium-swing piece, offering a joyful and thoughtful melody, that muses on the beautiful northern plains of the Dakotas.

thirty foot ceiling (J. Ridl) - A wide-open improvisational palette over a
continuous 5/4 ostinato groove. It encompasses a large range of dynamics and

carry me home (J. Ridl) - A thoughtful ballad, inspired by a beautiful and
poignant letter, written by Civil War soldier, Sullivan Ballou, to his wife,
from the battlefield.

oleo (S. Rollins) - An inventive arrangement on the jazz classic that employs
modal improvisation and rephrasing of the melody.

my one and only love (Wood/Mellin) - A ballad masterpiece.

Diane Monroe Adds:

“I had the unique pleasure of joining pianist, Jim Ridl, for the second half of his solo concert on Monday Dec. 5th at AC Pianocraft, Inc. The atmosphere was ideal, the acoustics were divine, the temperature was excellent, the audience was warm and receptive, the food was extraordinary, the host, Alex, was very kind and involved, and the Arts Coordinator for the event, Roberta, was gracious and orchestrated the whole evening beautifully. Jim's compositions, as well as his playing, are both on a high artistic level. When playing with him, I often feel transported, and that we become one voice, the violin with the piano. It was an especially ‘high’ experience to share the music with him in this particular performance venue. One could see that Jim was in his element, and it was evident to see what it means to a great pianist to be surrounded by a host of amazing pianos, for starters. The music seemed to be resonating through each piano nearby. I found no problem as a violinist, projecting my sound in the space, and I got a lot of warmth back from the hall. I have performed in major concert halls all over the world, including the more intimate spaces, and this is definitely one of the finest and most ideal, in my opinion.

Thank you, Diane Monroe, violinist" and AC Pianocraft, Inc. are Co-Producers of a Piano-Plus Jazz Series, a series of Benefits for New Orleans Musicians Clinic (Post-Hurricane Katrina), held in the elegant showroom of AC Pianocraft, Inc., Midtown West, NYC.

Owner Alex Kostakis generously provided a Steinway & Sons, Model "B" Serial #158017, in an original Circassian walnut finish, manufactured at Steinway & Sons New York Factory on October 30, 1912. It was originally owned by Mrs. Charles Halwad Russil, 109 East 73rd Street, shipped on Dec. 1, 1912. Second owner, Ms. Jessie B. Christtiancy Guyscliff in Hartsdale, NY shipped on Feb. 4, 1914. This instrument has been restored to perfection by craftsman at AC Pianocraft, Inc., so it looks and sounds as beautiful as ever.

Diane Monroe played a J.B. Guadanini violin, circa 1746, on loan from the collection of Charles Castleman, violinist/professor @ the Eastman School of Music.

The growing list of additional sponsors of this Series includes: and Robert Abrams, Webmaster of, (gift certificate raffles), a new Brazilian Spa on West 56th Street at 8th Avenue, NYC; Matles Florist (Flower Arrangements), TWINZ Records (Sound Equipment), Zuni Restaurant , 9th Avenue at 43rd Street (Buffet Platters), Amish Market , 9th Avenue at 49th Street (Buffet Platters), Amarone Restaurant at 9th Avenue at 48h Street (Buffet Platters), (Publicity), and Hot House Jazz Magazine (Publicity).
Plus assistance from , Ray & Frank Liquor on 9th Avenue at 48th Street, Leah Cash at AC Pianocraft, Inc., Longacre Copy Center on West 56th Street, Other AC Pianocraft, Inc. Staff, and Bethany Ewald Bultman of New Orleans Musicians Clinic, NOMC Program Director, and Argentine Consulate (Publicity).

Future Piano-Plus events in this nine-event jazz series are:

January 9, 2006, Alon Yavnai Piano Trio, Jazz with Middle-Eastern and South American Influences, with Massimo Biolcati on Bass and Take Toriyama on Drums. (See Alon Yavnai Trio at Fat Cat)

February 6, 2006, Hendrik Meurkens - Helio Alves Brazilian-Jazz Piano Duo, with Hendrik Meurkens on Harmonica.

March 13, 2006, Harry Allen Saxophone with Brazilian, Trio da Paz Plus, on Piano, Bass, Drums, Vocals, and More.

April 3, 2006, Daryl Sherman Piano Vocals with Loren Schoenberg on Saxophone.

May 1, 2006, Elio Villafranca Piano Duo, Cuban Jazz Fusion with Wilson “Chembo" Corniel on Percussion.

June 5, 2006, Two sets: Argentine Tango and World Fusion (Duo Pianos with Maurizio Najt and Thomas Barth), and a New Orleans Mix with Lenore Raphael Trio and Kuni Mikami Duo Piano.

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