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Dom Minasi’s DDT + 2: Time Will Tell

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Dom Minasi’s DDT + 2: Time Will Tell
2003 CDM Records


Dom Minasi on Guitar
Tomas Ulrich on Cello
Ken Filiano on Bass
John Bollinger on Drums
Carol Mennie on Vocals

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
November 27, 2005

This recording combines abstract dissonant works with deep soulful compositions, plus one very renowned track, Round Midnight, the film soundtrack. Minasi seems strongest in the moody, melodic, less frenzied tracks. The addition of jazz cello is not seen enough these days.

Notable tracks:

#2 –Time Will Tell – Composed by Dom Minasi. This melancholy title track is exceptionally lovely, with an ethereal duet, guitar and cello. Drums are faint, and the bass is fainter, if there at all, while the contrasting cello bow and slow guitar strumming build in volume and soon disappear together.

#4 –My Soul Cries Out – Composed by Dom Minasi. An eerie lead (cello, bass, and guitar, with background percussion) merges into a staccato string motif. The disturbing elements seem designed for eliciting emotions.

#6 –John – Composed by Dom Minasi. Bass and cello lead almost as one instrument, followed by a gentle guitar flourish. This music is quite abstract, but the recording as a whole develops a sense of comfort with the composer’s milieu.

#8 –Round Midnight – Composed by B. Hanighen/C. Williams/T. Monk. My favorite track and rarely heard without muted trumpet, is led with resonant cello and bass, as Carol Mennie soon sings with sensuality and soul. Her lyrics are echoed and enhanced with the string/percussion quartet, to bring words and edge to this heart-rending, instrumental theme.

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