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Angela Hagenbach: Poetry of Love

- CD Reviews

Angela Hagenbach: Poetry of Love
2003 Amazon Records

Angela Hagenbach on Vocals and Percussion
Doug Auwarter on Drums and Percussion
Jake Blanton on Guitar
Don Braden on Tenor Sax
Cecil Brooks III on Drums
Dwayne Burno on Bass
Rod Fleeman on Guitar
Jimmy Heath on Tenor Sax
Gary Helm on Percussion
Russell Malone on Guitar
Steve Rigazzi on Bass
Paul Smith on Piano
Clark Terry on Trumpet and Mumbles
Roger Wilder on Piano, Synthesizer, and Fender Rhodes
James Williams on Piano


Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
November 27, 2005

This is an upbeat, romantic, recording, with numerous jazz pros in various backup combinations. Featured are Russell Malone on scintillating guitar, Jimmy Heath on seasoned, tenor sax, the late James Williams on prominent piano, and Clark Terry on trumpet. Some of the poetry from the lyrics is included for a complete connection. Various rhythms and moods are created in this sophisticated CD.

Notable tracks:

#2 –I Can’t Believe You’re In Love with Me – Composed by G. Clarence/M. Jimmy. Featuring Williams in the lead, Malone in a long, elegant riff, and Dwayne Burno on rhythmic bass, this contemporary song has Ms. Hagenbach in smooth and bouncy vocals. This singer is generous with her featured musicians, performing with throaty, whispery, and then suddenly clear tones.

#4 –Never Let Me Go – Composed by J. Livingston/R. Evans. Featuring Williams again in a long introduction, Heath in a rare finale, with Ms. Hagenbach’s vocals as a duo instrument, Cecil Brooks III on drums, and Burno, for rich resonance, this bluesy piece has a quiet, introspective motif. Ms. Hagenbach has a cognac resonance to her voice.

#6 –Blues are Brewin’ – Composed by A. Louis/D.L. Edgar. Scat is introduced here, with one of the musicians in a New Orleans-styled repetitive vocal, and Clark Terry on teasing trumpet. Also featured are Malone, who picks up his solo after muted trumpet and deep, male vocals, Williams, on smooth, sensual keys, Don Braden on tenor sax, and Brooks on drums.

#9 –Watch What Happens – Composed by M. Legrand. This renowned song has a striking lead with Williams on whispering piano against Ms. Hagenbach’s strong vocals, Brooks’ blended brushes, and two rippling saxophones (Heath and Braden), before duo saxes form a long solo that twists the theme in changing keys. Dwayne Burno keeps rhythm, as Ms. Hagenbach returns to full scat, enhanced with humming and shifting tones.

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