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Comments from readers

VERY grateful for this!
The full board of directors and Larissa will get them today! (YAGP reviews)
Jonathan Marder + Company

Thanks, Roberta! Love these! (Graham reviews)
Janet Eilber
Artistic Director
Martha Graham Dance Company

Dear Roberta,
Forgive my delay in responding. Indeed, I had not received the beautiful review you wrote of THE MAR VISTA and it was a total shot in the arm to get it. Thank you from my heart. I appreciate it so much.
Also, I enjoyed reading what you wrote about Istanbul in your blog.
I hope that your summer brings you joy.
Yehuda Hyman

Dear Roberta,
Wow - thank you SO much for this lovely and very comprehensive review.
I'm really thrilled and your review really gave us a nice ending for the season.  And the photos are really lovely.
You may have ESP because i was just about to write to ask how it was coming along and if I may extract a few of your words for future promotion.
Wishing you a wonderful summer and hope you will join us for future events.  You are ON the mailing list. Warmest thank you's again.
Kathy Greene (Fabbri Chamber Concerts)

Thanks so much! Beautifully written!
Wolfram Koessel (Fabbri Concert, American String Quartet)

Thanks so much Roberta
By the way, I’m playing as a sideman on an amazing concert today at Joe’s Pub.
Nick Russo

Hello, Roberta,
Thank you very much for writing this (Poizat) review, and for sending it along. It is great!
Best, Gail

Dear Dr. Zlokower,
Many thanks for this fantastic review! 
I was very happy to read it, since it revived so great memories.
Thank you and see you soon, with my best regards,
François-Xavier Poizat

Oh thank you Roberta!! I just read it!!
Thank you so very much for your very kind words. I wish you Happy Holidays!!
Richard (Holbrook)

Hi Roberta!
It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday (at Bazár), so glad you stumbled in to our jazz set! Just wanted to say hello and thanks again!
Hope to see you soon!
Nico (Nicolas King)

What a pleasure to see you at the Dance Mag evening!
So glad you're still at the forefront and writing, publishing!
  We certainly need your educated experienced eyes more than ever now! I'll be sure to keep in touch, and thanks for reminding me about your articles that are still available online! I can add them to my website.
Sending best,
Christine Dakin (formerly Graham Dance Co.)

thank you Roberta, for the links!
I'll certainly keep you posted on my work, thank you for asking!
sending best.
Christine (Dakin)

thanks! Beautiful;
Will post (review) soon.
Emilio Solla

Dear Roberta,
How lovely! Thank you so much for sharing with me this review of our new musical. The performance you saw made a great impression on many — and earned us a producer who underwrote our next reading a month later, with further development, more rewriting. All to the good.  And it is positive assessments like yours that inspire us to carry on. 
So, thank you!
Jimmy (Roberts)

Good Morning Roberta,
Thank you so much for such a wonderful article, we couldn’t have put it together in any better way, thank you have a nice day. take care.
  Hai's Spandex & Fabrics Inc

Hi Roberta, thank you so much (for CD review)!
I love “swinging and sophisticated, earthy and elegant” Thanks for your time and your kind words. I so appreciate it!!
Alexis (Cole)

Hi Roberta...thanks for this extensive great review (Django Reinhardt Allstars).
Thanks again for this writeup
Pat Philips

Dear Dr. Zlokower,
Thank you so much !! 
I am so happy to read such a beautiful review!! 
It was also a pleasure meeting you and I hope to see you again when I am back in New York!
Kindest regards,
Kadisha Onalbayeva,D.M.A
President/Artistic Director, Gulf Coast Steinway Society  Professor of Music University of Mobile 

Hi Roberta, 
Thank you so much. I hope everything is well. You write so beautifully. I think you have a very unique way of expressing yourself. I actually want to thank you because I learned a word that I haven't used before :) 
Thanks so much for taking the time to visit the spaces and see the apartment and put together this beautiful article. My favorite picture is in the master bathroom where you capture the vanity and part of the shower. I also like the picture of working on the sketch. It looks like you captured me in action :)
Best Regards,
Assaf Leib
Leib Designs LLC

Thank you so much for your wonderful review! We love it! You really made our day. It's so great to play for someone who understands what we as musicians and singers are trying to accomplish... and then to have a writer such as yourself articulate it in such an elegant and interesting way is everything a performer can ever hope for. 
Btw - On the same evening you posted your beautiful review, the legendary Jon Hendricks (and his daughter Aria) dropped by our gig at Farmacy NYC and stayed for an hour to listen to us sing. It was such an honor to sing for him and the love he showed us was just amazing.
Again, thank you from all of us at The Hell's Kitchen Jazz Gang for your gracious review. I will share this on our social media tomorrow.  Hope to see you again soon!
The Hell's Kitchen Jazz Gang

Hi Roberta,
That's nice. Thank you very much for having meal at Thai Select. I hope you enjoyed the food and had a good time watching the spectacular eclipse.
Thanks very much for the splendid review! Much appreciated!
All the best.

Dear Roberta,
I'd like to thank you so much for the beautiful review you wrote about my album 'In the Name of Love'.
I really appreciated your words and the way you have heard and perceived the tracks.
With gratitude,
Valentina Marino
Nora Francesca Germain

Dear Roberta:
I'm glad you made it to our concert on Sunday.  Thank you for introducing yourself.
Thank you for your beautiful and thoughtful review.  I'll be sure to forward it to everyone whom I think it would interest.  I will continue to keep you apprised of our performances, and our other relevant Yiddish- and Yiddish-music-related news.
  Have a happy, healthy new year!
Binyumen (Schaechter), Conductor

Dear Dr. Roberta Zlokower,
Thank you very much for your beautiful words about my music and about the performance of my friends and colleagues. Your review is able to catch perfectly the spirit and the soul of our music, our performance and our arrangements. If you agree, we are pleased to share your review on our website, on social and on web site of our sponsor and partnership.
Best regards,
Alessandro Cazzato

Thank you so very much Roberta!!
I love the article. It's fantastic.
You did an outstanding job.
Brava!! God Bless You, My Dear Friend!!
Hope To See You Soon!!
Richard (Holbrook)

Hi Roberta,
Thank you so much for the lovely review. Ronan (Tynan) and Billy
were delighted with your impressions of their show. Really terrific!

Liz (O'Connell)

Dr. Zlokower,
Thanks for sending this awesome (CD) review.
Warm regards,
Frank (Vignola)

Hello Roberta
First of all what a lovely name you have. That is also my daughter´s name, and I chose it!
Secondly, thank you for your great review of my album RAIZES/ROOTS. I am very happy that you liked it.

Best regards,
Nicole (Borger)

Hi Dr. Roberta,
Just want to thank you for the wonderful review! I so appreciate you "getting" the story of our renditions, and for being such an excellent writer too.

Best regards,
Lou Volpe

Hi Roberta!!! Thank you so much for the beautiful review!!
big hugs

Dear Dr. Zlokower
How are you? It's a long time that I don't hear from you.
Hope you still remember me.

I'd like to send you my new album for listening and a possible review. The cd calls "Nocturno" and is released on 20th may by prestigious German label Enja Records by Matthias Winckelmann. It's a duo cd piano and bandoneon me and Gianni Iorio. It's a little journey into tango music since origin to our days with our composition.

Thanks much
Best greetings from Italy
Pianist Composer Arranger

Dear Roberta,
Thank you so much! I've just read Doug Richards' review and wanted to thank you before too much time passed. Excellent review and Doug will be thrilled.

Thanks again and all the best,

Hi Roberta,
Thank you for sending along this most excellent review. I hope you don't mind if I add it to my Press page on my website and brag about it on my next newsletter :)

I will most certainly keep you abreast of any important happenings in the near future, such as...
All my best, and I hope to cross paths with you again soon,
Tatum (Greenblatt)

Dear Roberta,
A pleasure to see you last night! And thank you so much for this wonderful review ("Cuentos" CD)! I will add it to my website and promote it on Twitter and Facebook soon.
Keep in touch
Pedro (Giraudo)

Hi Roberta,
I write to thank you for that lovely review of "Cuentos"!
Hope all is well with you.
Best regards,
Ellen Azorin
? Ellen Azorin, Manager

I took liberty to copy an excerpt from your interview with Jorge Torres and place it in the text of an event I am hosting as a part of Berlin's Embrace festival.
I hope you do not object.

Stimata doamna,
Mi-a facut mare placere sa ne cunoastem aceasta saptamana si va multumesc pentru interesul asa de frumos manifestat. Cred ca aceasta prima initiativa a baletului a demonstrat adevaratele talente si creativitatea si profesionalismul romanesc. Am fost foarte mandra de toata echipa si numai unii din noi stim exact cat efort s-a depus.

Numai bine,
Marina Sturdza (Princess Marina Sturdza)

What a comprehensive and detailed review, thank you!
ms (Marina Sturdza)

Dear Roberta!
So nice! Thank you so much!
I learn a lot from your review & comments, so precise, professional and to the point.
Astana Ballet to be happy by this publication. We appreciate greatly your good will, support and promotion of the Kazakh arts and culture.

Keeping in touch. Warmest regards and best wishes for your happiness and further success in all noble endeavors,

Ambassador Kairat Abdrakhmanov
Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan to the UN

Wonderful (Astana Ballet) review. Thank you so much for your time, Roberta!
(Bonnie Bee)

Thanks very much for the lovely and thorough review (Astana Ballet) Roberta!
Andrew Ousley

They (reviews) come from a positive point of view-not one of critical negativity. You seem to find the positive in everything and I love your use of adjectives when describing a dancer or a musician. You also always mention the conductor & soloists. Even when you don't agree with a tempo it is never said in a mean way, simply as an observation. I was very happy with the mention of my playing on the gala performance. It was a creative use of language!

Elaine Chelton (Pianist, NYCB)

Love these pictures!!! It was wonderful to share the performance yesterday with you. I'm so happy that you love Cuban art :)) and yesterday was a gorgeous show of it!!! Thank you so much for the tickets and all the best for you always, love, Xiomara (Reyes, Ballerina)

Dear Roberta,
Many Thanks for this lovely review. I am so glad you enjoyed the performance.

Henning (Rübsam, Sensedance)

Hi Roberta! Long time no see! Ian is now 20 years old and a junior at SUNY-ESF at Syracuse University majoring in Environmental Biology!

I recently released a new album LIVE Intentionally! and receiving amazing reviews and much airplay around the nation.

I'm also building a new Electronic Press Kit. I'm wondering if there's a way I can access the review you did of my Larry Newcomb Trio (New, Fresh, and Vital)???

I have a big piece of news coming out October 27 regarding LIVE Intentionally! I'll be sure to let you know the news.

I'm so glad to know you are still a warrior for the Arts! Wishing you the very best, Larry

Larry Newcomb, PhD in Music

Dear Roberta, sorry that took me so long to get back to you!
THANKS for the great review!
Your support is very important to me.
My wife Luisa already saved the review in our files,
and soon it will be in our web and in the FB.
Thanks again!!!
Yours truly, Nilson (Matta)

Jim Randolph, Promotion for Churchill the play.

"This is by far the best I've seen in one-actor plays all season. Ronald Keaton is so riveting, I'm planning to see the play again!"
"Mesmerizing! Riveting!"
"Marvelously directed by Kurt Johns!"
"Dynamic, comic and poignant!"
"Ronald Keaton is energized, entertaining and eloquent. In absorbing, seamless conversation, Mr. Keaton exudes poise, pride, and pathos. I recommend seeing CHURCHILL twice. Kudos to Ronald Keaton and SoloChicago Theatre!"
- Roberta on the Arts

Dear Roberta,
I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to you for your wonderful review. (My apologies for the delay in my response -- my access to email has been limited.) That you even took the time to attend my performance is reason enough to thank you, but to receive such a beautiful and masterfully crafted response to my work is a truly special gift. I am beyond thrilled that you captured the structure and essence of each work exactly as I intended them to be.

As you know, I am at the beginning of my choreographic career, and your review will no doubt serve as an invaluable asset as I begin to assemble my press packet in earnest. I look forward to featuring it right on top going forward.

Please know how much I appreciate your devoting so much of your time and attention to my project in this way. I do hope I will have the chance to share more of my work with you in the future.

With my deepest thanks,
Claudia (Schreier)

Many thanks, Roberta! (for Matthew Polenzani Met Opera review).
Happy Easter,
Martina Biagini,
IMG Artists Italia

She (Antonia Bennett) loved it (CD review) and posted it on her fb!
Best, Lisa

Thank you for the wonderful review! I really appreciate you taking the time!
With smiles and gratitude,
Sarah (Elizabeth Charles)

Hi Roberta,
Thank you very much for sending the link-you posted a wonderfully complete review and great pix, too! (Nylon Fusion Theatre Benefit)

As a reminder, here's the pic you shot of the not-so-famous member of the Capone family who's now trying to repay society by drawing crude sketches of truly famous people:
"Hal" Capone

Thanks, Roberta.
……….now have a half dozen of the CD's in my possession; a late Christmas gift.
Yours truly,
"Montana" Mike Johnson
Denver, Colorado

Fantastic review Roberta! Many thanks, Bobby Sanabria

Dear Dr. Zlokower,
This is Assel Nakupova from the Press Office of Astana Opera House. Thank you very much for your letter. We indeed were very happy to see your event feature-review.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and impressions on the concert.
If you would not mind, we would like to send you our international news on your press contact. And thank you again for writing us.
Best regards,
Assel Nakupova
Press Office
Astana Opera House

Hi Roberta - this (Astana Opera) is just fabulous, thank you so much.
I'm sure they'll all be thrilled.
Audrey Ross PR

Thank you so much, Roberta, for coming and writing such a wonderful piece (Sejong Soloists). I can't wait to share it with them. Have a wonderful weekend!
Cheryl Duncan PR

Thank you so much Roberta, will pass it on to Stephen and the board today!
Enjoy this lovely sunny Monday.
Cornelia A. Beigel
The Gerda Lissner Foundation

Hi Roberta,
THANK YOU so very much for your wonderful review of our concert, it is deeply appreciated!!! And I also loved learning about and perusing "Roberta On The Arts." It's great to know you are out there.
Thanks again and warm wishes,

We've been on the road for months! All beautifully written -- Thanks, Roberta!
Janet Eilber Artistic Director
Martha Graham Dance Company

Dear Roberta,
Thank you so much for featuring my CD.
I truly appreciate your perspective on the recording!
Susie Meissner

Will do. Thanks a lot gig review)!
-JF, pianist/composer

Very cool, thanks (gig review)!
Troy Roberts

Dear Dr. Zlokower,
Thank you so very much for the CD review on your website!
I posted it to my facebook and will include it on my website the next time I update it….;-) Hope you are doing well and thanks again!

Charlie Dennard
Musical Director / Keyboards
Cirque du Soleil - Totem

Thanks for the (CD) review, Dr. Roberta
Very interesting and precise approached
I've already placed it on my website.
All the best
Antonio Adolfo

Many thanks, Roberta
It has been a pleasure meeting you.
I have posted your nice review of our show on my Facebook (musician's page) and on my webpage as well.
All the best
Antonio Adolfo

Hi Roberta,
It was nice to see you at Antonio's CD release. Thank you so much for sending, and for the wonderful review! I really appreciate your lovely comments and descriptions of the music!! And great photos.
-- Laura (Dreyer)

Yes, and many thanks, Roberta. It was both an honour and a pleasure to have you be there for my concert at Carnegie Hall and to meet you. Thank you so much for your review, sharing your viewpoint, and kind words. It is greatly appreciated!
All my best to you,
Grace Cloutier, Harpist

Dear Roberta,
I received your very nice review. Thank you so much for your
support. It means a lot to us. I am sharing with everybody.
I hope you are having a great summer.
Virginie Mecene
Director Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance
Artistic Director Graham 2

Dear Roberta,

So sorry I did not get to meet you @ Kitano when you came to Tony Middleton's Jazz Brunch. I saw your review today & I am really thrilled & so appreciative. You really got to see Tony and all of his talents! He manages to touch every person in the room with his warmth & they leave feeling that he noticed them. He & his musicians, Jesse Elder & Kenji Yoshitake seamlessly perform a variety of music that has audience appeal. Tony has been performing these brunches every week for 5 years this coming June.
Thank you so much for a beautiful review.
Warm regards,
Phyllis Cortese

Thanks Roberta, great review

Gino~ (Moratti)

Great article Roberta!

Many thanks!
Back in Germany. I am still thinking of the wonderful time I had in New York.
And meeting special people like you and listening to wonderful music made my trip even better.

All the best!
Martina & Jérôme

Dear Roberta,

What an amazing review highlighting so many essential things! Thank you very much for reviewing and coming to this concert.
All the best wishes and thank you again for such a fabulous write up,

Dear Roberta,

It was such a delight to meet you at Steinway (Hall) yesterday! Thank you so much for coming to the recital. I look very much forward to seeing the review.
All the best wishes.

Thank you for the lovely words! I feel like you really captured the spirit of the event, and what we are trying to accomplish.
Warm Regards
Mark (Rubinsky, American National Theater)

Dear Roberta,

Just a note to keep in touch. I hope you've been well.
Soundbrush Records ( is still active - have a look at our recent releases.
Very best wishes,
Roger Davidson

Dear Roberta,

Thank you so much for attending our concert and for your lovely review. I am very appreciative of your support and feedback. Wish you will come for my future concerts. Best Regards,
Clara (Tsang)

Thank you, Roberta. It was my pleasure to meet you!
Hope to see you again!
Sarah Williams
Sarah M. Williams
Jazz Workshop Inc.

I have posted on my website a very nice review by Dr. Roberta Zlokower of a recent Mingus Big Band show at Jazz Standard, which I invite you to check out.
Tatum (Greenblatt)

Hi Roberta,

Great to see you the other night.
Great review - thank you!
Best, Ted (Nash, JALC)

Got it! Thanks, as always, for your great coverage and support.
(Zooey T. Jones, JALC)

Dear Dr. Zlokower,

I am a producer working with the Voice of America. I read your interview with David Kaufman about his Doris Day biography. I am hoping you can help me to get in touch with Mr. Kaufman. I produce the VOA's advanced obituaries. Ms. Day's obit is one that I am working on and I need to interview Mr. Kaufman for it.

Good Morning. My name is Will Jaxx and I'm an independent, urban Jazz trombonist out of the Atlanta area (see I'm releasing my debut project "Dichotomy" in 2014.

Thank you so much Roberta for the great review! I really appreciate it. I think it's great the way you wrote it :) thanks again and hope to see you soon.
All the best,
Joe (Joe Pino)

Dr. Zlokower,

This is a long lost friend of Hye Jeung Chung.
We were classmate at New York University in the 90s.
I just found her connection with you through the news about LDP-Laboratory Dance Project. I would like to get back in touch with her.
Would you please pass my message on to her.
Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Ann (Hayward)

Hi Roberta!

Thank you so much for writing this, and sending me the link! I'll be posting it on my website/twitter as soon as I can!
All the best,
Cara (Campanelli)

Dear Roberta,

Thank you so much for the beautiful, so beautifully written CD review of 'Luango'----love your poetically descriptive adjectives. Sincerely,
Luellen (Abdoo)

Dear Ms. Zlokower,

Thank you for you kind words regarding Luango.
Joe Gianono

Dear Roberta,

I read this review and I am delighted that you liked the CD. I think it is a wonderful compilation of original tangos and famous ones. Luellen played beautifully and Joe did a great job. We are back at work and getting ready for Swan Lake. I am also busy rehearsing the revival of Carnival, so it has been very busy.
Elaine (Chelton)

Dear Dr. Roberta Zlokower,

I am still in the "clouds of happiness" (as we say in Brazil) after reading your review on Samba Jazz & Love !!!! Thank you very much for everything, but best of it, I am delighted our music pleased you. We have nothing planned yet, but hope to meet you in person if we manage to play in USA. We are in touch!
With warmest smiles and heart,
Cristina (Braga)

Yes Thanks, Roberta, wonderful review, and , if you go to the following link in Facebook, you will see all (Pablo Ziegler) latest concerts and millions of reviews, all different including yours, Photos, etc, Love, Sandra

Hello Roberta! Just wanted to thank you for the lovely review of my CD "Life of the Music" - I really appreciate your kind words and for you sending it to me - It warms my heart to receive this after so much time has passed since it first came out - wow - thank you again - be well - Sincerely - Lauren Hooker

Hello, Roberta
Yes, I had seen it a few days ago, sent to me by my publicist Jim Eigo. But it is great to receive it directly from you, now. So I have the chance to say Thank You for the very nice review!! I will place that on my websites. If you have a chance, come to see Antonio Adolfo and Hendrik Meurkens Quartet, Aug 29th at Zinc Bar. I am spending this entire month here in NYC and enjoying very much the reception of people to my work, both performances and workshops. I am leaving in few minutes to go and teach my master class at Michiko Studios, on 46th St.
All the best
Antonio Adolfo

Dear Roberta,
Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for this review. I am indeed honored by your recognition of my art, and will make sure I share your website with my fans.
My agent, Jim Bailey, already mentioned that he has made your acquaintance.
If I ever perform in NYC, I will be sure to invite you as a guest.
Greetings from Denver,

Hello Roberta,
It was nice to see you at Central Park Sunday.
I'm Haruna Fukazawa flute player, playing Jazz, Brazilian, Classical.
Looking forward your photos.
Yours truly,
Haruna Fukazawa?

Thanks Roberta!!!
I appreciate the review and your enjoying the project!
Warm regards,
Paul (Peress)

This review is incredible! What I love about it is that you gave every person involved in the show a mention-from the choreographer, to the lighting designer and set designer down to each & every actor-no matter what role they played. This is the first review that mentioned Rob Lorey and I thought he was wonderful as both the father of Watson & especially as Kathleen's' dad.

Thank you is not enough!!!!! I look forward to our lunch next week.
Elaine (Chelton)

Thanks for the awesome review and fantastic pictures!!!
It was GREAT to see you!!
(Terrell Stafford)

Hi Dr. Zlokower,
My name is Jack, and I'm hoping to get in touch with you about a video I produced that explains Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 in less than three minutes. I saw this post, and thought you and your readers might find some value in it.

The video highlights the major plot points, characters, and themes used in this cornerstone of modern literature. Let me know if it's something you'd be interested in seeing or sharing, and I can forward it along.
Thanks for your time,
Jack Collins

Hi Roberta,
It was really nice to meet you at Dizzy's the other night. Thank you so much for listening to our music and for your thoughtful words. It makes me happy that you seemed moved by what we were doing.

All best,
Rob Haight
Tenor Saxophone, Juilliard Artist Diploma Ensemble

Please forward this message to Chris Albert, Trumpet Player with the Duke Ellington Band regarding the NYT article about his parents. My Mom is German/Scottish and my Dad was in the Army in Germany in the 40's. I am a California native and have been living in Tennessee for the last couple of years.

It is a wonderful, kind and SO interesting review! Full of details, about music, musicians, feelings, but also about the space, the acoustic, the sound engineer...with great photos!

A very clever description of the music and the place!... What one could ask more? :)
We will share it with Blaise and Michael, and also in Italy...and elsewhere!
Luciano & Giancarlo.

My name is Sophia Michaels. I'm an eighth grader at The International Community School in Kirkland, Washington, and I'm doing a National History Day project on Alvin Ailey. I have constantly been trying to contact Dwana Adiaha Smallwood, one of his most famous dancers in his company, and came across your interview with her. Since you met her and sat down with her for an interview I was wondering if you could either give me her email, so I could contact her for a 5-10 question interview. If you could get back to me.
Sophia Michaels

Hi Roberta,
It's a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you so much for the Review, I really appreciate it! I'll forward it to the guys, put a link on my website, and spread the word on FB and Twitter.

I just finished mixing a new CD yesterday, I'll give you a copy when it's ready.
Thank you Roberta and all the best to you!

Thank you, Roberta.
I am glad you enjoyed the music of "Milagre".
All the best,
Maucha (Adnet)

Hello Dr. Zlokower,
I saw the attached photo of the Rockettes/Missouri Rockets on the web and it was credited to you. I am wondering if you have a date for this photo? My grandmother, Irene LaBerge, was one of the Missouri Rockets who traveled to NYC and became a Roxyette, and, she looks a bit like the third woman from the left in this photo. I am just trying to confirm, or not.
Thank you very much!
Laurie Carreira

Hi Roberta
I would like to thank you for the very cool review you wrote for the Cello Lounge cd. I am delighted that you like the record.

If you would be interested I have some other recordings that I have released in the past few years on my composers concordance record label. I am releasing a new one in May of my Electro-Acoustic music called: 'Samplestra'. You can hear a sampler of the music, see scores and read some info on the press page website:

If you would be interested in reviewing this album I would be delighted to send you complimentary CD's. Thank you again for your insightful and very descriptive review.
Gene (Pritsker)

Yes! Thanks so much! So glad you saw everything and wrote about it beautifully! Many thanks. J.

Janet Eilber
Artistic Directo
Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance

Dear Roberta,
Many thanks for the generous reviews of my recordings. I appreciate your enthusiastic endorsement very much

Alas, I regret to inform you that next Wednesday, April 3rd will be Dowling Music's final day of business at Steinway Hall. We are permanently closing our store in Manhattan and moving all remaining music and merchandise down to our retail Houston store. The Dowling Music website will continue to operate as usual at

If you haven't heard, Steinway & Sons is in the process of selling Steinway Hall and will be moving out probably sometime next year to a new retail location elsewhere in New York. May 2013 would've marked three years in business at Steinway Hall. Needless to say, we are very sad to see our hard work come to an end. Times are changing.
Richard Dowling

RZ, I sure did, and thank you for all you do always.
All my love, gratitude, and respect, Toddy Bebop

Thank you, Roberta, for this Wonderful review!!!!
All best wishes, and see you sometime soon,
Melody (Fader)

Wow great great great!!!!!
Thank you so so so much
Borislav (Strulev)
Sent from my iPhone

Dear Roberta
Thank you very much for your review!
Best Wishes

Pasquale Stafano

Dear Dr. Zlokower,

I am in the process of completing a memoir on Timothy M. Draper, the late artistic director of Rochester City Ballet and am writing to ask a favor of you. In 2005, you did a review of Jamey Leverett's Pedestal, an emotional tribute to the founder of the company, presented at Ballet Builders: New Choreographers On Point. I was wondering if you might be willing to give me permission to reprint your review. You captured the essence of the work in a way that no one else ever did, and I would be so honored to include it in my book.

Thank you so much for your consideration -

Wendy Wicks

Good afternoon,

I am very interested in learning Blauth's Oboe Concertino. Do you know where I could find the music for it? I am hoping to find an arrangement for oboe and piano.

Thanks so much!
Maria Vaccaro

Hi Roberta,

A pleasure to meet you as well, thank to so much for coming out to hear us. I'm very glad to hear you like the group! I'll visit your magazine online tomorrow. I'll be looking forward to being in touch. Best,


Hi Roberta,

My name is Carlos Abadie. I just read about your thoughts on the week that Grasela played Dizzy's.. I just wanted to thank you for listening and for the positive review.

Wishing you and your loved ones all the best.
Carlos Abadie

Hi Roberta - I happened upon your blog while searching for information about the ABT stage door. My daughter, who just turned four, is a huge fan of Gillian Murphy. I'm taking her to New York on Wednesday for the performance of Swan Lake. We're going to try and meet her after the you have any tips/suggestions for going about this? About how long does it take the dancers to come out?

Thanks so much,
Emily Frye

Dear Roberta:

I met you with Marianne Stegland several times. I am wondering if you have a stage door photo of Angel Corella signing for fans. There used to be one up on one of your Roberta on the Arts pages.

I am trying to put together a collage for Angel.

Rosalie Shields

Dear Dr.Zlokower,

My name is Mihoko, a Jazz piano player. I've been looking for the CD"12 & Shorty" by James and Troy Andrews. I can't possibly find one on the web and shops around. Now I hit the page and found your contact.

If you know about the CD where I can buy or where I can try to look for etc..., could you please let me know?

Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate it.

Best Regards,

Dear Dr. Zlokower,

I just wanted to thank you for your very kind words about my October 23rd Liszt recital at Weill Hall. It was such a nice surprise.
I hope I will have the chance to meet you one day.
Meanwhile all the best, and thank you again,

Rorianne Schrade

HI Roberta,

Thank you for sending me the review. It was a really great review. I also would like to let you know that I am working with a band called Music Connection. We just recorded our first CD, which will be out soon. I would like to invite you to come hear us perform here in new york the next time we play. Thank you again. I hope that you are doing well.

Rafael Monteagudo

Dear Roberta,

Thanks very much for sending me your review. Thanks even more for writing so generously. You really captured the flavor of what I was attempting, and I'm very grateful.
I hope our paths cross again soon.

Victor (Prof. Cahn), Playwright, "Dally with theDevil"

Hi Roberta,

Thanks so much for this kind review, and for listening with intuitive and sharp ears! We had a really nice time playing at Dizzy's and will be sure to post your review on our website. Thanks again for getting it to us!

Laura Ann


I am writing as I am trying to track down a limited edition lithograph Audrey Hepburn with Hat. I keep looking every once in a while, and then forget for a while…have been looking since 2006. Once came up at the Doyle auction and did not know about it. Do you have one or a line on how to get one? The one at the auction went for $3300 and I would definitely be a buyer in that range…please let me know,

Robert H.

Dear Roberta,
It was very nice meeting you. That was a great night of music and friends.

I really love your website, and I played the first 3 nights with Ark Ovrutski's Quintet after the Samba Jazz show earlier this year. I would have met you then if I could do the whole week!

Thanks again for your card, and I'm glad to be in touch with you.


I'm writing because I'd like to share with you some music that I recently recorded with my band, the David White Jazz Orchestra. I thought that you might be interested because I know that you are someone who loves the music we call jazz.

I've sent you a link to download a copy of my album Flashpoint via Yousendit. (Please let me know if you don't receive it because sometimes their emails get sorted into the junk mail folder.) If you have time, I'd love for you to check out the music. If you enjoy it, maybe you could mention it to your friends and colleagues the next time music comes up as a topic of conversation.

Also, I'd like to personally invite you to our next performance which will be this Friday, August 19th 7-830pm at Miles' Cafe. Here's a link to the eventful page with all the details:

Take care and God bless.

David White
Trombonist, Composer, Producer

This is sensational, thank you so much. Again, you really seem to understand what the project is about, and you capture it's essence to a 'tee'!@!! Thank you for taking the time and for bringing so much. I hope we can have a coffee or cocktail one of these days. All the best,


Hi Roberta,
Thanks so much for this! Gosh, you even got the polka dot shoes into the act. Playing and singing from piano make it so tricky to get a decent photo. Let alone the huge piano, it's hard to get around my hair. It has a life of its own. I really appreciate your efforts. I had to look up where your dad is...I guess closer to Worcester. Hope he's ok. Enjoy the summer and I hope we cross paths again before long. Keep me posted.

all best,

Hi Dr Zlokower,

I happened to find your website as I am looking for the music from Union Jack. I was lucky enough to have seen City Ballet perform it and was hoping find a recording of Hershy Kay's arrangement

Any info would be appreciated~
many thanks,

Dear Ms. Zlokower, hello,

My name is Alexander Bykov, I live in Moscow. I occasionally saw a photo of Keth d'Elia on your website, and I think I might know this person!
If I am not mistaken, I met Keith in Prague in 1989, when we both came to Czehoslovakia to see the "Delicate Revolution", and we occasionally met when I was interviewd by CNN on the street, and Keith was also there. He was actually studing Philosophy in Lichtenstein University during that times. We lost contacts many years ago. Could you please pass my letter to Keith, if it was he on the photo, or just delite it if I was mistaken.

Thank you in advance, and I would really appreciate your kind assistance!
With best regards from Moscow,

Dear Roberta, just surfing the net I have found your website.
For your information, both David award and plaque made for Bulgari by my father since 1956.

Best regards.

Dear Dr. Zlokower,

I read on your website your article on "Pique Dame" and was wondering if you have it on tape or DVD for sale???
Kindly let me know. Thank you.

Yours truly,
Ray Trotta

Oh my goodness. Thank you Roberta. Wonderful review and much appreciated.
I'll add a link to my blog asap.

Very Best,
Dana (Levin, Artist)

To whom it may concern
I'm writing in regards to any position with your school
My name is Ben Dunlop, 18 from Sydney NSW Australia and have been training full time for the past four years. I have recently been attending Washington Ballet and Alvin Ailey American Dance Thatre and looking for training.
Curious to whether you have any auditions or late acceptances.
I would love to hear from you.
Warmest regards,
Ben Dunlop
I have attached a link that will take you directly to my youtube dance reel if you'd like to view.
Dance Reel -
Contemporary -
Short Classical -
dear Roberta,
i have some very ancient artifact of Benin kingdom that i want to sell especially the mask of queen mother Idia. pls can you help me find buyers? i am sure these collection dates far back 15th century.
nosayaba, Benin city.
do you carry these horns to low C? (bass clarinet) which one do you prefer and why. where are you located? and can i try them out? sorry to bombard you with questions
Greetings: Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower thanks for sponsoring the Latin jazz, as a fan of Arturo O'Farrill Sextet I would like to know if this presentation at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola was recorded in dvd or cd and how to get the recording if possible.
Thanks for your attention.
Luis Matos Corozal, Puerto Rico.
Hi Roberta,
I just noticed your review of Lee Konitz at the Iridium (August 28), and of my band that followed. I thought I noticed someone who could have been a writer sitting in front of me and Harvey, my drummer, as I was chatting (perhaps a tad too) loudly with him.
Thank you very much for staying on and writing about us.
Happy New Year!
Hi Roberta,
Happy New Year to you! I wanted to let you know that I will be at Dizzy’s After-Hours on Aug 2, 3 and 4th. Also, at Bryant Park from 6-8 on Aug. 3rd
Joe Baione
Jazz Vibraphonist
Hi Roberta
how are you?
Hope everything is fine!
I'd like to inform you that on May will be released our new album which I want to send you to listen it and to do a possible review.
We change something in our music...but we hope that you like it like the last ones :)
Greetings from Italy
Pasquale Stafano
Hello Roberta,
I saw your mention of custom shoes and photo. Love the style and I'm wondering if you had Deluca custom the heel height. Yours look a bit lower then the pair I tried on today which were 2 1/2 inch heel. I love the suede and I'm wondering if they held up well regarding support etc. Also wondering if they stretch very much. Maybe it depends on the leather? I will be contacting Deluca Shoes for more info but thought I would ask someone who has worn their shoes for some time. I'm in love with this style and so thrilled because I've never been able to wear heels. My ankle usually rolls over in them. These seem to hold my foot in place. Now I have to decide on buying them as dance shoes or street shoes. Oh boy!
Thanks so much for your time and concern,
Maria Fay
I am a member of the Brandeis U. National Committee, Concordia Chapter at Monroe Twp. NJ.  We are interested in a tour o f the Friars Club and I would appreciate any information you could give me.  I would like to have a telephone number so that I could contact someone and discuss the details of arranging a tour.
Thank you,
Ms. Estelle Simon
Dear Roberta,
FYI - Since I wrote this, I found a copy for download on
I've been trying to find a CD copy of this piece and during my Internet search, saw that you were going to try to find one. Did you have any luck?  If so, could you please let me know where I might be able to purchase a copy?  I would be most grateful!
Michael AndreasThanks for your reply.  The version I found is the New York City Ballet Orchestra conducted by Leon Barzin.  It's an MP3 but not too bad sonically. If you have another version, I would appreciate a copy if possible.
Michael Andreas

Hi Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower 
My name is Cherry and I'm the web master for Adam del Monte in Los Angeles. You wrote a great review. They are planning more shows and are coming to LA.
Thank you
I saw someone post a comment on your website about finding Brenno Blauth's oboe concerto.  Did you have a response for this?  Do you know where to get hold of the music? 
Claire Salz
Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower,
My name is Meagan Brus and I would be very interested in learning more about the Euro-Operetta Company.  I am currently singing with the Utah Festival Opera Company and am looking for opportunities to sing more classical musical theater/operetta (my true love!) in New York City, where I live during the year. Please feel free to visit my website and let me know if there would be any availability for me to audition this fall.
Thanks so much!
Meagan Brus
Meagan Amelia Brus, Soprano
Hi Roberta
Can you tell me Prices of MARTHA MAYER ERLEBACHER Paintings  sizes around   64 x 80.
Thanks Jimmy d Robinson
Hello Roberta,
 I don't know if you can help me or not, but I found your website while I was answering a request to book my band. My Name is Bobby - I'm the owner of a Long Island based, Caribbean, Reggae/Soca band  I see that you have a lot to do with Entertainment and thought that maybe you might have some possible venues for us to perform at.
Bobby Calypso - Owner of Copycat.
This is Benjamin Kaplan and I have always been a very huge fan of Brenda Braxton for a very long time and I was wondering if you could send me an autographed picture of her at this address.
Hello Roberta
Can you help me get in touch with Tom Tirino? I am a fan of his and an amateur Lecuona pianist. I have all his cds (I think) and heard his recitals at the Spanish Institute.
Many tks. 
Rafael VG Rodriguez
Montclair NJ
Hi Miss Roberta, my names is Marvin and I’d like to get some advice about three watercolors that I own that to my knowledge are from James Audubon,.  Please if you can help me to find if those are authentic I do appreciate.  Here are some pictures and a copy of a letter by him; thank you and I hope to hear from you soon, Marvin Torres.
Hi Roberta,
It was a pleasure to meet you at the ABT performance.  I'm going to attach the first piece I did for The Hopkins Review, which I wrote about a year ago & which appeared last fall (waiting for things to show up in quarterlies is a world apart from the instantaneous things you can do with your site). If you're interested, I can send more--since then I've written about Merce & Mark Morris, Wheeldon & Morphoses, and, in pieces yet to appear, Farrell's company in DC, and Tharp & Bill T. Jones's Bway shows. I also had a recent piece in the Georgia Review on a number of dance books.The Coppelia piece (attached) is longer than my usual. 
Jay (Rogoff)
Hi Roberta,
Wow.....Thanks....very much
Lucio Ferrara
Dear Roberta:
The attached JPGs are of my family, The Loyal Repensky Troupe, seven brothers and sisters who were equestrians from the late 1920s to the early 1950s.  I found the photograph of the Lautrec painting among the hundreds of photos from the family's collection and now you know why I contacted you in the first place.I should add that the brothers and sisters were the children of Jules and Stella Loyal, French equestrians during their youth. My grandfather, Jules, and his wife were born in 1881 and 1886, respectively. Grandpa can be seen holding the whip in 2 of the photos.The postcard, Coppia Lojal (the couple Loyal), is of grandpa and grandma when they were performing. I've included it because the upper left corner has and insert of a poster depicting what they did while atop a galloping horse, and what grandpa taught my aunts Germana, and Esterina learned as well (the Sisters Loyal jpg).Thanks again for your initial response. I hope you enjoy seeing the photos attached.
Adrian CatarziDear Roberta:
Is the attached jpg a painting by Lautrec?
Your reply is greatly appreciated.
Adrian Catarzi 
Dear Roberta,
I am writing to pursue the permission from Hildegard Bechtler (the set
designer who designed for Roundabout Theatre Company's production of
Hedda Gabler) to include an images of her design in a college
textbook that I have just finished writing. The book is scheduled to
be published in the fall of 2010. Could you please help me to contact
Ms. Bechtler? I'd greatly appreciate it if you could reply me as soon
as possible. Thank you!
Ming ChenDear Roberta,
I can't thank you enough for your kindness. I deeply appreciate it.
May success crown all you undertaking.
Hi Roberta,
How are you? Thank you for your beautiful reviews about our cds!
I appreciate very much your careful listening to my tunes and your special way to write about the emotional soundscapes of my music.

Thank you also for the links to Jazzitalia and Metropolitan Room websites.
I hope to meet you soon in NY!!!
Ciao from the sunny South Italy!
I'm so glad for your review about my CD!! I appreciate very much your lovely attention for Giancarlo and me in your magazine, and thank you also for linked both reviews to our other 2 CD's.  Thank you for your generous words, for your kindness and your friendship.
I am very glad also because you have written that the CD is great also for home listening. You have a "sixth sense"...

I tell you a little secret: the first title of the CD was simply "Home", because my principal interest it was to evocate a "domestic sound". After a conversation with Anne Zindars, the composer's wife, she has suggested the title "At Home With Zindars". And I was very honored for this title for my CD.  It will be my great pleasure to send your review to the Zindars family  
It has been a nice surprise you have put on "notable tracks" my piece "Earl and Bill". I'm very satisfied about this piece because -I think-it reflects my vision of music and my character. Thank you very much. And I'm so glad also for your review about Giancarlo's review and about....LucTroja song!  Thank you also for linked both reviews to our other 2 CD's.
Giancarlo and me: we are planning a trip in New York next spring. We hope.
Looking forward to meet you soon.

Best wishes.
Hello ; my name is Aaren . I am Bobby Driscoll's daughter. I am Bobby's daughter ; you can google my name if you would like father was married to Marilyn Jean my mother and I am the second of my siblings ; a older brother and my younger sister . My sister and I live in California near Big Bear. I did have a web page about Hart Island in regards to my father being buried there and been in contact with Melinda Hunt in regards to that  ;I have written two books of poetry and have been published ; I am not tooting a horn; I just want you to know I am his daughter
Thank you ,
Aaren Keely Driscoll
Dear Roberta,
My name is Mika Pohjola. I am the president of Blue Music Group record label.
I am looking for contact info to Stephen James (the son of Ruth Ellington).
I would highly appreciate any information you may have.Best regards,
Mika Pohjola
Blue Music Group
Good evening Dr. Zlokower,
I recently obtained this painting that was taken from a Jewish family in pre-War World Germany and the family was fortunate to retrieve it after the war.
The family oral history is that it was purchased from an artist who was a friend of Picasso. No time span was known.  Did Matisse sign all of his works? This oil on canvas has old nail holes but was later stapled to a flimsy wooden frame. It is a thin and fragile canvas.  Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Have a nice evening.W. Terry Jackson
Nashville, TN
Dear Roberta,
Thank you for this wonderful write-up…will post on my Twitter page and others.
So glad you enjoyed the show!We’ll keep you In Linda’s Loop regarding her future plans.
All my best,
Stevie (Holland)
I read it just now.  Thanks so much, it’s fantastic.  And the food looks so scrumptious, I want to go there right now!

Looking forward to seeing you during the season.  And thanks for being so supportive.
All best,
David (LaMarche)
Dr. Zlokower,
I wonder if you may be able to kindly help me with some information about this work.  My daughter recently purchased what was called a lithograph of this work, it is numbered and signed in pencil.  There is no COA, and we are not certain it is authentic, particularly since it was purchased at a second hand store. Would any reputable art gallery have an appraiser who could provide certification ?

Where does one begin when trying to determine if a piece is authentic?  What signs would indicate this may be a genuine signed work by Salvador Dali?  There is a brass plaque on the frame that names the work (as a lithograph), and bears the former owner's name. According to our local obituaries, he is deceased, so that route won't work for information.

Finally, would you happen to know the date of this work?
Thank you for your time,
My name is Leon and I want to offer you my music. It's principally acoustic music played by European musician's. It's gypsy swing music a la Django Reinhardt. To give you an impression about what we're doing, a link below.La Pompe Manouche:
Alexander Root (guitar), Brandon Vetrano (guitar) and Leon Lissner (double bass)
Hi Roberta,
Thank you for adding the glowing review of my CD What Lies Within to your site.  I'm flattered and excited that you've chosen to highlight our project.  Geoffrey and I are working on another musical endeavor ... this one is a bit different but just as groovy. :-)Thanks also for the Danskin coupon ... that was very generous of you.
Thank you again!
Best, Denise Donatellii
Dear Roberta:
I really enjoyed meeting you last night and sharing the experience of what I thought was a beautifully moving presentation by Stevie Holland.  I just got word late yesterday of a source on the internet that is completely separate from my web page, etc.  Thought you might get a kick out of it.  I hope our paths will cross again before long.  With all my best thoughts

Hello. I'm Tonya Holloway, scriptwriter for the National ACT-SO awards show, and I am looking for past participants to possibly highlight in this year's ceremony. Sort of a "where are they now" angle. Is this the same Roberta Gumbel who won the Silver in Performing Arts? If so, I would love to get a brief story on your experience with act-so and what's going on now. If I have the wrong Gumbel, my sincere apologies and please disregard.
Hi Roberta,
how are you? I hope fine!
Luciano sent to me your kind regards...thank you!
I would like to send you my new cd in quartet that contains 11 original compositions 
I hope you enjoy it..
all the best!
Giancarlo. Ciao Roberta,
so glad to hearing from you! And that you got the CD. 
It is so GREAT that you want review also my new CD, although you are very busy with ballet and theatre reviews: thank you so much for your kindness and attention! And I hope you enjoy it.  
I extend your regards to Giancarlo, he has just released his new CD in quartet.  All my very best.
Hi Roberta
Thank you so very much for the wonderful review you wrote:
Media Alert: Gabriele Tranchina A Song Of Love’s Color (Jazz Heads JH1176) Street Date: April 13, 2010.  Gabriele Tranchina-vocals, Joe Vincent Tranchina-piano, composition, arrangements, Santi Debriano-bass, Bobby Sanabria-drums & percussion, Renato Thoms-percussion.CD Review: (Joe and I) just love it. P.S. my friend Naoko Moriyama is a dancer and listening to Asato Maa she said right away that she thought this would be a great piece to dance to. Inútil Paisagem gets currently the best radio air play. Thank you so much and we will keep you posted on upcoming CD release parties and gigs.
Gabriele Tranchina:)
Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything." - Plato Hi Roberta,
Thank you for this stellar review of Gabriele's CD  A Song of Love's Color.. Very much appreciated! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.  Gabriele will be emailing you her thanks directly.  Wishing you All Good Things,
Joe (Tranchina)
Hi Roberta,
I enjoyed your write-up and photos of Casellula Cheese and Wine Cafe!  However I wish you would add the name of the fromagiere in your lovely photo, since you included photos of many other staff with their names. His name is Dimitri Saad. I happen to know because he's my little brother!  : )
Stephanie Thompson
Dear Roberta:
Thank you so much for the good words on Before Love Has Gone, so glad you enjoyed it.  We’re back with LOVE, LINDA on Wednesday nights at the Triad, and would be delighted to have you join us for a performance.  Let me know if you can make it this week, next or beyond…!
 All my best,
Dear Roberta,
Let me introduce you to Thomas Wyaux. We met Thomas at a diner with Youth America Grand Prix, and discovered that he is involved in the world of jazz in New York, is great fun to be with and he loves ballet.

Dear Thomas,
Let me introduce you to Roberta Zlokower. Roberta is dear friend and a great supporter of the ballet. She has a very interesting web site on good jazz, good food and of course good ballet. 

We thought that if you both met, you could be helpful to each other professionally.
All best wishes also from Franco,
Raymond Lukens & Franco De Vita
Hello Roberta,
thank you very much for this, this is very kind of you!
please send me infos again about your website,
best regards.
and thank you again so much!
here's a video just put out:
Good Afternoon,
My name is John Sweat and I am the orchestra teacher at Howard High School in Macon, GA. I am here chatting today with a former student, Carita Mathis, about a possible senior research project.  We are interested in researching well known African American violinists.  We know the name Diane Monroe, but after that we are not faring well.
Many thanks!
John and Carita
Dear Mz. Zlokower
Congratulations for your website.
At the address below
I found out that Mr. Korman and Mz. Cohen have played Egberto Gismonti's composition "Loro" in a version for clarinet and piano. I remember listening such a performance on the radio years ago. It was a thrilling experience to me and I have since tried to find it. I was wondering if there exists a recording of this piece. If not, could it be possible that the version I heard was played by another duo? Any information would be valuable.
Sincerely yours,
Dionysis Boukouvalas.
Good Morning,
My name is Mallory Wheeler and I work for the Educational Testing Service in San Antonio, TX. I have an image here of Toshiko Akiyoshi, and I am trying to find who owns the rights and permissions to the image. I have tired finding contact information for Mrs. Akiyoshi, but have been unable to. I saw that you wrote a piece about her on your website and was curious to know if you had any contact information for her? I would greatly appreciate any help that you can give me!
Have a great day.
Mallory Wheeler
We have a 2 gallon coffee pot made by coleman in the 1930's and used in hotels. would you have any ideas how to find the value of this. Thank you. Hello Ms. Roberta,

I just read your article on the Donetsk Ballet Nutcracker. It was very impressive, professional and well-done. I loved all your pictures and it was awesome how you snapped them just in time to capture the dancers in mid-air! Anyway, I was the first Clara, with the blonde hair, who performed at the afternoon show, and I was wondering if you had taken anymore pictures than what is already on your website. If so, I would love to see them, because it is so nice to have pictures from the actual performance to look back on.

Thank you,
Emily De Michele

(Thank you very much Roberta you are very kind!)
Greetings and hugs from Thailand
Roberta, Thanks and a happy holiday season to you too. William
(Wiliam Wolf)
Thanks Roberta, and Holiday Greetings to you from Arizona.
Love the photo.
Danel y Maria
Hi there,

I've been searching endlessly for a copy of Blauth's Concertino for Oboe and Strings and saw it mentioned on your site. While I realize this performance was a few years ago, I was wondering if you might have any information as to how I can obtain a copy of this music to perform for my senior recital this Spring.

Thank you!
Ariana Pyburn
Dr. Roberta E. Ziokower: I and several Italian friends just saw the movie "NINE". My friends continue to rave about the play starring Antonio Banderas which they saw in New York and I did not. My question to you is: "Is the play available on DVD and if so under what title"? I thank you for your response.
hi roberta
hope you are well..
i hoped to have some quiet days here in germany, after 2 months in denver (i was a visiting artist there at the Redline Foundation), and only a few days in new york, but, like always, i had to start preparing for some exhibitions here right away.. and here we have now also winter with snow and ice.. with regards, and a picture from a market in the little town of monschau, where i still have an exhibition going, clemens
have a happy new year..
Hi Roberta,
Thanks so much and Happy Holidays to you – I hope, all is well with you – it’s been a long time. All the best wishes,
Thank you Roberta!
Happy Holidays and Feliz Año Nuevo for you as well!
Maurizio Najt
Same to you Roberta, Greetings from Israel.
Love Elie (Lazar)
Ciao Roberta!
How are you? We hope all is well. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful 2010 in health, happiness and arts!!
Luciano (Troja) and Giancarlo (Mazzu)...from Sicily.
Thank you very much!
Happy Holidays to you too!
Pasquale (Stefano)
Dear Roberta,

Happy Holidays to you as well and thank you for supporting the Arts the way you do! Thomas (Barth, Austria)
Dear Roberta -
(I thought I had sent this email, but just found it lurking in my Drafts box. Sorry for the delay).

I wanted to thank you very much for your kind words. It was a fantastic night, and Im glad to have such a nice review of the event.

Happy Holidays, Best wishes,
Chris (Brubeck)
My name is Karyn Collins. I'm a dance writer based in NJ.

( ).
I hope you can help me. I'm working on a piece about the ballet "The Sleeping Beauty" and am looking to talk to someone who is familiar with the ballet and is also familiar with the Disney animated feature version. Are you familiar with both? If so, would you be willing to be interviewed for my story? I'm looking for someone who can speak to the possible impact the Disney feature may have on young audiences as they are then introduced to the ballet. Let me know if you are able to speak to this topic.

-Karyn Collins
Please forward (resume) to Corporate Management / HR
A Graduate from The American Bar Tending School !
Thank you.
Warm Regards !
James A. Gansky
Dear Roberta,

Thank you for joining us for the book party and for your nice report on it. Save the date, April 29, Thursday, for our Carnegie Weill concert at 6.00 pm.

Hope to see you there again,
Salvatore Moltisanti, IBLA FOUNDATION
Dear Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower

Would you be so kind to forward this e-mail (below) to Maestro Ettore Stratta
Thank you very much Best regards
Peter Fulop

Peter Fulop/Toronto/Editor of The Mahler Discography
Toronto, M2R 1E7, Canada

My name is Shirley, and I am a History teacher at a local high school. We are doing some research on the Victorian era. I found your page: to be very helpful, thanks so much for providing a helpful resource.

Have a great day :)
Shirley Baker
Dear Roberta,
The feature really turned out wonderfully.  Thank you SO much for the lovely Sunday afternoon.  
Greg  (Gregory Jbara)
Hi Dr. Zlokower,
My name is Diane Stjern, and I am a student at North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota.  I too heard a radio broadcast of Brenno Blauth's Concertino for Oboe and Strings, and as an oboist myself, I find this piece beautiful and captivating.  I would really love to play it!  I read your article from May 8, 2007 that said you had listened to Vladimir Lande play this piece in concert.  I was wondering if you had any more information as to how he got the music to perform it.  Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you for your time!
Diane Stjern
Dear Roberta, I am curious if a DVD or CD was produced from the performance of this Ballet (ABT’s Cinderella).  I have the Madame Alexander Doll Series entitled, Roaring 20's Cinderella, in honor of this Ballet.  I have printed out the information you provide concerning the Ballet so I will have it to go with the doll series.  I was not aware of your web site until I began searching information for this Ballet.  Thank you kindly,
Brenda Cook
Dear Dr. Roberta Zlokower,
Greetings from Bangkok!
I found on the internet your article dated September 15 2007 about a Martha Graham Alumni Performance "from the Horse's Mouth" which you mentioned that one of my long lost friend Daniel Maloney has participated.  I wonder if you could advise where possibly I can find Daniel's contact.
Best regards,
Louisa Chik
Greetings Roberta,
I put your site into Google, and it showed some text of a person looking to purchase one (Buttikofer Antique Piano).  I couldn’t find the text on the site, however, and so am not sure if it was you, or one of the commentators on your site who was looking for it. Anyway, I have one available, supposedly owned by Lincoln's cousin (who knows), so I thought I'd throw it out there and see if it caught wind. Thanks for your time! -Mike E
Hello Roberta: 
This is Martha Moody, your seat mate at the opening night of the Fall for Dance Festival, Sept. 22nd.  The following two nights I attended the Kristina concerts at Carnegie Hall.  This is the musical from Benny Andersson (music) and Bjorn Ulvaeus(lyrics).  The lyricist who translated Les Mis into English also translated this as Ulvaeus wrote it in Swedish.  The musical had a very successful run in Stockholm in the 90's, but some litigation prevented them from developing it for Broadway until now.  It was presented as a concert at Carnegie with the buzz that it is going to Broadway sometime next year as a full-fledged musical.   YOU SHOULD'VE BEEN THERE!  It was a wondrous night.  It was nice meeting you, Roberta.  I think you have a great job.  Best Regards, Martha Moody
This is Benjamin Kaplan and I have always been a very huge fan of Joy Hermalyn for a very long time and I was wondering if you could send me an autographed picture of her as Fruma Sarah at this address -- thanks  
Roberta, Thank you very much for this review (Beethoven DVD), it's great,
With best wishes,
 Leigh Gibson
Seventh Art Productions
Dear Miss Roberta E. Zlokower, It is my pleasure to write you from Iñaki Urlezaga office, Principal Dancer of the Royal Ballet of London (1995-2005) and nowadays is Principal Guest Dancer of the Het National Ballet (since season 2006) and other companies. I decided to contact you because as being you a person very familiar with the arts I was hoping to receive your advices in order to get in contact with some serious producer or company that may have interest in presenting the spectacle of Iñaki Urlezaga in the United States. Iñaki has founded his own company here in Argentina with the one he travels around the world presenting his spectacle and since its creation they have being performing in the most prestigious sceneries and festivals.
I will look forward to hearing soon from you. Many thanks, in advanced, for your time.
My most kindly regards, Lucrecia López Doyhenard
Hello Roberta!
Great!  Thank you so much and glad you enjoyed the album.  Hope to see you down in New Orleans sometime soon and hope you're having a lovely labor day weekend. Best,
Ron Rona
Preservation Hall
Hello, Dear Roberta.
My name is Ioann Gonzalez, I am official representer of local concert promoter in Russia. Actually We are looking for to organize 1 concert of Mr. Charles Aznavour in Saint Petersburg , Russia. in the period November 2009. We have tried to contact with his manager Levon Sayan, but unfortunately we could not find the right contat, I would love to ask you , if you have the right contact of the management of Mr . Aznavour for to send him our enquiry.
Thank you very much.
Looking forward to your reply,
Best regards,
Ioann Gonzalez
Dear Ms. Zlokower,
Please, let me introduce, my name is Pilar Lopez, Senior Artist Manager at GoDirect AM, Spain and Portugal. We are trying to find the contact of Ms. KAREN OLIVO to make her a proposal. We have tried, not so successfully to find her manager’s details on the net, but it was impossible. Please, if you could be so kind of letting us know where to find her, we will be very grateful.
With kind regards,
Pilar López Alonso
Senior Artist Manager 
GoDirect - Artist Management 
Dear Roberta,

Happy to receive your last email.
I was surprised that Josephine was on the ashtray of the Moulin Rouge, since she performed only once there for a charity. Charlie Chaplin was among the guests.
Lisette is a good friend and was fabulous at the Moulin Rouge.

Jean-Claude (Baker) 
Hello Roberta, My name is George Garcia.  I would like to find the PIANO music for the rendition of "Damisela Encantadora" that Mr. Thomas Tirino plays.  On YouTube he plays at a concert in Miami and I really like this rendition of that song.  Is there anyway you can help me find it?  Or is there anyway to contact Mr. Tirino to ask him if he has music for this piece? Thanks for all you can do. 
George Garcia
Greer, South Carolina
Hi Roberta- Thank you very much for the excellent review!  I will share this information with the rest of the guys in the band..I so appreciate your support and will keep you informed for future opportunities. Thanks, 
Joe (Baione)    
Dear Dr. Zlokower, I happened upon your website while searching the web for info on my client, Gay Marshall, who appeared in the Jacques Brel revival at the Zipper.  I see you covered it extensively.  I thought you would find this release of interest.  Gay's Piaf show is superb; she adapted may of the songs herself and the arrangements and translations are absolutely gorgeous.  It's a lifelong dream of hers, realized.  Your site is fascinating.  Thank you. Best- Betsyann Faiella Savoy Communications
Hello Roberta:
I was friend with Whitney and we lost track of one another for at least 1O years.
Would you know her? She was at the time a B"wy singer, just beginning. In case you do, could you forward my email to her? Many thanks in advance,
Global Ad Exec.,LLC
Thanks for supporting Thomas and Ernesto Lecuona. I met Thomas 6 years or so ago at The Kennedy Center when he played for The Hispanic Heritage Award. I am working with a group in Los Angeles, California that would like to have Thomas play a Lecuona program. Unfortunately the web site I had for him does not work so if you have a contact phone and e-mail I would really appreciate it. Humberto Capiro
Classical Latin Productions Dr.  Zlokower, 
Thanks so much for your response!
Looking forward to having Thomas here in LA. 
Humberto Capiro
I am a French artist, currently living in New York (Studio 14th West Side),
I would like to know the process that artists should follow
to submit their work and also if there are any opportunities
to exhibit in your Gallery or any collective exhibition, solo, fairs or permanent exhibition or to be partners.

Thank you for your time and for your consideration.
Please feel free to contact me if you need any information.
Alexandre Guillaume
I did the Affordable Art Fair of Paris last June 2009

My name is Helen Carter, I am an assistant at a local library, I am responsible for finding resources for our art educational series.  This week we will be discussing Pablo Picasso.  I found your page ( was very helpful. Thanks so much.  I plan on using this page in my discussion.  Have a wonderful day.

Thank you Roberta, just got in from Las Vegas and Franco is still in Alabama. As always your comments are positive and constructive. Raymond (Lukens)
Yes! Thank you so much for these wonderful write-ups! Have been in California with Ilene for a few precious days away! You should come and hear Joe Chambers with Eric Alexander and George Cables this week at Dizzy's.. They are going to be great!!!!
Brighter moments, Todd Barkan
The article is wonderful; and it will really help "the cause!"
Im forwarding hundreds of links to the review.
And I think the scallops should become a permanent part of the cast@!. <LOL
MD (Michael Dansicker)
Dang!  You're keepin' busy and we love it!  Thanks, Roberta. Best – Scott (Thompson, JALC)
Yes, the photos and words are lovely. Martha’s garden pops vibrantly in your image.
Wonderful, wonderful.  Thanks for all the images, words, links, and the care taken to put it together.
Karl Lauby, Vice President for Communications
The New York Botanical Garden
I did, and it looks great.  You take beautiful photos!
Marisa Biehl
The New York Botanical Garden
Trying to find out who Larry Hill was. Have an 8 x 10 glossy signed by him in the 1940's. Possibly an actor, comedian or big band musician?
Dear Dr. Zlokower,

While gearing up today for my own personal and annual tribute, I was delighted to find your website tribute to the late, great Herbie Mann. Like you I had the privilege of hearing Herbie Mann on numerous occasions; here in Washington, D.C. and at the Newport Jazz Festival.

I also had the distinct pleasure of corresponding and meeting with Mr. Mann when he was kind enough to assist me with the assemblage of what I suspect might be the largest collection of his recorded works to be found. He once actually called me at my office to say he was going to be in town and had some notes for me! I have never considered myself a groupie, and absolutely deplore the phony Hollywood-style celebrity culture that seems to be dictating our national arts aesthetic. However, Mr. Mann was an exceptional individual in many ways and I consider my continued joy in his art a major aspect of my lifestyle.

I work at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery and am also proud to say that Herbie Mann was recently entered into our permanent collection of important Americans.

I cannot tell from your site exactly how interested you might be in sharing Herbie Mann sounds, memorabilia (of which I have some)etc,. But if you are please fell free to call me. I thought I would just touch base and let you know that you are not alone in your admiration for him.

Steve di Girolamo
Hi Roberta, My elderly uncle is in a nursing home, he was a CPS Spanish teacher, perhaps the longest teaching. I have perhaps 130 books, many first editions, about 15 in Spanish, and several very impressive first edition collector items. One, La Pintura Mural de la Revolucion 1921-1960 with a wooden jacket, I saw for sale in the UK for over $800. So I would like to find someone, or an organization, that will buy them as one collection. Do you know anyone who may be interested? Best regards,
Ned Miller
BIZ Video, Inc.
I am looking for some information on a Lithograph signed and numbered 34/300. I have had this piece for several years and would like to know something about it. I have the receipt and Certificate of Authenticity and registration number from the Robert Sills Gallery, Inc. in North Hollywood, CA.I am a big Dali fan but don’t much about him. Any information you maygive me in this matter will be appreciated.

Thank You.
V. Hovis
Wow! Roberta you are really helping artists. I appreciate it.
Batt Johnson (Remember me?)
Do you have an email address for Guy? I wanted to let him know I saw his performance yesterday at the Millennium stage in Chicago.
I am interested in a performance of Mozart requiem in the NY / NJ/ Conn. Area. Would you know of any such performances.
Thank you
Wally Lindsley
Hello, I am a student at Western Washington University and am doing a
presentation on Martha Graham. Would you permit me to use the photos on
your website of the MG dance company in my presentation, or help me
contact the photographer for permission if possible? Thanks,
Jenny Matzen
Hi Roberta,

Are you still giving Italian lessons on Sundays at Rizzoli Bookstore?

Sondra Ferra
Carissima Roberta!

We have arrived in Italy yesterday...we have slept all the day, and today ..WOW! we have seen your beautiful photos! Thank you!...especially one with the "leaves", it's outstanding!!

Of course if we will use any we say "Courtesy of"
We looking forward for the review!!

Grazie di cuore!
Luciano & Giancarlo.
Dr. Zlokower,

I am programming a recital to take place next academic year and would love to perform Brenno Blauth's “Concertino for Oboe and Strings”. Unfortunately, I can't find music for it anywhere. Through a google search, I found your website that lists the piece as a work performed recently by Vladimir Landa at "" Do you have any advice that might help me locate a copy of the score and parts as well? Thank you for any information you might have. Chris Thomas
Graduate Teaching Assistant
The University of Montana
Department of Music
Dear Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower: I am searching for alumni from Proctor High School for our 100th anniversary in 2012.
Is the Samuel Spurbeck mentioned on your web page from Proctor Minnesota?
We had a student by that name in the late 20's or early 30's.
I would appreciate any help you could give me.
Thank you,
R. A. Silverness-Librarian
Hello Ms. Zlokower - I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the lovely review of my CD: Right Where I Belong - I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to it. I am in the process of building up the revenue to cut another CD - with some originals, original lyrics, etc... I will definitely take your advice in terms of using what you call my classically trained vocalise. My father would have loved the fact that you could hear that - I used to sing in his classical chorus starting at the age of 15 - and he was the one to turn me onto the tunes - always encouraging me to not forget my roots tho – Love for you to come and check me out live some day - Here is my upcoming schedule - If you do come some day be sure to come up and say hello - and if you know anyone who wants to help finance an artistic project - please let me know that as well - Again - I think you for your encouraging words –
Be well - Lauren Hooker
Hi Roberta, Thank you very much for your review!!
Your words are a true help for us, about our music.
We love American Songbook, but you know, to support something new in these too famous songs is very difficult. But you have written exactly what we hope happens with our music, and in a so deep and careful way. Thank you again. We looking forward to seeing you at Metropolitan Room, on Wednesday...with the Vol.2!!!
Luciano and Giancarlo
I read your recent review of my CD, Wild Women Never Get The Blues..., and thank you so much for favoring it.
Marguerite (Mariama) –
Hi Roberta,
Thanks for the great review.
I'm so glad you liked the CD!
Into The Light,
Roger (Kellaway)

Dear "Roberta,"

I am an old friend of Bernie Rose, with whom I lost contact over 28 years ago. I found that he performed at a Patelson's Music House in 2007. I called Patelson's and they recommended that I contact you. I know Bernie is teaching at Five Towns College, where I left a message, but would like to reach by phone or email.

Do you have contact with him?
If so, would you let him know I am looking for him?

Sterling Cossaboom, PhD

I just talked to Bernie. Thanks for your help.

Dear Roberta,

I am representing Greg Kessler, a NY artist. I came across your Web site while looking for more information on how to submit materials to the Argentinean Consulate’s Art Gallery. I noticed that you attended an event there. I am trying to reach the curator, Ms. Adrianna Trotta. I have a phone number, but it goes straight into the assistant’s voicemail. Would you be able to recommend a way to contact them?


Dear Roberta

There is sad news about David Walker. I found your email address when looking for his obituary. You may like to read this from the Scotsman of 7 January 2009? He was known all round the world for his amazing sets and costumes.

Dian Montgomerie Elvin
(A friend of David's student days)
Dear Ms. Zlokower,

Do you consider Debussy's 'Pelléas et Melisande', begun in the early 1890's and finished in 1902, the firstborn of a new century or the final exquisite rendering of the Wagnerian age? And why? I don't see it as a dawn, but as a sunset (like Debussy said of Wagner...) though the ending seems to point to a new beginning (new century?)

I think poetic sensitivity and refinement of this order is always a very late phenomenon... In short - Debussy's opera ends the 19th century.


Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower:

I worked with Martin Josman some years ago as a conductor in his Messiah Sing-Ins, both at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia and at Avery Fischer Hall. I'd like to include a profile of Marty in a short book I am writing but cannot find an adequate biography of him on the internet. Do you have one you can share? Of course I know about his work with the National Choral Council and the National Chorale but can find nothing demographic on him: date of birth; location, education, etc. I would appreciate it if you can help.


Dr. Eugene Thamon Simpson

Hi Roberta,

This is Lauren Sevian, baritone saxophonist. We had met several years ago at a Mingus Big Band gig @ Iridium. I was wondering if you would consider doing a review of my new cd "Blueprint". It was released in early January on saxophonist Greg Osby's new label Inner Circle Music.
Let me know. Hope all is well with you.

Best regards,
Lauren Sevian - baritone saxophonist
Hi. I'm Tony Madruga's father and I just saw the article on Paquito's New Year Eve Bash. This is actually the first review he has had in NYC and the pics are great. Hope to see you in the future.

Omar Madruga
Hi Roberta, my name is Alexis Geller and I happened to see something on the internet about a show which included Jonathan and your address was listed for contact info.
I was wondering whether you have Jonathan's e-mail address, he's an ex-boyfriend of mine and I'd love to drop him a note. I'd appreciate any help you can give.
Thanks in advance,
Roberta we do a melodrama each year in our little retirement community of San Carlos, Sonora, MX. The lady that writes, directs, and trains the dancers is Gloria Richer. In the early 50’s she was a radio city Rockette. What the cast thought would be a great present for her would me memorabilia from that era. If you could direct me in the right direction I will be forever thankful.
Timing is of the essence the play is the 15th of March. By the way her name was not Richer than.
Bob Blair
Hello Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower,

We are Luciano Troja and Giancarlo Mazzù, from South Italy.
Thank you for your wonderful review (we follow it from three years about).

We are a piano & guitar jazz duo. Next April will be release our new CD, titled "Seven Tales About Standards Vol. 2" (SplascH Records). It is the second part of a series about a free and creative approach to the most known <i>standards</i> that comes out from our background: the spontaneous composition, the counterpoint, the Italian melody of the end of '800, the music for theatre, and something else. It will be release at begin of April 2009. We submit you our music, our new CD and our NYC event. We hope you enjoy our music!! Please, let us know, we are waiting for your feedback.
Thank you.
Luciano & Giancarlo
Giancarlo Mazzù
Great review! After reading it I wanted to go see it myself!!
I am so pleased that you liked it.

Angel (Ramos)
Hello Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower,

I am a Historic Preservation student at the University of Oregon. The photos you have collected on your website are wonderful. I was wondering if you would give me permission to publish some of these photos in a journal produced by the Associated Students of Historic Preservation (I attached the specific photo we would be using). We print 750 copies of the journal and send them to past alumni and professionals in the field. If this would be acceptable I can let you know which images I would be using and we could clarify the best way in which to cite them.

Thank you, Ernestina
Ernestina Fuenmayor, Graduate Student University of Oregon

Hi Roberta,

This is Rich, the keyboard player from the band Rubix Kube, I saw your pictures of us from our gig at Mustang Harry's a couple weeks back, thanks for being there, taking the pix and putting them on your site! When I saw them I remembered you there and the fact that you said something about them being posted somewhere but I didn't know the details, then I found them by chance while googling our band name as I like to do from time to time. Anyway, nice pictures, thanks again for the links and all, hope to you see you again at one of our shows soon.

Dear Roberta,
Thank you very much for the wonderful review, and hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and we both wish you a fantastic 2009
love and peace
Sandra and Pablo Ziegler

Hi Roberta, Very nice review!
All the best for the holidays and 2009!
Pedro (Giraudo)
Thank you Roberta,
All my best wishes for you as well for the coming New Year.
Happy Holidays!

Maurizio Najt
And to you, too, Roberta; a happy, fulfilling year.

With my best wishes,
Jimmy (Roberts)
Thank you Roberta and all the best to you.
Danel & Maria (Bailemos Tango)
Thank you, Roberta.
Happy Holidays to you, too.
I hope all is well, and wish all the best for 2009!!
Big hug from Paris.....

Vana (Gierig)
I am Ivo Martins. I work as a director Guimarães Jazz Festival in Portugal. I also write in the Portuguese jazz web page I also make a radio program for the last 16 years Baile dos Bombeiros.  I have a personal web page about music, arts and literature, All these activities are done out of passion cause my job is hospital administration
Ivo Martins
Hi curious if the piano plus jazz series is still going or anything similar…would like to bring my parents for the holidays.
Thanks for your time.
Andrew Draznin

Dear Roberta,
I loved the photos you took at my event last year at Patelson's! (Well, it has taken me rather a long time to get around to thanking you--mea culpa!)

Warmest wishes,

Hi Roberta,
My name is Magic Juan and Im in desperate need of Pancho's phone number. I recently lost all my contacts and I only use Pancho for my studio sessions. If you have his’re a lifesaver.
Thank you
Dear Roberta, thank you very much, I"m in touch with him.
Pancho Navarro

I read your review of Pinkalicious The Musical, and now plan on taking my 6 year old daughter into the city to see the production. I do have one question, I see your niece wearing a Pinkalicious T-shirt, and was wondering if the Musical has merchandise on sale at the theater on the day of the show. I know merchandise can be purchased elsewhere, but it would seem more "authentic" if they have something at the show, and I'll hold off ordering and buy it that same day. Could you please let me know if items can be bought at the theater?

Thank you,
Jodi P.
Dear Dr. Zlokower, Thank you so much for all of your jazz briefs, I hope this letter finds you well. I have actually moved to Europe, so will not be able to attend any of these performances in the near future. Enjoy the music! And all the best, Rania Khalil
Hi Roberta,
I will be singing the song ‘Always A Bridesmaid’ from the musical ‘I love you, you’re perfect, now change’ in an upcoming show. I was wondering if you could provide any tips on how I could perform this appropriately, and what makes the professional version so successful. If you could provide any help it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
Kelly Jack
Hi Roberta -- Thanks so much for passing along that fascinating letter from the student in the UK. You can see how I answered, below, if you care to. But first: You have my very best wishes for continued success, both for this season and for the year in general.
Be well! Jimmy <<Dear Kelly- Roberta Zlokower forwarded to me your interesting question about Always a Bridesmaid. I'm the composer of music (she's a friend of mine) and she assumed I'd have some pointers for you, and indeed I do. Just a few. First, thanks for caring and being interested enough in how the song works enough to ask such a question! 1) It didn't hurt -- in the actual production -- that the actress was wearing a hideous, flouncey, primary-colored (red or pink or blue or yellow!) dress, with big bows, etc. so that as soon as we see her--- even before she sings a note -- we feel for her -- she looks like a nice, normal person (that's why we relate) who has had to put on a horrible article of clothing! She looks at us, during the introduction, and she is helpless and hapless. In the show -- she also spoke some words first -- after catching the bridal bouquet, then she's congratulating the bride and groom whose wedding she has just attended -- she says something like, "No, I just LOVE my dress! I'm sure I'll wear it again!" (I think the words can be heard on the CD) -- at that point (she's been standing sideways) she reveals the full dress to the audience. Then the song intro starts. Please know that this whole song is based on the American tradition of matching -- and usually tasteless -- dresses for all the bridesmaids at an American wedding. I think of the song as a "lament" -- which she's sharing with the audience. She's been through some "bad times" at the weddings of some of her friends. But it gradually becomes clear to her that her girlfriends, the ones who got married, went through WORSE times! Their husbands either cheated on them -- or died on them! And by the end, in spite of a little loneliness, she is sincerely thanking God for being just who she is. So we start with a lament -- but we end with an AFFIRMATION. 2) The Singing Style: Yes, the music is Country style, for sure. But we found it works best when the singer herself plays it pretty straight. There can be a "hint" of Country -- but this should NOT be a parody of a country song, where the singer uses a strong Southern accent. Many people make that mistake. The singer must come off as a real person, a friend of ours, someone we might know. Basically, a person with a problem (not a Country Singer with a problem!). If you listen to the CD, you'll hear that the accompaniment is Country, but the actress is really not. So to summarize: the woman has been through tough times at weddings, she tells us ALL about it, every hideous detail--but then, after letting it all out, she has a realization about herself -- and then ends the song, not with a complaint, but with a little sense of triumph. Hope that helps. And good luck! Yours truly, Jimmy Roberts (composer, "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change")>>

Thank you so very much for passing along my email. I really appreciate it, and the suggestions I received are extremely useful. I'm sure this will improve my performance and I just wanted to express my gratitude to the both of you. Thank you!!!

Yours truly,
Good Afternoon,
We would like to present The Color Purple, first performance in Portugal. What we are pertaining are two dates in 2009, one for a performance in Lisbon and the other for Oporto.
What would be the contract conditions for these two dates in Portugal? And we need also the conditions for one date too.
My second inquiry is what the conditions would be for public performances here in Portugal and in Spain, since we also work with the Spanish market, considering that these performances would be part of the Iberic Tour.
We will be waiting for your kind reply and please feel free to contact us if you need further details.
Kindest regards, PelaTerra d'Arte, Alexandre Guerra
My name is Ray York and I have a website, May I have your permission to use photograph, that appears on your website on my site? It would appear on the Saratoga Springs pages of the “Adirondack Route Guide” soon to be published on my site (www.railpassengerusa is a not for profit website). Thanks in advance for your reply.
Best Regards, Ray York

Wow, amazing and intelligent review of an un-reviewable play!
Hi Roberta, am I Mimmo brother of Mario Rosini, thanks still for the article on the cd Be my Love, wants to ask you has also been published you on American newspapers or only on internet?, if you has also been inserted on newspaper do I ask you to send me a copy, naturally to my expenses.
I attend one answer of yours & sorry for my english very elementary.
Mimmo Rosini

Hello Dr. Roberta Zlokower,
My name is Jeanette and I have been in search of a friend I met on my trip to Argentina this past August. I googled Dardo and found a picture of him on your website:
He's a filmmaker and lives in midtown I believe. I know the website and the event was taken back in 2004 but do you have his email address or phone number? Or anyone that may know him?

Your help would be greatly appreciated!
Please let me know your thoughts.
Best regards,

I was thinking of you TODAY and believe or not I was viewing the same photo of mine that you took me at the Argentinean Consulate, the same one that Janette also saw today!! It's that a coincidence or what! OMG

Anyway, thanks a lot, I'll contact her by email.
Thanks again.
Hi, Dr Roberta

My name is Aurea Davila, and i saw your site on the web for the puertorican parade.
I was wondering if you will know what date is the parade for next year (2009).
I live in Ohio and I will like to take time off from work to go next year i have been wanted to go for the last 2 years and I always miss the day or find out too late.
I will appreciate if you can write me back with some kind of info. please

Thanks for your time and God Bless you.

Thanks so much for sending the review. I’ve already passed it off to everyone else in the office to read and we’ll soon share with the cast. I’ve let Steve know to include a link for you on our website
Thanks, Cadien Dumas
Company Manager
Vital Theatre Company

Hi Roberta!!!!!!

Thanks so much!
Ann (Licater)
Ciao Roberta
I read now your review and I am very happy for your words!!!
Thank you very much! It's very nice to hear that you, great expert of music, like our new work with our new compositions.
For us is the first time that we recorded our compositions so we are very very proud and happy!
I'll put the review in our web site!
Our dream, me dream is to play in USA, Roberta, I ask you to help me to find places, we want absolutely do this experience and we want to bring our music in Usa hoping that people likes it! I hope that you, till again, can help us!
Thanks thanks thanks
Dear Roberta thanks of heart alot for your beautiful article on my cd Be my Love, thanks also to Marco Losavio it is a true friend, it is beautiful that the people of New York know this job of mine, you are very kind, I am honorable.
To New York I have sung in 2004 however pop music, hopes to return with my music jazz.
I have included your article in my site web in the Italian and English page.
Best regards from Italy
Mario Rosini

Very cool Roberta..many thanks for the review..much appreciation always..God Bless—TK Blue
Hi Roberta -
My deepest thanks for your thoughtful review of the CD!
I really appreciate your support, and your efforts on behalf of the arts.
All my best,
Matt (Haviland)
Dear Dr. Roberta,
Thank you for your very generous and glowing review of my CD!  I really glad you enjoyed it.  "Wild is the Wind" is my favorite, too. Thanks, again.
Ava Logan    
Could you please tell me, how I can obtain a CD #907239 by Frederic Chiu? I heard his rendition of Schubert’s “Serenade” as transcribed by Liszt; it was the loveliest arrangement ever.

Thank You,Suzanne    
Hi Roberta

I would like to know whom to contact to try and get our jazz trio (featuring Heather Parris doing vocals) into the jazz festival for next year?

Thanks in advance
Sam Jannazzo    
i iwould like info about the  musicians who made this cd (New Tango Vision).....such as a  performance  schedule?  do they  perform for the public?  please direct me to the website,  thank you. Grace Matty      
THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH (for the review), ROBERTA! All the best, Maucha (Adnet)

Thanks so much for coming, touring, snapping, staying, posting, and writing so enthusiastically about the Botanical Garden. See you in October, if not sooner.
Karl Lauby

Vice President for Communications

The New York Botanical Garden
Hi:  Is the AC Pianocraft workshop still up and running?  Where can I get current info?  Anne
 Anne Sweazey, Executive Director
Westchester Arc Foundation
I greatly enjoy your website.  I am trying to get in touch with Eddy Davis via his website and I cannot get a reply.  Do you know how else I might contact him? Paul  

Hi Roberta,

It is a pleasure and honor to get such a review from a distinguished person such as yourself.  I truly appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to attend the performance at Dizzy's.

Please stay in touch.... 
Kindest Regards,
 Joe Baione

PS- I will let you know when I am NYC again.
These reviews are just wonderful Roberta. Absolutely nothing short of wonderful. Not only are they raves, but they are beautifully written raves and worth waiting for.

Thank you so much. 
Scotti Rhodes
Thank you so very much Roberta: I think you are one of the few who "got" it!
Nat Mosco (Georgia O’Keefe Play)
How do I order a fruit bouquet?  How much for the smallest bouquet?
Thank you, in advance for your answer.
Patricia in Oregon  
Hi Roberta, my name is Gustavo Gomez, I am an old friend of Daniel Carranza, we were friends in Brazil years ago and I would like to contact him again if possible, I know that you have a contact with him and please, tell him that I am living in Florida now and I would like to talk with him.
Dear Dr. Zlokower, I saw on the internet, mention of Thomas Tirino concert,  May 01, 2002, and I know his favorite composer is Ernesto Lecouna. I like playing Lecouna's music on the piano, but it  is very difficult to find the sheet music.  Please, can you direct me to a source? Thank you, Howard Ellis  
Hello Dr. Zlokower,

I stumbled upon your website while looking for information on this year’s New York Umbria Jazz Festival.  It is usually this time of year and last year it was at Birdland and the year before at Blue Note. There is usually a small group of Italian jazz musicians performing and a chef from Italy prepares and serves a special menu of Umbrian food.  Your website had photos of it from previous years so I am taking a chance that you may know where it will be this year.  Would you be so kind as to direct me to their website or supply me with any information you have?  Thank you very much.

JoAnna D’Amico

Umbria Jazz NY was postponed until 2009, heard back from them.

Oh, thank you so much for letting me know. We will be looking for it then.  You have been wonderful.  Thank you.


My name is Martin Mellinger and I recently attended the Golandsky piano symposium at Princeton, where I heard Jorge Luis Prats perform the wonderful La 32 by Lecuona.....I subsequently purchased the sheet music(7 danzas cubanas tipicas), arranged by Thomas Y. Tirino and discovered some major inaccuracies in his edition....

I was hoping you could provide me with contact info for Mr. Tirino so that I could let him know of these problems...
Thank you in advance for any help you are able to provide....


Martin Mellinger
Student of Edna Golandsky, NY
Dear Roberta: I thought you would like to know that we have completed a
feature film of the off-Broadway play Chekhov & Maria by Jovanka
Bach, done as a memorial tribute to her. She was my wife and passed away
recently after a long battle with cancer. Your review, after seeing it at the Barrow Group Theatre, was such a positive analysis of Jovanka's work, that Eric Till, the
well known Canadian director decided he would film it. And now it has been
accepted by the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival
which opens in Hollywood in July then New York in September. For film clips
and your review go to: (
Regards. John Stark Producer.
i really enjoyed looking at the reviews and particularly loved the mr. cornejo...being "short in stature and tall in stage presence."  very
informative!  barbara
My dear Bulgarian friends, 

Could you be kind please to help me for searching and finding the names and e-mail addresses of the Mayor of Sofia, and the head of the Municipality Department of Culture. Below is the Sofia municipality website :

Thank you in advance.
Wishing a beautiful summertime to all of you.
Hello Roberta,
 I read about you on the net.  I am an amateur classical pianist and belong to ACMA (Amateurs Classical Musicians Association).  I am looking for a few lessons from someone familiar with Lecuona's music.  I will be playing on 8/9 - Danza Lucumi for this group and need some assistance with technique.  Could you recommend someone in the metropolitan area?  I live in Queens.  

Thanks so much in advance.
D. Margarita Rojas    
Hi Roberta,

Thank you so much for this great review. I printed it and posted it on the school board.  I really appreciate your support, it is so important. I am glad you enjoyed the performance and I thank you for coming. Please let's keep in touch for further events.  

All the best,
Virginie Mecene
Director Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance
Dear Roberta,

I might be away from NYC at the moment (most likely another year due to my involvement at Sigmund Freud University....moving along...)- but in the meantime I want to use the web to stay in touch.  I have some updates for you- my new myspace music profile (it is one week old):

Among other titles, there is a live recording of a live piano rendition of the song "Y’rushalayim Shel Zahav" (story on my blog) which I want you to hear...
Hope all is well -
I wish you a beautiful summer!

Best Regards,
Hi Roberta,  

I got your info from Chembo Corniel! My new CD just came out and I was wondering if you wanted to do a review on it.  

I am doing all the promo myself so every little bit will help.

Thank you.  
Andrea Brachfeld  
Dear Roberta,

Please give my regards to Craig Handy and tell him that I want him to conquer Asia!!!! I live in Shanghai/China right now, and there are two to three Jazz Clubs that will love his music.  I was in contact with Craig when he was in Berlin to play with some Jazz musicians.  Now he can spice up his life by going east.  

Gaby Brüns
Dear Roberta,
Thank you so much! I means a lot to me having found Craig again after having lost tracks...He has been my soul mate for more than 20 years.
Dear Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower, My name is Arsen Serov.

I found some information regarding this ballet and I still have questions.  I would be appreciated if you can assist me.  I am looking for ballet itself (VHS or DVD) and music separately (CD)- What’s the best place you advise me. I did already my search on the web and not too much luck. Thanks in advance.

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower,

Je désire m' entretenir avec Mr. Jean-Jaques de Saint Adrieu au sujet de >la fondation Air France au Togo et de projet de biocarburant  où j'a>imerais avoir Air France comme investeur. Je souhaiterais également renco>ntrer Mme Nathalie au sujet de l'offre de la formation de togolais.  J' avais rencontré Mr. De Saint Andrieu l'année derniere dans >;leurs bureaux à NYC. Je réside au Togo.  Pourriez-vous me mettre en contact ou lui transmettre mon message? Je vous >contacte car je sais qu'il est très influent à NYC et qu'il intervient >dans les oeuvres sociales.

Kwadjo Vidja
Dear Dr. Zlokower,

Can you tell me where the Play Cat on A Hot Tin Roof will be playing in July.  I would really like to take my family to see this.  I understand it is leaving New York on June 22, 2008.  Thank you in advance for your assistance. 

Mieva Herbert
Office of General Accounting
American Chemical Society
I saw your website and took a chance that maybe you could help me contact Rita Moreno. We have an independent film project that I would like to offer her. I would appreciate you forwarding this to her. She can contact me at the number below or by email.  

Thomas Guzman-Sanchez
GS Media Group,LLC  
Hello Roberta,  

I was hoping to find some information on my Guino/Renoir  Bronze "Woman with Mirror" Sculpture which is the same that I see on your website.  

The only information I have found so far is one that was numbered 25/324 and was wondering why the Bronze that I currently have is numbered E.S. 12/25. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.  

Kind regards,
Dear Roberta,  

Thanks so much for the good review and pictures!  

Have a good weekend.  

Thank you so much Roberta, this is a fabulous review.
Franco De Vita
Principal Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theatre
Dear Roberta,

I got home late last night from Costa Rica. I heard your message too late. Tomorrow I am off to Italy to present the ABT Curriculum in Florence. The article is beautiful! THANK YOU.

Best and thanks also from Franco,
Raymond (Lukens)
Thanks for sending me this! Very fun to see pictures especially. I don't have any other commemoration of my readings.  
Best, Susanne (Dunlap)  
I was wondering if there is a CD of DVD of this tribute to Paquito? Thank
you in advance for your cooperation. Luis Gamboa
Hello, Hope you are doing well.  I work for a non-profit organization in New York and we were hoping to hold a fundraiser at a jazz club.  I was wondering if I could speak to someone more about our group to see if you'd be interested in donating your space for a weeknight for a few hours. Please let me know, I look forward to hearing from you.  You can call me at the number below. Thanks,
Angela Rastegar
The Monitor Group
Hi, I just saw your review on Woody Allen at The Carlyle. Any tips on how to get a place at the bar? TM
Hi Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower,
My name is Kareem Sanjaghi.  I'm a jazz drummer from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  I always enjoy regarding you testimonials and reviews of Harry Allen and his quartet.  I play with a lot of older jazz musicians (Lou Colombo and Dick Johnson) who Harry used to sit in with when he was a young kid.
The reason for my email, is that I am a huge fan of Chuck Rigg's playing.  I was wondering if possibly you could send me his email, or forward this message to him.  I just would like to talk music with him and learn from such a great musician.
Thank you very much and hope to talk to you soon. Thanks a lot,
Kareem Sanjaghi
I came across your website when searching for the CD 'Cole Plays Gershwin', and noticed someone else had asked you about that same CD. I can't see where that person got an answer, so I'm wondering if you can just email me the answer to that question. Thanks so much,
Jan Felton, Director
Springfield Jazz Singers
I hope your week is off to a nice start. Thank you for sharing these with me. I’ll look forward to reading them through and sharing with our team. I appreciate you taking the time to send my way! Have a great day, Roberta.
Theresa (Jazz Standard)
Hi Roberta Thanks for those two terrific, beautifully done reviews for both Pedro (Giraudo) and Hector (Del Curto)!  (And of course all the nice photos!) Best regards,
Ellen Azorin, President
Cantaloupe Music Productions, Inc.
Hi Roberta, How are you?
I just wanted to thank you very much for a WONDERFUL review, I love it.
Nackgeschmack is actually about a lost relationship, it is GREAT to know that it comes across! I'll add a link on my website ASAP.
All the best and thank you very much,
Pedro (Giraudo) 
PS: I also loved Hector's review ;)
Thanks for the wonderful comments on Skyla Schreter's performance as Young Mabel in your recent review, Skyla's (proud) mom. I have readand enjoyed many of your reviews and to see you mention my daughter in this one was great. She just finished Mozartiana and will reprise Double Feature in the Spring. Thanks again. Sena
Dear Roberta- What a marvelously comprehensive review of what went on at the historic Merkin Hall marathon. I think you're the only one who covered the entire day, or at least mentioned every artist that performed. Bravo! And thank you, in particular, for understanding musically what I set out to do in my own arrangements/compositions. It's nice to be acknowledged by one who truly gets it.
With all best wishes,
Jimmy (Roberts)
Dear Dr. Zlokower:I found you via the website with your review of Tony May ’s San Domenico NY where you lunched with Frank Daykin. I was his babysitter when he was in grade school and he lived next door with his father and step-mother, Virginia. I would love to say hello to Frank and, with his permission, would like an email address.  Can you help?
Coleen Anderson
Thank you, Roberta!  I also appreciate your glowing comments.
It was nice to meet you and Marco (
Hope to see you next time we play in NY--or wherever. Warmly,
John (Clayton)
I published a book about the composer Gustav Mahler back in 1999. 
The book is made up of 14 essays written by 13 contributors (one of whom has written two chapters) they tell the reader how they became Mahlerians through the purchase of their favourite symphony. All the chapters relating to Mahler’s symphonies are in chronological order.
It is important to stress that this publication is not an academic work, although to be fair, there is a little bit of academia in it. Mostly, it is a book supportive of the composer. It is because of this, the publication is able to give the reader a sense of understanding as to how the composer works, and to take the stuffiness out of the atmosphere to which classical music has become inextricably linked
Yours faithfully,
Donald Knox-Richards.
Elius Books Internet Limited.
Dear Roberta:
My name is Jessica.  I am doing research on Lucille Ball.  I am contacting you because of (your interview with Lucie Arnaz).  I was hoping you might be able to take a few moments of your time to answer some questions and provide me with works or sources you feel would be integral to my research.  Thank you so much for your time.
What have you learned about Lucie Arnaz that I will not be able to find on the Internet? What is something interesting you have learned about her that would be interesting in my research?
Hi Roberta,
I watched "Music of the Heart" this afternoon and enjoyed it. I was looking for more information about the Opus 118 school and Google included the "Fiddlefest at Carnegie" page from your web site in its search results. I enjoyed looking at your site. I started looking at the CD reviews but I didn't have time to finish reading them so I'll be back.
Hal Tessmann
Dear Dr. Zlokower,  

My name is Alicia Sable, I met you several years ago when you attended performance of Twenty Fingers, Twenty Toes at the York Theater as part of the “Mufti” series.  You wrote such a beautiful review on your website and I wanted to invite you to my current show Hells Bells. It is playing at the West End Theater through Sunday. I know this may be to short of a notice, but the idea to invite you hit me tonight as I was riding the train home after the show!   It is funny how ideas just pop into your head at very random times! The show has been well received and I think you may enjoy it!  It is very short an hour and twenty minutes without an intermission.
After the show closes, I start rehearsals for Gypsy! With the fabulous Patti Lupone!! I will be playing Marjorie May and I am very excited as this will be my first Broadway show!!!
Thank you,
Alicia Sable
Hi Roberta
I just want to thank you for your kind reviewing of my work during the Martha Graham Co. season at the Joyce. I feel the responsibility of carrying on such great work with spontaneity and passion.
One thing I want to say about the Saturday horse’s mouth. I have never done anything like that before so .... I agree with the horses sound, we have so many great scores..... But I think it was the intent to have something very casual, Family Style if you want, the only thing is it should have been a private event with no ticket charge. For the "family members", and yes a lot of great dancers and friends missing.
Thank you again,
Maurizio Nardi
That's a great picture Roberta; thanks so much for taking the time to send it to me. It will be a vivid souvenir of a very special chapter in my musical life! And I'm delighted to learn you were there in the audience that day/evening for all those marvelous and inspiring pianists. Hoping you're well..
Thanks again. Jimmy (Roberts)
Hi Roberta,
Sorry for the forgetfulness! These days I would need three brains and 40 hour days! Thanks for your review of Refugee!!!! My wife’s name is Amparo.
All the best and keep up your great work!
Hector (Martignon)
Many thanks. You are amazing! Gale
Gale A. Brewer
Hon. Gale A. Brewer
City Council, 6th District
Wow Roberta, you've done it again!   What a surprise, I might add. I forwarded the article (YAGP/ABT) to Franco who seemed really pleased.  Thank you so much for giving the event such wonderful coverage.  Warmly, Barbara (Brandt)
Hello Roberta,

I am looking to find the music and a recording and the music for "The Return of the Great Mother", a choral piece written by Roberta Kosse with the text by Jenny Malniquist. A friend of mine is very sick with breast cancer and will die quite soon. This is a piece she has always wanted to sing and hear, so I am trying to make it happen for her. Any information to help me out would be great. Thank you so much. This would mean a lot.

Cathy Swanson
Hi Roberta:
Have been meaning to reach out and email you for days, so sorry my wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Rewarding 2008 come late. Nevertheless, hope you're off to a fabulous start, and that we can meet again sometime this year. You were so generous in your praise of THE STREET last summer, I find myself returning to re-read your review often (particularly after a 'bad' day)... I'm not sure I properly thanked you for it.
So, thank you -- again -- for your support
and have a wonderful New Year.
Dear Roberta,

Thanks so much for that beautiful review! I will be proud to add it to my website, and add a link to your webpage.

All the best,
Dear Roberta -

Thank you so much for your wonderfully written and positive review. I was so pleased that you could be there that day and I will proudly direct people to your site to read your fine words.

Since I plan to continue this traditional concert and have already begun to perform the program in other States, I am very pleased to have this press to support my efforts. I also received a full-page article in "America Oggi" the largest Italian paper in the U.S. which will be quite useful.

If there is ever anything I can be of help with, Roberta, please don't hesitate to call on me.

All best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year and thank you again.

Cristina Fontanelli
Dear Roberta,
Thank you, for adding me to your review.
I’m honored.
Hill sent me the link.
-Ptah Brown

Whatever happened to Kevin Cole (Cole Plays Gershwin) recorded at Ravinia? I am not able to locate any information on him and really want the c.d. he made in 2004? Can you direct me to a place I can buy it online? I have already exhausted Amazon, and Ebay.

wow roberta....who knew you would be putting such a gigantic smile on my face all the way in india!!!!!!!!! wow again!!!!!! Barbara (Brandt)
ROBERTA -- Thanks! I am wishing for you a most
successful, healthy, and Happy New Year!! Warm
regards, LARRY (Newcomb)
Yes, I still dance everyday. These days, as in the past several years, I only dance tango. I am so addicted and so in love with it, I can't tell you.
B (Batt Johnson)
Hi Roberta, I am in NY right now, but will be leaving Thursday. I had an amazing year taking my band to performances all over the world, incl. Istanbul, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico City, Portugal, and other numerous Europe trips, etc. I will be back in NY on Jan. 14th. I have a few more projects going right now, incl. a project with Gino from Cameroon....I am doing a lot of writing for that right now. I hope to see you soon in 2008....:) Vana (Gierig)
My son, Towa was born in August. Kuni (Mikami)

Dear Roberta, Happy Holidays for you too, and a great 2008! Luiz Simas
Dear Roberta,
We wish you a very happy New Year, with love, health and Peace.
Pablo Ziegler and family
Hi Roberta - my mother loved the event...and she loves you! You are indeed a warm and generous person. We and our friends would love another evening at The Terrace - so surely keep us posted.
Fondest regards and continued success in all your ventures!
Dear Roberta, Thanks so much!
Both links are looking very good!
I am sorry that I will not be able to enjoy the Dec
19th event at Patelson...I play that night in another
part of town. Have a nice day. Yael (Acher)
Dear Roberta,

Thanks for your reply. Yes I am. I have put NY plans, such as living there on hold. I am at Sigmund Freud University in the MA program (Psychoanalysis), finishing something I have started almost 20 years ago. The Unconscious and the Arts go well together indeed!

Lots of warm wishes Roberta, you are doing wonderful things for the Arts, including supporting those who have something to say yet haven't made it to mass public awareness yet. I thank you for this. There should be more people like you out there.

Thomas (Barth)
I'm looking to purchase any Buttikofer piano or for any information on them. The Buttikofer piano business was started by my great-great-great-grandfather in NY City sometime around the mid 1800s. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance,
 Raya Hanlon
San Jose, CR
25 Oct 2007

Hello Roberta,
I have a song/tune, "Cuban Fantasy", which has garnered accolades from an ever-growing list of top names in the jazz and Latin scenes, and I think it might appeal to Dave.  Though the song has words - originally in English and now in Spanish (about a lovely young Cuban woman whom I met many years ago in Puerto Rico while playing aboard a Miami-based cruise ship), it doesn't seem to need lyrics in either or any language, as the melody (widely-acclaimed as beautiful - and the Spanish version is even more so, IMO!), is very logical and lyrical, and tells the story.  However, I can well imagine Jose Feliciano making a great job of the vocal version.

Mr. Robin Blakeman
(Saxophonist, flutist and clarinetist.)
Dear Ms. Zlokower

My name is Daniel Hendricks Simon. I was the actor in Soheil Nasseri and Haskell Small’s premier of ‘Lullaby of War’.

I just wanted to send my regards and thanks for wonderfully written, incredibly thorough review. As I’m sure you know these things don’t come together out of thin air.

Theater director Stephan Morrow, a collaborator and long time family friend, coached me on the performance of those poems, and the work you saw that evening was greatly influenced by his direction. He was not credited of course, but it was important to me that I bring his fine work to your awareness.

I have worked twice before with Mr. Morrow, one time as fellow actors in the Shakespeare showcase Bard at Bar, another being a New York City premier of Tennessee Williams Pieces of Paradise, which Mr. Morrow directed. If either of us put together a theatrical event or screening in the near future I hope that you will consider attending.

Thank you for your fine contribution to the Arts in New York City.


Daniel Hendricks Simon
Dear Roberta:
I am the travel editor of The Kansas City Star newspaper in Kansas City, Mo. In this Sunday's (Oct. 14) travel section, we are publishing a story about different depictions of David in Italy. I am trying to give our readers some idea about what one of Donatello's David statues look like. Unfortunately, I don't have access to images of the real thing or a budget to pay for pictures of it.
I see on your site pictures of a small Donatello/David statue that was given to Gina Lollobrigida in 1955. Do you have a picture of that small statue you could send me for publication? I would be happy to say where the picture came from. We don't have space to run it very large, but if you have an image that's higher-resolution than the attached picture, it would be very helpful.
I also can send you a copy of our Sunday Travel section after it is published.
Unfortunately, I am on deadline. We finish production on the section early Thursday afternoon, Oct. 11.
Thanks for your help.
Allen Holder
Travel editor
The Kansas City Star
Dear Roberta,
Thanks so much for your review of The Abstract Impulse and for placing so many of the images on your site.  We will keep you
On our email list for future exhibition and public program announcements.
Best, Christine
Christine P. Williams
Director of Communications
National Academy Museum
& School of Fine Arts
Hi Roberta, Thank you so much for the lovely review of our gig at Enzo's. Thank you also for your kind words about me as a player and composer. May I quote you on my website? Speaking of which, it has been redesigned and the new version is now up: Please have a look and a listen. All the Best, Joe (Tranchina)
Dear Roberta,

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful review. I did not know you were in the audience last Friday night, but I'm sure glad you were, and equally glad that you enjoyed the show.

I will endeavor to patronize the restaurants and businesses that sponsor your website, and will let them know that you are the reason.

Thanks again!
Trey Sandusky
Hi Roberta, Thanks so much for the wonderful review and
photos! Hope all goes well for you. Playing at
Patelson's feels just right for what we do. Best to
you, River Alexander Thank you so much, Roberta. It is a fantastic review!
Big kiss,
Hi Roberta
Thank you so much for coming to our gig and for the wonderful review
and the great photos. They are really excellent.
I hope we will see each other again soon.
Gabriele (Tranchina)
Thanks very much for the review. The cast and I really appreciated it. Having retired from the active practice of the law after 41 years as a trial lawyer, I found being evil came naturally. (Myron Cohen)
Thank you, Roberta! Thank you for being there. We'll run it again at the lambs club this Thursday at 7. Don't miss my experimental musical theater play, TentagatneT, at La Mama... The press is most welcome there. Please keep in touch. Peter (Dizozza)

Dear Roberta,
I appreciate very much the generous words and the lovely spread on your site.
Thanks again for your support.
All best,
Don (Donald Friedman, The Writer’s Brush)
Thanks so much, Roberta! I appreciate that you almost always come to my concerts-- and thanks so much for these thoughtful words on the program. Your description of the Schumann as "waves" was a fantastic comparison!! Best
Yes, I see that you have reviewed quite a number (of CD ’s). The support you have offered is priceless.
Thank you!
Dear Dr. Roberta, I just want to thank you for the good things you wrote about me during my time with the "Graham Ensemble". I am moving to Washington DC to join "City Dance Ensemble" this winter. I hope this letter finds you in good health. I'm currently in NYC doing a showcase musical "Traumnovela". Best wishes,
Jason Garcia Ignacio
Hello Ms. Zlokower, I hope you are well. I represent saxophonist David Sanchez, and I was told by Edward
Palmieri II that you might have reviewed the performance that he and
Eddie Palmieri I did at the Iridium in June of this year. If so, would
it be possible for you to send me a copy of your piece? I would like
to add to Mr. Sanchez's press clip portfolio. Thank you.
Monica De Leon
Business Representative / Educational Booking for David Sánchez
Dear Dr. Zlokower, I did a google search for Romeo and Juliet pictures for a project I'm doing for my English class. I came across yours from the Chicago Shakespeare Theater and would really like to use a few of them on my poster board. If you would allow me to use a few of these pictures I'd greatly appreciate it. Sincerely,
Shane Bugajinsky
Hi, Roberta -- I wanted to write to thank you for your very complementary review of "The Conjugality Test" and particularly of my work in it as Baba. It's lovely to read a good review and to be called an "artist to watch"! You've made my day. Thanks again, and looking forward to seeing you again on one or another side of the footlights! All the best,
Amanda Sayle
I have fallen in love with the textile design by Joseph Hoffman, number 6015. I was wondering if you knew anywhere that reproduced it. I understand that there is a copyright on it, but I wanted a print of it. Do you know if there is such a thing? Thanks for you help.

Lauren Brabson
Dear Roberta,
I have long been a fan of vintage film and music of the “jazz age.”  In my quest I often pursue biographical information about the personalities.  One “lost” figure is an early film figure, Donald Keith, who was the male lead opposite Clara Bow in several films and appeared in dozens more; including some sound films…do you know anything about him?  He was such a stunning juvenile, who had a good voice, yet disappeared from the screen by the mid thirties.  If you can be of any help it would be much appreciated.
I have also been a great fan of Vince Giordano and his early jazz renditions…I will be in New York in mid October any chance you know of he having a gig, or can you give me a tip on where I might find some classic jazz being performed live on the weekend of October 12?
 Frank Genovese
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Hi! I am a French pianist living in Costa Rica, and I am looking for information about a piece (San Francisco el Grande) by Ernesto Lecuona. As I understand, the one who studied very seriously this music is Thomas Tirino and I wonder how I can reach him to see if he can help me. Searching in Internet, I saw your page about him and thought that perhaps you can help me to be in touch with him. Thank you very much for what you can do. I hope you'll forgive my interruption in your space.
Scarlett Brebion
Thanks, Roberta. Very gracious and supportive reviews (MITF) (although the dwarf's accent was supposed to be Australian, I believe).
Best wishes,
Bob (Ost)
Greetings again Roberta, Hope all is well with you. I simply thought you might find this of interest - I'm the son of 31 season Philadelphia Orchestra viola section member Irving Segall. As part of a multi-pronged effort to preserve my father's memory and that of important work he did, including being one of the founders of ICSOM, I've launched the web site . Please find a related Press Release attached to this email which is going out today nationally.
Very genuinely, -- Ira Norman Segall
Good Day: I am researching an oil painting I have done by American/Mexican Pablo O'Higgins (1904-1983) Perhaps you may know someone who has knowledge of the artist? I'd be glad to forward some pics if you're interested or perhaps you can point me in the right direction?

Thanks very much for your help.


Adam Gay

Dear Roberta Many thanks for the wonderful review – and I’m very glad to hear you enjoyed the compilation. We hope to be able to perform in New York in the not too distant future, so if you see any openings there please let me know. Kind regards, Trish O’Brien

Roberta, read your interesting piece on the racetrack. Do you need reservation for the clubhouse breakfast or is it first come first served sort of event? And is it best to be there at 7 a.m.? We have a two-hour drive to get there from Racquet Lake, but are willing to be early if necessary.


Dear Roberta, You may recall me from the Welcome Book signing at Rizzoli's last November. You asked me to let you know when my book, The Writer's Brush, about the paintings and drawings of writers was coming out, and I'm happy to report that it will be out this September. I'm also curating a show of writer art at Anita Shapolsky Gallery 152 E.65th St., and it's promising to be the most significant of its kind in history--with such writers as Victor Hugo, Aldous Huxley, William Butler Yeats, D.H. Lawrence, Hermann Hesse, Federico Garcia Lorca, Gunter Grass, Derek Walcott, Jack Kerouac, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, William S. Burroughs, Alan Ginsberg, Tennesse Williams, and many many more represented. The book and show are already getting great early attention: among others CBS Sunday Morning is doing a segment on both; Art News is doing a piece; the book is a Book of the Month Club and Readers Subscription Selection. Please give me your address so I can send you an invite. All best, Don Friedman

I don't know you, but I saw your name on this website and apparently is the only contacting resource. I found this website trying to look for an old friend of mine who I know was involved in theater some how.

So this friend of mine... her name is Dimitra Lopes, and I been looking for her. Her name was in the list as the Lighting Design/Board Operator.

If you can please give me any information about her I would really appreciate it, or let her know that I'm looking for her. My name is Lilian Johanna. I thank you in advance and hoping to hear some news soon.

Best Regards

I'm the author of PATRIOT ACTS and I just completed reading your review. And, believe it or not, I agree with a lot of your points. This is not an excuse but a lot of what was written (particularly my stage directions)did not ultimately appear on stage.

I am attempting to put together a reading of the script that I will direct myself. It will probably be in New Jersey but I'd be delighted to have you attend and to hear your comments.


Dear Dr. Zlokower,

Can you please put me in contact with Mike Camoia?
I am a musician friend and associate of his from the late 70's and have
digitized some recordings we made with my group, the Basil Georges Quartet, on WKCR radio. I know he would be interested in hearing from me. I tried to find a phone number at Verizon Super Pages, but got no hits.

Please respond to me at my office email address, This address is a home email address, but I do not check it that often.
Hope you can help.

Basilio Georges
guitarist and director
Flamenco Latino dance company

Please, I need the names of the member of Aragon Orchestra that you take in this picture. Let me explain why. Im photographer and I take in 2001 some pictures of Orchestra during a concert in Caracas. I take pictures of violinist, singer and flutist but I don't know their names to write in the caption of photo, for my archive online. Some information in Internet are not update, but the people in your picture are the same that appears in my pictures. If you have the names of members of orchestra in 2001, and can send I'm always grateful for your support Thanks Carlos -- "Pictures can tell the story in a way that words can never do" Carlos Hernandez/Caribe Focus

Hello. This may seem like a strange request but here goes. Trumpeter John Bailey and myself were best friends in high school. After high school we both went our separate ways and I haven't talked to John, or his sister, since 1982. My name is Dr. Jeremy Eisenstein. I am a chiropractor, and I live with my wife and child, in Los Angeles. I was unable to find any way to contact john so I hoped that perhaps you could pass on my e-mail address to him ( Please give him my best. Thank you very much.

Jeremy Eisenstein, DC

Dear Roberta
I'm glad you like the line-up. Its been extremely popular in Australia, and was chosen by the ABC as CD of the Week last month which is a great honour as they choose from a huge worldwide new release selection. We have no immediate plans to be in New York, but are hoping to get there asap, so a review would be extremely helpful (plus any leads you may have!). I will put one in the mail today.

I would like to know the price to enter The Wax Museum.
Thank You.
Gail Alvarado

Dear Roberta
I am the cellist of Luminesca, the Australian Cello and Guitar Duo. We have recently released a CD entitled "Seduction", which I am very keen for you to review. Could you please let me know if you are prepared to review an Australian album, and if so, where to send it? Our website is for further information.
Best wishes,
Trish O'Brien

dear roberta zlokower,
I'm not sure if this request might work.
we're a music school in switzerland looking for the movie "small wonders" to buy for our library.
amazon says "not available".
maybe you could help us!?
thanks a lot
nele pintelon
Bibliothek MW
Tössertobelstr. 1
CH-8400 Winterthur

Dear Miss Roberta, I am a huge fan of the clarinetist Rick Bogart and his trio. You hit the nail on the head with your critique, especially, when you said the music went with the room and the sound of Mr. Bogart and his trio was warm and upbeat!!! Good for you. You got some nice photos of the men, too. All the best, Miss Donna

great review roberta! i think you know more adjectives that anyone i know! great seeing you at the met. look forward to seeing you more. Barbara

hi roberta,
you know you are the best advertisement for your sponsors!
gary told me that you had a conversation tonight and were interested in the princess grace award. if you google "princess grace award", it will come up and you can learn a little bit more about it. briefly, each school that qualifies to have a nominee can nominate one student to represent their school. it was a big honor that the jacqueline kennedy onassis school nominated skylar this year.
love the hair!

it was nice running into to you as you were running to your next event; boy are you busy!
enjoy the dvd of your niece. i think that little girls in tutus is the 7th wonder of the world!

Buona sera,
Insegna ancora questi lezioni? Ho buscato il tuo ad nel Web. Piacerei partecipare perche voglio migliorare la mia abilita a dire in conversazioni.
Per favore, dimmi se i lezioni a Domenica sucedono. O se dai lezioni privati.


I just heard my old friend Mario Rivera was in the hospital. I want to visit him and I have been out of the country for number of years and lost track of him. If you could help me find out what hospital he is in I would appreciate it. Greg Henry Waters

Dear Dr. Zlokower: Thank you for mentioning Who Dares! in your review. You were the only one who said one nice thing about it. By the way, Leroy Anderson's music was the only accessible score available. Gershwin is not usable due to the exorbitant fees they want. Thanks again, I worked so hard on that ballet and it was a big hit with the audience. It is taking Tokyo by storm now. They like to be entertained. Best wishes, Marcus Galante

Dear Sir,

We are shoes manufacturer from Fujian china. We found that you are in need of shoes factory to cooperate with. If you have anything question, please feel free to contact us.


I want to thank you for writing a very nice review about my son, Francisco Graciano. He is with the Paul Taylor Dance Company. Francisco is my son and I have always supported him in his artistic endeavors. I wish you continued success in your artistic endeavors.

Would you be so kind as to put me in touch with GLORIA LYNNE. We have been out of touch for way too long and it is very important that we reconnect. Thank you, LINDA WARN

Dear Roberta,
Gino sent me a copy of the cd review and I just want to thank you for writing such an excellent one.
Best Regards,



Thanks for the positive review!! I sent it along to Jay and Sarah and they were very excited also.

Stay warm,
Kelly Ann

hi thank you !!!!!!!! regards, howard (Leshaw)

Thanks so much for your review of Don Friedman's CD.
Thanks again,
Best, Gino

Thanks for your kind review ..............and especially of your time in helping so many artists and performers, which has not gone unnoticed................................... i am happy to be one..... we are still there... at seppis.

all the best to you and hope to see again........rick bogart

Thank you again for coming to Ballet Builders and for your review. We do appreciate it and we know that the choreographers and dancers join us in thanking you.

The photos are a wonderful addition. It's fun for Mike and me to have a photo included. I have sent the review to several of our supporters, including ones from out of town who cannot come to performances. Their reaction is so positive because they get more of feeling of what Ballet Builders is like.

Best wishes,
Mike and Ruth

Hi, Doc. Thank you very much for the great review of my CD and I am also appreciating your contribution to the Jazz world. Keep on swingin' !! Tale care. Kuni Mikami

Have a collection of seven prints -example Willy Von Beckerath-Thomas Hardy- w.j.Mahler, C.1791-1826-From the Jos. Patelson Music Hose NY- Prints are Of Mozart-Bach- etc. am curious of their worth (The are prints bought several yrs back_ Thank You- K. O'Keefe

Dear Roberta,

Thank you very much for sending me the art review site.
I forwarded it to all Japanese artists. They were very excited to see your review.

We have been very lucky for getting wonderful artists from world wide.
I hope you enjoy our shows.

Misuzu Takemoto

Dear Roberta,

Michael and I want to thank you for attending Ballet Builders 2007. We are very appreciative of your interest in seeing the works of new ballet choreographers. It is so important to the choreographers and dancers that prominent members of the dance press see their performances.

Thank you, again.. We hope that you will come in 2008.

Warmest wishes,

Thank you for sending this Roberta and for your continued support. My best to you.
Terese (Capucilli)

Dear Roberta Thank you so much for great review. that was wonderful. If it's possible, could you send some of the picture from that day when you have time? Because the pictures were great, too. Sayuri

Dear Roberta, and Julijana,
Sorry I didn´t answer before, but really we were very busy and I just found this email, so I am answering. Oblivión, this belongs to Astor Piazzolla, and this is not published, with arrangements of Ziegler, so we can´t help you, but if you go to the following webpage: there is a forum also, and they are all fans of Piazzolla, so I´m sure somebody can give her the piano notes. You can write in English no problem.
I´m sure this will help you.
All best,
Sandra Silbert wrote:
wow, fantastic - I've forwarded it to the company. thanks (and I love the last picture of Terese & Jacque!)

Hi Roberta! Just wanted to thank you for your kind review and the wonderful pics. Best, Kerry Linder

I was reading your testimonial about Frederic Fekkai and I agree with you. But: you should take a look at Rodolfo Valentin- he is the best kept secret of New York, and finding him was like eternity. But I finally found him!. He is the men responsible for the hair of most of New York society ladies ( in fact, the press named him as the NY society hair designer). He is also rated 10 points ( the highest rating) by voters of New York Magazine. Rodolfo's forte is hair coloring ( he is the winner of the hair coloring techniques award), and his latest creation Hair Infusion is the only safe hair extensions technique for which he owns the trademark. Talented, chic and handsome, Rodolfo Valentin is, in my opinion, one of the top hairstylist of New York and his salon in Madison Avenue is an oasis of privacy with the warmest staff I rarely found in other salons. Best Verna

Dear Roberta,

Thanks so much for the cd review and for mentioning my name and having my photo on Kerry's review. Also thanks for the link to my website.


Hi! Thank you so very much for the wonderful review! It was so nice seeing you. Take care and keep in touch! Holly

Dear Roberta I had a great time playing at Bosendorfer. Thank you very much. I would like to go back there next month when Bill May plays. Please keep in touch and have a great weekend. Sayuri

Merci 1000 fois Roberta, for your CD review. You are so noble. I hope a day I'll come to play in New York with my trio or other projects. Grazie di cuore, Andrea (Esperti)

Roberta, I must thank you sooo much for a great review of my CD. Im so touched and grateful to you. You are one of my first reviews & Im so flattered and must admit very honored & very, very Happy. Please let's stay in touch. I will let you know of my up & coming performances. Thanks again, Peace, Mayra (Casales)

Thanks for the review.

Good morning Madame Zlokower. Your review is a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much. You are welcome if you come in Italy (Brindisi) or in Switzerland (Lausanne). Now I am in Lausanne. All the best for you, Andrea (Esperti)

Just thought I would update you about the "Pecan Pie" song by Russell Malone.

It is a Russell Malone original, but it has never been recorded until at the live recordings at Jazz Standard. Evidently, he plays it as a solo not with the quartet backing him up.

Hopefully, it will be on the Volume Two, but that has not been determined yet.
Jazzy Cheers to you!

Thank you for sending this, and for sending Nik to review.
All the best,

Great site, thanks! Do you have any idea where Vince Giordano's band might be now? You're the most recent Google but can't find him anywhere. Stop performing? Any links you can suggest? Thanks again, Ellen

Hi Roberta,

I emailed you some time ago, telling you that I really appreciate your musical enthusiasm and detailed review of Russell Malone's Jazz Standard live recording dates in September 2005. (I hope you have the finished product, Live At Jazz Standard, Volume One.)

I was redirected back to your site because I like to talk with other Russell Malone fans about their experiences with Russell's music, his live musical performances especially.

Russell and Benny performed this past weekend at SOPAC (New Jersey) and I was reading a blog by Jim Willis and his comment on a song that Russell did called "Pecan Pie." I vaguely remember hearing about this song, and did a search and your web page came up.

You stated in your wonderful review that "Pecan Pie" in on Russell's recordings. But -- I have every recording that Russell has ever made that I can get my hands on, and he has never recorded it (yet). I am wondering if this song is a Russell Malone composition that was specifically recorded at this live occasion and will probably show up on Live At Jazz Standard, Volume Two.

I would love to ask him personally, but I like to do my own research without bothering him. Why get it straight from the horse's mouth when I can work for it and have fun talking with you?

Jazzy Cheers,

Kandie Webster in Washington State

What a complete treat Roberta - thank you so much for sending these over!!
It was great that you could join us and happy I got to spend a little time with you!
Happy 2007!!
Best wishes
Peter (Tear) 59E59 Theaters

Hi Roberta, I am trying to find CDs by Hilary Kole. I fell in love with her voice listening to her sing on the Birdland web site. I noticed someone else in your mailbag is also looking, but I didn't see a response. Thank you, Andrea

Roberta, pleased to announce that Chekhov and Maria, by Jovanka
Bach, that you gave your nod of approval to when it was staged
Off Broadway last spring at the Barrow Group Theatre, has now been
made into a feature film and will be released this spring. Thanks
for having such keen insight.
John Stark Producer.

Dear Roberta

In scanning your mailbag column on your website, I noticed a message from Theresa Bentz asking for if you could send me her email. My name is Joe Morrissey and I was the lighting designer for Chekov and Maria last summer in NYC.
Theresa is an old and dear friend of mine but we' haven't spoken in some years. I would love to hear from her and yes you have my permission to forward my email

Thank you so much,

Joe Morrissey

Portrait of Pope John Paul II, 2002
Please advise where I may obtain a print of this portrait.

Hi, Roberta--

This photo essay is wonderful.
You do good work!!!
See you in mid-January.

Have a lovely holiday.


What a great adventure for a little girl! She will remember this weekend all her life. Eloise, eat your heart out.

I've heard Studio Maestro is very good also. I have 2 friends who sent their children there. One is now at Juilliard.

You are the best aunt!

I'll be watching for more updates from robertaonthearts. In the meantime, have a great Christmas and New Year!

Best wishes,
Pamela (Dahesh Museum)

GINO (Kitano)

Dear Roberta: Once more, thank you so much for your wonderful comments. It makes us feel happy and proud of this new product.
I just arrived from the airport coming from San Francisco where I had 5 shows with Leading Ladies of Tango. As I mentioned, it was my debut as music director/ pianist and got every night, standing ovation. Very happy.
Love and have a wonderful holiday season and a 2007 filled with wonderful things,
Polly (Ferman)

Dear Roberta, Thank you so much for the beautiful CD review and the Kitano's review. Your website is very rich in terms of art. Thanks for having me and my Bass there. Happy Holidays! All the best in 2007 for you! Sincerely, Nilson Matta

Many thanks for the pictures; They put a smile on my face this morning; It is so beautiful to see the beginning of a dancer's quest to stage!
Julienne Viola

Hi Roberta,
Please, I work to Editora Globo in Brazil. We have a magazine that will run an article about American Girl Place Store. So, I´m writing to know if is possible to you send me some high resolution pictures of the inside of the place in situations like the dolls at the table eating with the children, children taking care of the dolls etc.
Thanks a lot.
Kind Regards Alex

Thanks so much Roberta! I really appreciate that, and so does Haskell. I must say, that is a very nice photo you took! My hair seems to get bigger as the night continues... best Soheil Soheil Nasseri, pianist

Dear Roberta,

Where can I get CDs of Juan Lazaro Mendolas playing Mozart on quena ?

Thanks and regards
Constantino Tapias

Dear Roberta:

I'm the woman who sat next to you last evening at the wonderful tango music concert and we chatted at the end.

I just had to contact you today. What a hoot that you should turn out to be Roberta on the Arts. I go to your website often, it's such a great service. I couldn't stop sputtering when you identified yourself.

I first learned of your service from the concert brochures at Pianocraft. Through you I also learned of an Italian language course given at Rizzoli's, starting with a free Italian readings series on Sunday afternoons.

Just by luck I happened to see it listed on your site. I was floored because I had just begun researching Italian language courses around town and I exclaimed, "What's this?" when I saw Rizzoli's listed on your site.

Well, I attended their Sunday reading, signed up for an advanced level course and just finished it. Thanks to you, I'm now continuing to keep my Italian speaking skills alive and growing.

When I saw your press release kit in your lap last night and asked if you were a critic, I then thought, "Uh oh, I'm being nosey." Well, I'm so glad I was, ha! I was just delighted to meet the real Roberta on the Arts.

Anyway, I bought the Binelli CD last night. It's the exact program that we heard last night. It's great! I also stuck around and got all three autographs. Gads, I carried on like a fan (so did everyone else!). I showed Mr. Binelli the little flyer I'd saved from 2003 when I attended his cabaret concert in Buenos Aires. He was tickled pink, but people interrupted us. However, I think he understood what it was.

I've taken enough of your time, here. I've already put the Bosendorfer concert date in my book, thanks to you. It was serendipity that I should meet you, and I look forward to next time. Thanks for not thinking I was rude.

Evelyn DeMaria

Thanks, Roberta....that's great! And the photos are great as well. I really like the one I attached in this email - do you think I could have a full quality copy of that? Great work! Vana (Gierig)

Dear Roberta, Thanks for sending your review. Your support of the music is very much appreciated! Take Care, Wade Barnes


I read about Dr. Kathy Reilly Fallon on your website and wonder if she is the same Kathy Fallon who was initiated into Mu Phi Epsilon at UMKC in 1986?

We're trying to update our membership records and discover that Kathy has been a "lost" member far too long . . . not good. Any help you can provide in contacting Kathy will be greatly appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon.

in Mu Phi . . . Wyn, Wynona Wieting Lipsett Immediate Past International President Mu Phi Epsilon, Professional Music Fraternity Mexia, TX 76667-4213

Hallo Roberta: I have pioneered some jazz recordings with jazz & Afro Peruvian music and other Latin currents. I have two bands, one in new York and one in Peru. Thank you. Corina Bartra

hello and hope all is well.( and it stays well.............) everybody was so happy with the review you did on Seppi's and the band---------we are still there and if you ever have a free moment---------hope you will come by.........all the best and thanks for your time and talent in promoting the arts in new york city. Rick (Bogart)

Thanks again for everything - I actually LOVED this event. These kind of
elegant - almost recital - kind of performances I so enjoy.

I'm on the road again - will be back Saturday - and then stay in town for a
while. So I'll touch base w/you then.

All the best and thanks again,


Hi Roberta,
Glad to meet you last night and thanks in advance for your upcoming review. The Times snubbed us, but it's great to know there will nevertheless be world-wide coverage!
As to your request for more about me, please see my web site- link below. If you wish, and would tell me a mailing address, I would also be happy to send you several of my CDs.
Thank you, Haskell
Haskell Small, pianist, composer, teacher

This is Tobias from Munich, Germany.
I am looking for the musician Al Reed who recorded some 45rpm singles in the late 60s/early 70s. The song I am referring to is called "99 44/100 pure love" and was released on the "Axe" label.
would be great if you were able to help me.
thanks in advance,

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you!
I e-mailed to Father Gerard Critch, Jay & Becky Kelly.
I also e-mailed to about 50 other people as well...
Frank Pellegrino has no e-mail I will
print it out & mail it to him tomorrow....
Becky e-mailed me already & loved the review!
Frank Pellegrino is opening up a Rao's
Restaurant in Las Vegas in Jan. he
has not been around a lot....

Sincerely, Kathy
Heavenly Productions Foundation ~Heavenly Lullabies CD~


Thanks so much. Best wishes for a great season.

The inauguration of the new organ at St. Barts will be a pretty big deal (it is the largest organ in NYC). PACS was invited to perform the Saint Saens Organ Symphony for the occasion.

Best regards,
David Bernard
Music Director, The Park Avenue Chamber Symphony

Thank you for the nice review! Kuni (Mikami)

Hello! I cannot stop listening Oblivion!! Are there any chances I can get the piano notes? Thank you in advance.
I'm in Macedonia...thank you very much. Julijana

Hi Roberta,hope all is well. Thanks for caring so much for the
arts and the artists and, your own artistry is greatly
Aaron (Graves)

Dear Dr. Roberta Zlokower,

Many - MANY more thanks for all. Other guys of my Project Delos are going CRAZY for that review, and I'm quite happy when I bring the phone and say "..ok, we had a review from New York City" : that's really GREAT.

..and... your words are helping us a lot.

Best regards,
Niccolò Faraci

Hi, This is Andrea Esperti, trombonist of Project Delos. I would like to thank you for the wonderful article you write. I would like to know if it's possible to send you my new piece. I write a suite for trombone, chamber orchestra and combo jazz. It's very interesting!!! It's a mix between jazz-contemporary-classical-...Thank you. Cordialmente, Andrea Andrea Esperti Renens - Switzerland

a big thank you for your time and kind words........i say again --your site is so informative and sincere. i am so glad to be a part of what you do and be a musician on your radar and web site........surely i hope to see you again and i will also keep you informed on the latest.

hope all is well with you and that it stays well with you------all the best and thank you.
rick (bogart)

I thought you might like to know that we begin filming Chekhov and Maria in
mid Nov. under the direction of Eric Till whose latest film was Luther, starring Joseph Fiennes. It was so gratifying to come to New York and do Jovanka's play and receive such a wonderful reception. I am sure Jovanka was aware of it all, and so pleased with your very perceptive analysis of her masterly creation. All is on our website:
Take care. God Bless.

Where is Caffe Taci now? And do you have a website?
Thanks, Debbie Bisno
Bisno Productions

Hi - I'm with the Weathervane Theatre in Whitefield, New Hampshire, and we're looking for current contact info for Pamela Edington. I found your name on a web search for Pamela and wondered if you have any idea.
Treasurer, Weathervane Theatre Alumni Association

Dear Roberta,
I am the Artistic Director of the Vermont Jazz Center. In preparing a press release for an upcoming concert with the Basie Orchestra on October 28th I came across your website.

I know that you are particularly interested in Jazz Education and so are we. We're thinking of ways that we can attract inner city youth to our summer jazz workshop.

You might be interested in visiting the Jazz Center in Vermont, it's so
beautiful this time of year; plus, we're producing two great shows: one with Billy Bang (Saturday the 14th) and of course, the Basie Orchestra on the 28th.

We congratulate you on the good work you do in the community.
Sincerely yours,
Eugene Uman

We had a great time playing at "Jazz in the Sky". The venue is truly spectacular. The open air, the view, and a gorgeous night made for a very memorable evening. Anyone interested in my recordings should go to my website, and purchase them there. Dave's Latin Grammy nominated recording "World on a String" and the new release, "Come Fly with Me", can be purchased through the usual outlets. (Tower Records etc. and online). I don't know if they can be purchased directly from High Note. Again, it was a wonderful evening, and I look forward to our working together in the future.
Thanks Roberta, Bill

Hello - I am trying to locate Joe Morrissey who did the lighting design for your last production - would you please forward my email to him if you have his email address - thank you so much, Theresa Bentz

(Oct. 8) Do you have a show that day? If so, who is playing and what are the times?
Thanks Ruth Lijtmaer

Hello -
Maybe you can help me. Would you be able to provide me Charles Grodin's theatre company phone number or name of his theatre company?
I hope this email was not an inconvenience.

Hello Roberta,

I have been following your page at
for the past few years during ABT's Spring Seasons,
and I just wanted to say what a joy it always was to
read your reactions, which were always exactly the same
as mine :) . As I was reading your "Fourth Annual
Reunion" I felt as though I was reading a transcript
of a conversation I just had with my mother! I have
been a huge Julio fan all these years- of course I
would like to say the BIGGEST, but I know how many
there are out there, including yourself. Describing
his career in words is impossible, and I, as well,
will never forget his farewell performance, surely a
scene that will not be repeated for a very long time.
It is sad that that glamorous era of stars has ended.
His chemistry with Alessandra was unbelievable, so
real - they had a mystic connection with each other.
Yes, it was awful that there was no farewell Swan
Lake, unlucky timing for Nina!

And regarding videos- what I wouldn't pay for one is
an understatement. All that money spent on tickets...I
shudder to think that no performances have been caught
on tape- especially the Manons and the Romeo and
Juliets. As for Julio's farewell performance, the
whole thing was NOT taped by Argentine press- I think
they were allowed fifteen minutes of footage, or
something to that extent, and they were able to
capture the main parts of the pas de deux. I want to
write an appeal to Kevin McKenzie! Or at least a
letter asking him whether or not anything was taped.
I'm sure it can't be that they never taped such
performances- years from now they will be legendary.
Last year's Mixed Bill is at the NYPL, with Julio as
Petrouchka, and Cornejo/Reyes in La Spectre de la
Rose. Also, there is a Bocca/Ferri Other Dances from
2000, and a Snow Maiden with Julio and Nina. But
nothing else. I know you may have volunteered with
ABT, so if you ever find out anything about archival
footage, please, please let me know!

Again, thank you so much for your reviews- they always
prolonged the performances for me just a little bit
more :) .

Best Regards,

Dr. Zlokower,
My wife and I were in attendance on Tuesday evening and enjoyed the music
and the terrace. Thank you for supporting jazz in such a nice and personal

I am a freelance writer and photographer (attached is my article on the
plight of the arts in public schools, which leads in this month's NJFamily
Magazine, and photo i shot on assignment last week of Jon Bon Jovi and
Tipper Gore).

I am a good friend of Bill O'Connell and discuss with him regularly the
possibility of my writing more on the arts. Being a musician and a parent,
there is little that is more important to our culture than music and art.

Again, thank you for supporting live music as you do.
Andy McDonough, Director
Learning Firm Media

I know it has been a long while since you wrote this. I am Molly Ryan's
dad. I would like to thank you very much for the very nice write up you did for Molly a while ago when she and Dan were doing the Benny Goodman
tribute at the Cajun.

Warm Regards,
Richard Ryan
Clinical Engineering
Imaging Supervisor
U.C. Davis Medical Center
Sacramento, CA

Good morning! Thank you so much for bringing Dave Valentin, Bill O'Connell and Richie Flores to Terrace In The Sky last night -- what an amazing evening! My friends and I had a wonderful time!

I've gone on-line to find their cd's but with no success -- can you help, please?
Many thanks! I have now bookmarked for more great music and times shared with friends!

Fond regards, John
John F. Higgins, VP/Exec. Producer

hi ms. zlokower
hope you're well..
i'm still in europe for some exhibitions and in preparation for some more projects, -will be back in new york 7. of november.
you can follow some of them on the new website under news and the 'new york ' brief, -now from germany..

with regards, clemens weiss

Hi, I am Irhad Rascic -Student
For some long time I spend searching worldwide web in order to find any contact info of Richard Holbrook. Only close I came is this short handed. In any way if you can help to reach Richard Holbrook it would be greatly appreciated. In mean time I am looking forward meeting Richard Holbrook.
Thank You

Hi Roberta,
Just a quick note after a long day - thanks so much for the kind review of both my CD and the concert at Steinway Hall. They are greatly appreciated and I am most grateful for it, and for your attendance at the event! Glad you enjoy the CD and keep on! People seem to get mesmerized by it. Had a gig today at the Metropolitan Room with a trio (and a male vocalist) and gave it to the booker just before.. They put it on as the people arrived to attend, and I got many magical comments. It's also being played on about 70 radio stations nationwide right now. Very exciting. Lovely photos as well. So with many thanks and

All best wishes,
Russ Kassoff

I'm the principal of Duke Ellington Conservatory in Detroit, Michigan. I was wondering does Paul Mercer Ellington still perform at Birdland which is located in the New Yorker? I would like to get in touch with him. My name is Yolanda Herbert, Principal of Duke Ellington Conservatory of Music and Arts., Detroit, Michigan. Please pass my information on to him. Thanks. Peace--Yolanda Herbert

I am trying to find any CDs available from Hilary Kole, especially Sinatra tunes. Can you please help? Will

Hi Roberta,
I just read the Review!!! thank you very very very much!!! very beautiful, the way you described the show was exactly what I wanted to communicate thru my music. Thanks again.. And hopefully we will be able to do some things together
Best Regards,
Samuel Torres

Last night I heard the Juilliard Jazz Quintet at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center in Great Barrington MA which I liked very much. I am a board member of a cultural organization in Sanibel, FL which puts on a number of jazz concerts during the winter season. Do you know who I can contact? Do they have an agent or do we contact Juilliard? Thank you very much. Carla Benninga

Love your review and totally agree.
Will be in NYC Oct 1-3 but have been told Nighthawks are no longer at Charley O's (Times Square Grill) Can't find any website for a Vince Giordano schedule/playing venue. Can you help?

Thanks, Carolyn Leech

I am the president and founder of THE QWEST FACTOR, the first and only think-tank/production company creating theatrical event concerts that celebrate persons of African descent throughout the Diaspora. Our motto is "Telling Our Stories with Passion, Integrity, Purpose, and Innovation." We have created and produced 90 minute works one of which is Lyrical Langston: His Muse for Music.

As we have our base in Manhattan, I have often been referred to James Stovall, Charles Turner, and Arthur French as a possible directors for our work. I am trying to locate them to send promo/press kits and to see if our vision is one that would interest them.

Please, if you have any leads as to how these gentlemen may be reached I will appreciate your assistance. I may be reached at:

Quanda Johnson

Dr. Zlokower,
I'm hoping that you might be able to help me out. My name is Greg
Simpson and I'm the theater director at Highland High School in
Anderson, IN. I'm considering producing "Tuesday's with Morrie," as a
fund-raiser for the ALS foundation. My wife's Uncle Ed, a great human
being, is suffering from ALS, and I wanted to do this for him and
everyone afflicted with the disease. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find
who has the theatrical rights to the play so I can read it and get busy
with production. Would you be able to tell me who has the rights for
this piece? I'd really appreciate your assistance with this matter, and
many thanks for your time. Let me know if you know where to go. Thanks

Greg Simpson
Theater director
Highland High School

Mocha Socialite is an online publication which portrays socialites and royalty of African descent in a positive light. Mocha Socialite is doing a story on Sherry Bronfman, and we would like to use your photos of Sherry Bronfman from your website


My name is Hersel and I am a choral director in Indiana. I am trying to
get my hands on a few arrangements (and permission to use them) from
Stephen Oremus for "All Shook Up". The music is perfect for a show choir!
These would be great songs for the kids, but I can't find a piano/vocal
book. Can you help? Or can you get me in contact with Mr. Oremus?

Thank you,
Hersel Cremeans
Head Choral Director
Ben Davis High School

Roberta you created the finest media tribute to my dearest wife Jovanka Bach
that I have ever seen. Thank you so much. God Bless. John Stark.
P.S. We film the play in Yalta at the Chekhov Home late in September under
the direction of Eric Till (Luther starring Joseph Fiennes was his last

Hello Roberta - I saw Elise at Caramoor and she told me about your photos online. I just looked. The ones of John (Hicks) and Elise (Wood) are wonderful!
Jill McManus

hi mst name is hikmet,i am from baku.i want to know,how can i sale my is very old,from19th century.ansver's name"max bekker 2 berlin" -- hikmet poladov.

Roberta -- Thanks! Mary, Ian, and I just returned
from 8 splendid days in Maine. Hope all's well. Warm
regards, Larry (Newcomb)

Hi Roberta,

Thanks for the glowing review. I really appreciate it.

Dom Minasi

Dear Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower,

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your kind review of our CD and listing it on your website. We are thrilled that you enjoyed the disc and we appreciate the support.
We hope to stay in touch with you.
Very best regards, Pete Zimmer
Tippin' Records

Gentilissima Roberta,

Mi chiamo Niccolò Faraci e sono un contrabbassista di Milano. Ho 27 anni e la fortuna di poter vantare l'originalità di operare in formazioni davvero nuove e ricche di idee.
Ho visto il tuo sito internet linkato attraverso ed ho deciso di scriverti questa breve e-mail, al fine di renderti partecipe del mio piccolo mondo musicale.
Sono sempre stato un grandissimo appassionato di fantascienza, finchè, l'anno scorso, è uscito il primo disco dei "Project Delos" : "A Saturday Night on the Moon", un tributo al mondo della SCI-FI in musica... davvero UNICO!

Project Delos è il mio quartetto di giovani musicisti, ricchi di talento, ansiosi di tentare la difficile strada NewYorkese!
A tutti piacerebbe suonare nella grande mela, e vorrei semplicemente chiederti qualche consiglio su come approdare a New York, con impegno e determinazione massima!

Vorrei inoltre inviarti una copia omaggio del nostro disco.

distinti saluti,
Niccolò Faraci

Hi Roberta, Thank you for a very nice review of "Avenue of the Americas". I wonder if you will allow me to proliferate it in all or part on my website and to refer to it in press I send out? Also if I can reprint you web address with it. With kind regards, Tom Lellis

Hello I am an old friend of Randy Wolfgang - could you tell me an email address of where to contact him or could you tell him I am trying to contact him? Thank you so much, ANNA CHOI

Hello I'm trying to get a contact email address for Hal Cazalet, can you help? Many thanks Rachael Hewer

To whom it may concern:

My name is Elizabeth McWhirk and I am trying to find sheet music for "A Stud and a Babe". I would like to find out how much it costs and how to access it. I would like to direct the piece for my College's (MCLA's) Cabaret in the Fall and I was wondering how I may go about doing that (do I have to get the rights...etc?) The song is not part of the music book and so therefore it makes it really hard to get.

I would greatly appreciate any help in this matter, because if I can't get the sheet music then I won't be able to do the piece. In a way, doing a piece from "I love you, you're perfect now change" is good advertisement and brings people to become aware of the musical and possibly even buy some merchandise.

Thanks for your time!

Elizabeth McWhirk

Roberta, Thank you for the Wonderful review!! I will post it on my site with a link to your site today. Thank you so very much.

Keep swingin!!
Nancy Kelly

Roberta -

So glad you enjoyed it. The descriptions of the highlighted tunes were
great. I forwarded it over to Eddie G. (Gomez) and Paul Kohler of Art of Life

For your calendar: we will be at the Iridium August 24-27. Let us know
whether you will be attending.

Best regards,
Mark (Kramer)

Hi Roberta and Thank You for caring so much about the Arts and the
Artists who are trying to say positive things thru Art.
Hope all is well.
If you need me and/or us please let us know.
Many Blessings
Aaron (Graves)

Hello Roberta, Very nice! Pictures are great, too. What a view!! Thank you very much. Best to you, Maucha (Adnet)

Dear Roberta -

Thank you for this memory of the musical and spoken tributes to John Hicks. I will forward it family and friends.

I have some thoughts for future performances -- many musicians who played with John have expressed their desire to continue to play his music.

Elise Wood-Hicks

hi roberta,
how funny you just sent this link to me.
skylar mentioned to me that you had taken a picture of her at abt. i just received an email from explore dance updating me on one of your events. that reminded me of the photo, so i just googled explore and found her picture. i called the other mom, who will be thrilled too.
thank you roberta!!!
what timing!!!
did you go to any of the corsaires?
are you going to corsaire on july 6 or 7?

Hi Roberta- Sorry I cannot make it tomorrow but please keep me on your list as I love the upcoming events and enjoyed some past ones. Been super busy but you are doing a great job and we will make best efforts to catch the series. THANKS
Michele Earl

Dear Roberta,

I just wanted to let you know how fantastic
last week's show at A.C. was. It really was
something special.

Kuni is one of my favorite pianists, and I've
heard Lenore before and enjoyed her work.
But I think they really pulled the stops out
at this show! It was truly phenomenal!!

(I also thought the drums and bass were top
notch. It was the first time I'd heard Rudy or
Hill and I really dug them both. The way Hill
rocks back and forth with the base is really

You did an amazing job on this one.

Thanks for a great night,
Phil (Stern, Bechet Society)

Hi Roberta,

Only now do I have time to let you know how grateful I'm for your review. I like it very much! THANKS!!

Today I mailed my mailing list to let them know about your review and another one we got recently.

How are you? What have you been up to? Ellen Azorin told me she saw you pretty recently.

All the best,
Pedro (Giraudo)

Hi, Roberta,
Thanks again for all your hard work.

You are helping to keep musicians and jazz alive and it is appreciated.

I thought last night was fabulous and the reports were the same.

Will talk soon.

Dear Roberta, Thank you for the wonderful concert review! I recently found the review online from the Artist Salon I gave a few weeks ago at Bosendorfer NYC. Yours, Jonathan Fisher

Hi Roberta,
I want to take a moment to thank you for the invitation to perform in the
Bosendorfer series. It was a great pleasure for me, and I hope we can do
something again soon.
Until then, I wish you the best with all your projects. You are helping to
bring good music to the city in wonderful venues.

Best, Cliff (Korman)

Dear Roberta,

I'm so pleased that you came and enjoyed my show at the Iridium.
I thought I had saved your nice words but I see that I didn't.
Would you send it again?

Thanks so much.
Steve (Ross)

Dear Roberta,

thank you for the wonderful page and the review! There
was one mistake that I believe you should check: a woman does not want
to called "donnaccia" but "bella donna". the word you mentioned
"figuraccia" is for a "a bad impression". Other than that small mistake
you did a wonderful article. GRAZIE MILLE.

I hope to see you in June.


Dear Dr. Roberta Zlokower,
I am going to attend the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in New York in June. I wanted to ask you if there are any figures of Joan of Arc. Thank you,
Bridget Mireya

Hi Roberta, Thank you for sending the links to your reviews. It was a pleasure to have you at our Galas, and I am looking forward to seeing you again in the near future. My best, Sergey (Gordeev)

Hi Roberta, Thanks for thinking of me. Hope all is going well. I can't keep up with all these new productions you are doing. You are in high gear indeed. Is AC Piano Craft still happening? Please give my best to Alex. All best, Daryl

hello Roberta,

I hope you are doing well; thank you for the reminder for Monday concert.

I will not be able to attend; I was called to be part of the show Forever
Tango, and we are leaving this week for a tour to Mexico, China and Japan.
This is very big news and I'm very excited about this new opportunity.

I will be back the end of May, but in the meantime I will be in touch with
you regarding my June 5 performance.

I want to thank you one more time for all your support and for your very
kind invitation to be part of the Piano Plus Jazz Series.

Best regards,

Maurizio Najt

Michael Kraus and I truly appreciate your review of Ballet Builders 2006 and your continuing interest in the works of emerging ballet choreographers. It is so important to the choreographers and dancers that prominent members of the dance press see and review their performances.

Thank you, again. We hope that you will come in 2007.

Warmest wishes,

thanks for the reminder, roberta. unfortunately, i will not be able to come, i have another engagement. how is everything? julie and i are enjoying parenthood very much, we have a sweet boy. i hope to hear from you soon.

Alon (Yavnai)

Dear Roberta,

Thank you very much for programming my trio as part of your jazz series at Bosendorfer New York and for all your efforts in making it a successful evening. My group and I had a great time playing, and I would love to work with you again in the near future.

It was a pleasure seeing you, and I look forward to talking to you again soon.


We are trying to contact Eileen Houghton one of the ABT's Alumnists from around 1985. If you should have her email address or mailing address please send it.
Eileen taught our daughter Anna this summer at a Long Island camp for ballet and we would like to contact her.
Michelle Craddock
Anna Craddock

Eileen is my ballet teacher. I can forward your message to her if you haven't been in contact recently. Let me know what I should do.
- Johanna

hi roberta,
it was great seeing you this weekend; i hope you enjoyed our galas.
Barbara (Brandt)

Thank you very much for your kind review of the concert.
I am very happy you were able to attend, and grateful for your support.

Thank you again,
Steven (Lautreamont Series)

Very good article. While reading it (Grandiva Ballet), it brought back the night to me.
Happy Passover.

Hi Roberta,

Thank you for the beautiful review!
All best,
Steven (Graff)

Dear Roberta,

Thank you for the nice review. Thank you.
Dirk Godts
(we'll print the article and let Mr. Thielemans read it).

You ROCK!!!! Thanks, Roberta.
Best - Scott
Looks Great!

Scott H. Thompson
Assistant Director - Public Relations
Jazz at Lincoln Center

HI Roberta,
This is a particular busy weekend for me. Besides the usual work schedule, there are three friends with birthdays all this weekend and each this year has involved a surprise party I've been roped into helping with. Can hardly keep track of which is which. July must be the most popular procreative month to have so many April birthdays.
Anyway, thanks to you for your energy and efforts. It's a lovely series. I'll get the info to you perhaps if I have a moment tomorrow before I run off to Waldorf.
All best,

Dear Ms. Zlokower,

It was a great pleasure to meet you at the Bosendorfer and thank you for attending my recital there. I am now back in Italy and will be happy to send you some photos or more material about me, if you need it for your eventual articles. You can also find more information about my activity on my website is Thank you so much for your kind consideration.
Best regards,

Roberto Prosseda

Hi Roberta,

I'm back in town and immediately went into the NPR studio yesterday morning to record with Melissa Walker, Clarence Penn, etc.... for the NPR Christmas Special CD they will put out this year, which includes this Christmas song that I co-wrote. This is a great thing .... Marianne McPartland wanted that song...then we did radio interviews to be aired when the CD comes out...

Thanks again for thinking of me.


Photographer for Hire:
Bill Tompkins
MTV Network's VH1 Classic studio photographer
Please let me know if you need a photographer for your events.


I wanted to wish you a happy Passover, I hope you and your family are well.

Love Elie (Lazar, Lazar Ballet)

Hello Dr. Zlokower,

Recently we have got and information and your mail address from Laurence Donohue-Greene All-About-Jazz-New York.

We would like to give you the information, that the Piano Duo, AkiTakase/ Alex von Schlippenbach, is coming to the United States in the period from 25th of September until 05th of October. On September 28th we will have a concert at the university in Massachusetts.

Best regards,
Alex von Schlippenbach
Essenerstr 14
10555 Berlin

Dear Roberta,

I have seen that you do concerts at Bosendorfer New York.
I am the artistic director of the Aurora Quartet Berlin, who is an international ensemble of pianists performing music for eight hands on two and four pianos. All members of the quartet are prizewinners in international competitions, and the quartet has been invited to several festivals in Europe.
In 2006 has been the release of the first worldwide CD recording of Russian romantic compositions for eight hands (label Naxos), the next CD release will be in May - Works for Four Pianists by contemporary Norwegian composers.
I am attaching some information on Aurora Quartet. If you take interest, I would like to send you an Aurora CD so that you can appreciate the Aurora Quartet by listening to their recordings.

Thank you for taking your time.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
I send my best regards,

Julia Severus
Artistic Director

Hotep, Doctor Z! Thank You for including us in your Music Series! It was a very special evening. Look forward to the next gathering.

Aaron Graves

Thank you. That's a wonderful portrayal of what it was like last Friday night. And thank you for the kind words that addressed my contributions.

My father had a wonderful time chatting with you. Finding someone who knew about the ballet world in the "jazz basement" was much appreciated!

Thank you for your intrepid reporting under less-than-ideal performance conditions. Your review helps move my personal career forward, but also spreads the word about this under-recognized artist's important work.

Chris (Byars)

Dear Roberta,

Thank you for the nice review.
Dirk Godts
(we'll print the article and let Mr. Thielemans read it).

Dear Dr Zlokower,

I wondered if you might be able to put me in contact with the pianist Thomas Tirino. I'm a postgraduate piano student at Trinity College of Music in London, and I would like to speak to him about his transcription of Lecuona's Rapsodia Cubana, as I would like to perform it in a concert in May. Do you happen to have his contact details?

Many thanks,
Helen Glaisher-Hernandez

You are full of pep, energy, and lots of love, we all loved meeting you.
I'm back in Santa Barbara, NYC was so much fun, and I can't wait to read what you write!
Love, Hillary (Tavros Records)

Thanks very much for your reply, Roberta. I will send you notices of my concerts in the future.

With appreciation for your important work for the Jazz community,

Kali. Z.

Dear Dr. Zlokower,

I have had occasion to contact you in the past regarding the Martha Graham ballet, "Deaths and Entrances". I wonder if I may impose on you once again!?

I have come to the conclusion that the lead role, the One in Black (based on Emily Brontë), by all rights, should have died in the end but NOT as Emily Brontë. The character, in my opinion, should have been based on Emily's "Wuthering Heights" heroine, Catherine Earnshaw.

I wonder if you might comment on this idea?

Thanks for listening!

Paul Daniggelis
El Paso, Texas

I love the pictures!! You have a great site, so much going on. Zuni looks like it was a fun night too. The "guest guitarist" near the bottom was Chris Flory, one of my old buddies. He and Chuck Riggs played with Scott Hamilton in the '80s, so there must have been a good hang that night too, old stories abounding.

If you make it to Smalls next week, and there's a line, please tell Mitch that you're my guest, and come see me for a good seat.

Chris Byars

You make a very good magazine! I enjoyed looking at it!
Hope to see more in the future,

Keith C D'Elia

Good afternoon! I know this is going to sound really weird, but here goes.... my daughter was in New York just last week and recognized the name of your gallery. My maiden name is Van der Plasse. Anyway, she took a picture to show me and I think that it is awesome! I was just wondering if maybe their is any relation at all. There are not many Van der Plasse's left in the United States! It is just amazing to see your gallery.
I hope that I am not being a pest ~ just curious!

Thank you for your time and cooperation!
Robin Martin (Van der Plasse)

Robin Martin
Purchasing Dept.
Beebe Medical Center

I was interested in information and rates for the St. Patrick's Day Celebration and accommodations.

We have a party of approximately 10 to 15 people. Thanks

Susan Santini

I am trying to find a way to contact Rafael (TaTa) Palau, Jr. directly. We have a possible performance opportunity for him. Do you have any idea how to do this?

Thanks in advance!

Patty Marriott
International Speakers Bureau

Dear Roberta,
thank you very much! Hope to see you some day on one
of my performances. Dmitri Kolesnik

Oh many thanks to you and Susan, Roberta! What a wonderful review. I am so very happy...this is a great month for the novel with the several kind organizations who have asked me to speak to them about the book and now this. How fortuitous that we met for Mozart's birthday!

Kind regards,
Stephanie (Cowell)

Hi Roberta,
I'm an argentinian jazz singer living in Israel. You are welcome to visit my website:
There you can listen many songs I recorded at my home...I know there's not jazz songs, the problem is I don't have any records from my quartet, but I considerer myself like a jazz singer.
Thanks for everything you're doing for the people who loves art.
Best regards
Marybeth Almendros

Dear Dr. Zlokower,
My name is Marcy Franklin, and I am the Editor in Chief of my school
newspaper, the Heritage Pioneer. I was wondering if our paper could have
rights to some of the photos of the Count Basie Orchestra on your website, The Count Basie Orchestra is coming to Heritage in
March, and we are publishing a story on them and need some photos. If we are
able to use these photos, please email me back as soon as possible, at this
email I need to know within the next few days
if that is possible. Thank you for your time.

Marcy Franklin

Thank you so much for the rights. Heritage is in Littleton, Colorado.

Marcy Franklin


hi roberta,
thanks for the reminder. we will try to make it. still waiting for
our baby. see you soon, and thank you for including me as part of this series.
all the best,

Michael (Dansicker) is in San Diego with Twyla Tharp and Bob Dylan; and finishing a film in L.A at Warner Bros. He will be back in NY to begin work with Mark Morris around the 10th of March.

all best

Danny Houlihan
MD Music

Thanks Roberta. I look forward to talking to you in August. Whether or not you find Manuel's music appropriate, it's a wonderful contribution and effort that you are making to keep jazz alive in such a supportive venue.
Lisa (St. Cyr)

Dear Ms Zlokower

Thank you for sending e-mail.
We both back in Japan.
I saw the Ayuko's CD review as well. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Tominaka kokubo

Hello Roberta,

Thank you for taking time to read my question re Nabucco and Ramey's performance of it at the Met.

I've got the DVD...what a treasure it is since I was not able to see it personally at the Met.

I have searched for the date this was performed by Ramey, Pons, Gulegchina, Jones, White, etc. in vain.

Can you direct me to this information? It is not included within the crimp that came with the DVD...nor can I find it online.

Thank you so much! I look forward to becoming more familiar with your online site...thank you for it!

Nancy southcentral Pa. (where one must travel see opera!)

Hey Roberta, its Joe (deckhand) from the boat (Victory Chimes). I was just wasting some time on the internet and stumbled on your article from the summer about the boat and the crew. It was refreshing to read the interviews and remember all the great times everybody had. I just wanted to thank you for the smile...

Joe Flories
Scion Manager - Peruzzi Scion

Dearest Roberta, Thank you very, very much for a wonderful event!! It was fantastic to meet you.

Dina (RAI TV)

Hi Roberta,

I'm so happy you took a few minutes to visit me at the hotel. I really enjoy your company. You're an upbeat and positive ray of light in the world.

See you Friday for sure,
Carl (Concierge, Holiday Inn, Sponsor)

Bonjour Roberta,
The best wishes for the New Year,
From Bernard, Dorado and Samson!

I hope for you, a wonderful 2006 year!

And remember you, there is not only god who loves you!


Hello Roberta

Greetings from Australia - I came across your website and thought it looked very interesting. My name is Gordana Raketic and I manage a small number of Australian soloists and ensembles, including Monsieur Camembert, Ian Cooper Jazz Band and Rupert Guenther - Composer & Violinist, based in Sydney.

Last year, I organized a tour for a guitar quartet - Saffire - from Australia. They performed in Belgrade, Tallinn, Riga and other European cities.

Best regards, Gordana Gordana Raketic Artist Manager

Thank Roberta, This is great. I hope that you had a nice time.
Thank you, Aubrey Gaby Publicist Department of Communications American Museum of Natural History

hi roberta! thanks so much for sending this! by the way, i ran into vana gierig today at the IAJE conference, and mentioned having met you. he commented on your great joy and energy! i'm glad to have met you. looking forward to seeing you again soon! Deanna (witkowski)

Could you please tell me something about a collectors plate that I purchased at a resale shop. On the back of the dish it says bareuther, some kind of emblem. on down it says oarsman at chatou /pierre auguste renoir 25.2. 1841 12.12. 1919 lewisohn collection,new york Thanks, In Christ, Joyce

hi roberta, thank you very much for organizing such a great event, and giving artists another beautiful place to express themselves. we'll be in touch, i want to attend the next one. thanks again, we had a great time. Alon Yavnai

Good Morning,

We need the list of the Rudi Van Dantzig Producctions between 1996 and 2005 (the titles, the year of premiere, music composer and company), for a publication in South America.
Thank you very much

Valerio Cesio - Argentina
Rosito di Carmine - Brasil

Hi Roberta, Just read the review. You chose wonderful words to describe the CD. Thanks so much, oh and Happy New Year. I hope everything is going well. I hope all goes well on Monday. Im working that night so I wont be able to come but will plan on the next one. Continue doing the great job you're doing. Best Regards, Oscar (Perez)

Roberta- The pictures were great, not to mention the article and the whole website. Thank you so much for your friendship, hospitality, and for sharing your world with Cecilia and our whole family. You are a kind and wonderful person. Speak to you when we return- Bob (Gluck)

May this year will bring you joy happiness and peace.

Thought you will enjoy reading this.

Elie Lazar


Que cette nouvelle année vous apporte bonheur, santé et amour...

Bien à vous...Ludovic (Beier)

I'm very glad you like it.
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marco ( )

Hi Roberta,
Thanks so so much for the review and photos....I love the ones of the piano the best! As you know Vince runs over to Algonquin, I to the Waldorf and now even Marion has a gig at the Pierre to run to after our final whirl. I have to go back to theater after 1am ish to clean out my 'star's dressing room. It's been a wonderful experience putting this show together and performing with Vince et al.
Stay well and warm.
All best to you for 2006. Love, D


Happy New Year!!!!
If I don't see you within this year, I will see you definitely at the beginning of 2006.

May your New Year shine brightly with peace, joy and happiness
All the best your friend

Alvin (Queen)

Roberta, In case I didn't yet do so, thanks for the great splash about our event, and the wonderful pictures. Happy New Year! Best, Roger (Davidson, BINGO CD)

HAPPY 2006

May the New Year bring your family
love, joy and laughter.


The same to you Roberta.
THANKS for everything!

Kevin (McAnarney)
KPM Marketing

Hi Roberta

On behalf of Metin Yazir & Baila Tango Family I would like wish you a wonderful 2006, with joy, happiness, health, prosperity and peace,
as we do all our part to make it happen.

w Love and Tango

Ho Roberta,

Happy Holidays! All my best wishes for 2006.

How are you? Sorry for the delay, I just got back from Japan and Korea. Had a great time playing over there.

Thank you so much for the wonderful review!! I'm very proud of it. Mailed the link to some friends of mine. I forwarded the link to Hector and told him to send it to Claudio.

I just released my new CD 'Desconsuelo' with the big band and would love to send you a copy. Could you please mail me your mailing address? A review would be amazing. If it's possible I'll be VERY very grateful, if not, I hope you enjoy it!

Best wishes,

Roberta excellent job as usual. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your contribution.
I see you soon.
Antonio (Barbagallo).


hey, the photos are fantastic! the photographer really captured so many
'moments.' that was a special evening and i'm so glad to have these photos
to remember it by - thanks! i'm still going through withdrawals in not
playing that wonderful steinway b since the concert!

thanks again roberta and all the best, jim (Ridl).

Dear Roberta -

Great meeting you, too, and thanks for sending along the information about your remarkably lively and informative web site (and links) and, especially, your additional emails which recalled to me your very helpful and apt words about my two shows (I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change and The Thing about Men).

Yes, I truly am a pianist, as well. My thing isn't exactly jazz; I do pop, theater, and classical music. And even amusingly combine genres. I sing, I entertain. Gershwin, Coward, my own stuff. For seven years I was featured at the Drake Hotel on Park Ave. Then I focused more on composing for the theater.

But I've been missing the immediacy of performing, and I love the piano -- so, I'm back! I did a little concert on Long Island recently, and I'll close with the text of an article in an East Hampton newspaper describing the event and giving a little of my personal and musical history (see below).

Best holiday wishes to you.

Jimmy (Roberts)

Greetings Roberta,

Keeping in touch. How did the Dec piano series concert go?
I ended up working that night. I hope all went well. Have
a great holiday season, looking forward to working with
you in 2006.

Best Regards,
Oscar (Perez)

PS - WBGO will be spinning the CD in January. It is
available on ITunes now.


I found out about you on the web, your tribute to Herbie Mann. You did a
wonderful job. I came across a record of Herbie's of which I cannot
locate any information. The album is called Surprises featuring Cissy
Houston. The record also happens to be a promotional DJ copy, SD1682,
on Atlantic Records. If you know anything about this record and its
value could you please contact me. I really appreciate your time and

Thank you,


I have just had a wonderful experience viewing your website and enjoying the photos I found of Russell Malone and various FRIENDS.

I am fairly new to jazz music, and am enjoying the journey.

Do you have a biography about yourself and your background in the Arts that you can send to me?

Thanks you for an excellent and poetic description of all of the musical experiences you have attended and reviewed.

I appreciate your obvious love for this music, and especially the preciseness of your take on the listening experience. I can almost feel like I was there at times.

My daughter and I met Russell and Benny here in Washington State at Port Townsend and have since travelled to see them at the Monterey Jazz Festival and at Yoshi's in Oakland. My daughter is a jazz pianist and has learned alot from Benny especially.

I love the guitar, and Russell is my favorite. I wanted to see the MAXJAZZ live recording at the Jazz Standard, but too expensive to travel at that time.

I am going to experience the Russell Malone Quartet for the first time at Yoshi's in Oakland on January 17, 2006. I can hardly wait!

Thanks again.

Kandie Webster

Do you know where and when Oscar Peterson will be playing in the US?
Jacqueline Smith-Bennett
Harrisburg, PA

Dear Dr. Zlokower,

I came across your article on Thomas Y. Tirino and was wondering if you
could tell me how to contact him. My grandmother was a concert pianist in
Mexico City and made a recording of Ernesto Lecuona's music in 1946. I have
the record but it has nothing on the label and wanted to see if Mr. Tirino
would listen to a CD of the music so he could tell me the names of the 17

Thanks in advance,

Sincerely yours,
Enrique A. Silberblatt, MD, FACS

Hi Roberta,
Just a 'note' to say thank you for the wonderful review. Sincerely
Dom Minasi

Dear Dr. Zlokower,

As other performers have, I too wish to thank you for
your interest in, appreciation and support of our November
2005 performance at the Blue Note. I shall make every
effort to honor your invitation and attend your program
scheduled for December 5, 2005. As we discussed:


Dear Dr. Zlokower:

Greetings -- this is Kathy Schneider, director of the City Bar Chorus.

We very much enjoyed your attending and writing about our May 2005 show at the City Bar. Your photo is one of the best pictures anyone has ever taken of me! I'd love a copy I can print out for my album. Hope you having a good autumn. It certainly seems you've been attending some great events.

Thanks again.

Best regards,
Kathy Schneider

Hi Roberta!!

Thank you for such a great and warm review.
You are very kind and very supportive.

I'm sending forward to Alberto.

Take care,

Maurizio (Najt)

> My name is Sharon and I am an artist from Israel.
> I would like to present my works for sale as prints on canvas and
> originals with your organization.
> Please visit my website at:
> Thank you!
> Sharon

that was great to hear fernando and nicolas play. you and alex have set up
a really nice atmosphere for the musicians and audience. it makes for
wonderful music making and exchange - thank you!

talk to you soon and all the best, jim (ridl)

Michael (Dansicker) is off to San Diego with Twyla Tharp and Bob Dylan's THE TIMES, THEY ARE A' CHANGIN'! He returns in late February to begin work with Mark Morris. He can be reached via e-mail on the west coast.

Danny Houlihan
Associate, MD Music

Hi, Roberta

Sorry I won't be there Dec 5th...just coming back from Tennessee.
I hope the series is going well.

I am, off to Colorado Thursday until Monday.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Lenore (Raphael)

Hello Roberta,

The gig at the Jazz Standard went great! We actually had a full house both

December I am on the road in, yes, you guessed it, SIBERIA!!!! I am doing a tour
in Russia that also brings me to Siberia. At this point I just want to return in one

January I am Germany. I return on Jan.10th.. Then I might go on another short
tour in Russia, or I am going to MIDEM in Cannes. But then I am in town for
a while. The other concerts after February I will be able to see.
Let's stay in touch. We will talk sometime soon.

Hendrik (Meurkens)

I am looking for a CD of Madama Butterfly with Ms. Panariello in the lead role. I heard her at the SF Opera a few years ago and although I have searched via internet and around here for a CD of her doing this performance, I have not been able to find any. Can you direct me to a website where I can find this CD. Thank you for any assistance you can give me.
Linda Rodriguez

Dear Roberta,

I'm Bruno Bianchi from "Pesaro" city (ITALY), and I'm a real gotten passionate of JAZZ music.

I found you in IRIDIUM JAZZ CLUB website, and I saw you in a pictures with Eddie Gomez (my best bass player).

How can I contact him? Will he never come in Italy for a concert?? I hope to see him in real someday!

Thank You

Bruno Bianchi

PS: I saw your name (Roberta); are you Italian or some your parents are from Italy?

Dear Roberta,

Thank you for your positive review (was written by Joel Benjamin) of the Satin Cloak that I just discovered on the internet.

It was very appreciated.

Downtown Music Productions (Downtown Chamber & Opera Players) has a Sunday Afternoon series at St. Marks in the Bowery. (10th street & Second Avenue). @ 3pm.
I'll be happy to send you our season's brochure.

We just presented Aaron Copland DOWNTOWN on November 13 (AC's 105th birthday!!). this past Sunday featuring Appalachian Spring (13 instruments); Clarinet Concerto (Willam Bount solo cl,); Old American Songs(Ivan Thomas, bass baritone); Ukulele Serenade, Shem Guibbory, violinist ); Martin's Aria from The Tender Land (Kurt Alakulppi, tenor)

Mimi Stern-Wolfe conducted the Downtown Chamber & Opera Players and provided piano accompaniment for the violin and bass-baritone vocal soloist.

Do you ever look or listen to videos of such things?

Anyhow, thank you so much for your lively writing and contribution to our knowledge of opera and what is happening in our cultural city. I hope I may stay in touch.

mimi stern-wolfe

Dear Roberta: It was such a pleasure to meet you & your friends on
Nov. 7th. Fernando & Nicky's performance was so moving & exciting & it
will remain in my heart forever. Would you please forward pictures &
your review to my e-mail address? (I am not computer friendly) I want to
share what you send with family & friends here & in South America.
Again, many thanks to you! Your energy & devotion to the Arts are
amazing!! Congratulations & all best wishes, Carmen Danielson

Hi Roberta,

Thanks for forwarding this to me, and for the wonderful review. Hope all is

Steven Graff


Thanks for that terrific write-up of BUSH IS BAD! I thought it was very thorough and well-done. You really seemed to get out of the show exactly what I was hoping people would get, and you communicated it with great clarity and enthusiasm. I write reviews also (for Opera News), so I'm showing admiration as a colleague as well as gratitude as a composer.

With any luck, we will be extending beyond the end of the year, and expanding to four shows a week. I'll keep you posted, if you like. Thanks again, and keep up the terrific work.

Best wishes,

Josh Rosenblum

Hi Roberta, thanks so much for your article about my exhibition in the Argentinian Consulate last Oct/6th/2005, looks great. Also I was in contact with Virginia Kelly (tango teacher) and she sends a big hug for you.
Once again thanks so much for your support and hope to see you soon.

Hi Roberta - my mom called to say she had a great evening - what a fabulous thing you are doing...


Hi, Roberta

You are doing a heck of a job. You deserve an award.

See you soon


Dear Roberta:

You are doing a fantastic job!

Best of luck- bethany

Bethany Ewald Bultman
NOMC Program Director
New Orleans Musicians' Clinic in Exile

Thank you, Roberta!
I hope to see you in the near future.

All the best,
Cristiana (Pegoraro)

Frank (Daykin):

Hear it now! you are there! the purpose of a review! bravo sir, I wished I'd been there just from reading the program, it made my jaw drop; you intensified that feeling and palliated it (just a little) with those vivid descriptions. Lots of things I'd never thought of, like the fp first note first mvt Pathetique. It's important to let people know how hard it is for them to hear something freshly--those who were at the performance will also get something from this review. You da man.--S.

Dear Susan:
I am flattered by the way you were able to put into words the feelings and way I create my paintings. I try to explain to the public what happens when I see and feel the need to paint.
I am at a loss when it comes to words to express to someone else just how I go about seeing and doing. You have put into words, exactly how I feel about my paintings.
You are a truly talented writer. Thanks for all of your time and effort on my behalf.
Selma Pliner Lisit
You did a great job.

Can you please provide more information about programs you have available for Girl Scouts.
Thank you
Elayne Armaniaco

Thanks Roberta, it is good to read our names for June 5th

Thomas Barth

I am a teacher in Fillmore, CA. There is a Hispanic student there who designs and creates his own costumes and face masks that he then wears to school. I have spoken to him regarding his reasons for wearing these items and he said he wants to be a costume designer. Since my oldest daughter is a beginning costume designer in LA, I have taken an interest in the young man.

I am trying to locate possible scholarships or assistance to further this young man's enthusiasm and encourage him to reach his goals.

Can your organization help me or point me in the right direction to help him?


Judy Chaffee

Hi Roberta, nice to meet you.
I am Rodrigo Castelan from Mexico City.
I want to see the address of Eddie Gomez, I don't know if you maybe can help
me with that, I need that to send him my cd a solo contrabass, I saw your
photos, I am a friend of Fernando Otero, we worked together into the band of
a Mexican famous singer named Ricardo Arjona.
I hope the best for you, let me know please.
Rodrigo Castelan.


My name is shivani sharma. I am very interested in working at Madame Tussauds. If you are hiring at the moment, please do let me know. If you can email me back with the details I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Shivani Sharma

Dear Ms.Zlokower,

I am very happy to have discovered your address in Internet and surprised I saw that you have organized in 2003 also the operette "Die Tänzerin Fanny Elssler" from J.Strauss!
Could I buy a CD or a DVD from this production? I tried in different places to have a registration of it, but with no success. This would be for me a big joy.

With my best thoughts and thanks,

Simona Noja


Thank you so much for the wonderful NYFOS review, it was a pleasure to read.

Howli Ledbetter
Cohn Dutcher Associates

Absolutely! and thanks for doing it. I know so many people affected by the hurricane still need help, and we mustn't forget them. wishing you success with the series.
musically yours,
Kendra (Shank)

The Roberta on the arts web site is excellent. The
pictures of the sailing trip were great. It must take
an awful lot of work and energy for you to keep this
stuff so up to date. It is one of the better web
sites I have seen.


Hi Dr. Zlokower,

This is Matthew Rybicki, the bassist from Wycliffe's group at the recent Lighthouse gig.

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that it was a pleasure to meet you and I enjoy your website.

I also wanted to invite you to view my new website at:

I hope that you enjoy it and have a safe and fun rest of the summer.


Thanks, Roberta, for the review on my grandson, Evan. My wife, Judy, and I saw his show on August 11th. Didn't have any idea that he could sing so well. Evan has never bragged on his ability and talent so this was a most pleasant surprise for us. He's in a tough business but I know he will succeed because of his ambition. Again, thanks. Ed Stern

Thanks so much Roberta! (Dr. Zlokower!)

What a fun review and very well written, it captures the evening so well.

Thanks again

All the best
Matthew (Rybicki)

Hello Dr. Roberta.

I am Guillermo Calliero, Argentinian trumpet player, I need your help, I don't know if you can but I would like to try> I am very interested in take some lessons with Claudio Roditi, but I can not find his e-mail address, can you help me with that, thank you for all your help.
best regards
Guillermo Calliero

Dear Roberta.....
Thank you for coming to Sweet Rhythm, and for choosing Rodney as your compatriot.
I thought the review was a ball. I have already forwarded it to several presenters and a few friends.
I did the same with the previous review that you wrote, and sent the Italian version to the folks who I worked for, and with, in Italy. They loved it.
Thank you both very much.
Regards, Giacomo

Hi Roberta,
Yes, I did read the review as soon as you had
told me about it. Thank you for the very positive

I also shared it with Eric Offner (head of the Bechet
Society) and he was very pleased.

Eric wanted me to ask you for permission to reprint
the review in our newsletter, or possibly one of our
concert mailings? Would that be okay?

Phil (Stern)

Hi -
Thanks both for taking the time to send someone to my concert & for this review, I'm quite flattered. I'm glad the concert was enjoyable and I will certainly let you know of future events.
Also, I'm hoping to attend the jazz series at A.C. Pianocraft, so will
probably see you there.


> Hi Roberta,
> Thank you very much for you lovely review of our latest release BINGO.
> Roger was thrilled.
> I am writing to ask you a favor. We are currently preparing to present
> a Children's Concert of BINGO on Nov. 20th at NY Society for Ethical
> Culture.
> I look forward to being in contact with you.
> Best,
> Alex Aron
> Managing Director, Soundbrush Records


Dear Roberta:
You are a marvel! What a great treat to meet you and share your world....

I am still on the road meeting with foundations and benefactors... utterly pooped. Plan to set up my base of operations for the next few weeks in a secluded cabin on Cape Cod.

Merci for all you are doing.

Hugs, Bethany

Bethany Ewald Bultman
NOMC Program Director
New Orleans Musicians' Clinic in Exile

I have read some of your articles on Pablo and was wondering if any of
the music that he has written is in print for purchase? Specifically, I
would like to get a copy of "Milonga en el viento" for piano if it is

Thank you,
Mary Dib

Dr. Zlokower -

I'm writing to you in my new position as webmaster of .
I've just redesigned this official site, and I would like to request
permission to use some of your photographs on the site.
The test version of the site is at .

If you click on "Photos" on the menu on the right, you'll find some photos
from on the "2005 Tony Awards" page.
...move your mouse over the photos...

Thanks very much for all your help with this.

-Tim Dunleavy

Best of luck with this series. Did I tell you that I am writing the liner notes for Fernando Otero's new CD. I'm so excited.

looks good Roberta...thanks...we will have a new Django site...we can do linking with each other. Pat (Stratta/Philips)

I really enjoyed reading Prof. Reiter's description of the opera performances in the Baltic capitals plus Berlin & Budapest; she must have had a good travel agent to plan it. One item requires a correction, she states that Mahler and George Solti were music directors of the Budapest Operahouse-Solti was not. He started his conducting there but he left Hungary before the war and spent the wartime in Switzerland. He did not return to Budapest on permanent basis after the war (in his lifetime), he is in a Budapest cemetery now-next to Bela Bartok's grave. It should be mentioned however (re Budapest Operahouse) that Otto Klemperer was music director there after the war. Many thanks to Prof. Reiter for the interesting article, John Bohm

Hi Roberta,
Loved the Django show in November at Birdland SO much!
Do you know the dates for 2005? I want to make the first reservation.
Mara Kurtz

Hello Roberta,
Great web page! VERY user friendly for one like me who does little more
than email "on line". ESP, liked reflections and photo of Cap Kip and
our dog Raquel.
You did a great job of presenting us all, with not so great weather!
One has to make the best of precious vacation time, no matter what
mother nature decides to do!
Hope you will sail again....

Loraine Dubeau
POB 1401
Rockland, Me. 04841

Hi Roberta,

Wow, what a lot of work you put into the website! It was really fun to hear
and see all of your travels that week! I was glad you at least got some sun
in the beginning...brrr you all looked cold later on!

I'm away from my office for a respite, but I wanted you to know that we
appreciate you taking the time to visit our part of the coast. I hope your
web audience will enjoy it too!

I hope the second half of your summer is great! It flies by way too

Best wishes,

Meg Maiden, Marketing Director
Maine Windjammer Association

Thanks for your documentary. It brings back a lot of pleasant memories.

David F. Giannuzzi

Hi Roberta,

This past hour has been a wonderful experience. Reading your journal about our windjammer cruise was great! Thank you so much for all your hard work. It made me feel like calling Victory Chimes to arrange for another trip this year. Good Luck to you, and hope to see you again next year.

Regards, Irene

Hi Roberta,
Just scrolled through our adventure on the Victory Chimes and had a great time all over again!
Thanks for the memories. You did a great job and your photos were terrific. Thanks, Chrisi

Dear Dr. Zlokower;

I was trying to find pictures to show my coworkers to explain why I am 'wired' this morning. I'm flying to Albany tomorrow for my 47th consecutive Saratoga meet visit this weekend. I Googled to your site and - wow, what a great collection! It truly captures the track and the excitement.

Thank you for putting these on the web.

Best wishes,
Charlie Fetscher
Wellington, Florida

PS: Although these pictures help, only Spa lovers can really understand!

We are trying to contact Eileen Houghton one of the ABT's Alumnists from around 1985. If you should have her email address or mailing address please send it.
Eileen taught our daughter Anna this summer at a Long Island camp for ballet and we would like to contact her.
Michelle Craddock
Anna Craddock

Bonjour Roberta,
I hope that you are well
Thank you for the review.
All the best,
Bernard (Dorado Schmitt's Manager)

Bonjour Roberta,
Dorado is in full form, last week he played in Deauville (France, to
the American film festival), this week he played in Amsterdam (Hollande), in
September I accompanied Dorado to jazz festival in Torino (Italie) for tree
With all my tenderness,

Hello Roberta,

I got all your emails but was only now able to open them. I am in Germany
at the Baltic Sea and communication is terrible. Thanks for the great reviews. You wrote very detailed and knowledgeable. Thanks again for the support.

I am very much looking forward to the concert. Helio and myself go back a
long time and have a special chemistry.

Best Wishes,
Hendrik (Meurkens)


We had an exhausting weekend. Lots of eating, drinking, betting and COLLECTING! Tons of excitement and good friends.... Weather was cool Friday and Saturday, warmer on Sunday.... Had a free flight, but had to leave ALB at 5:30am, so I didn't get much sleep worrying about missing the flight!

Great place, (Saratoga) as you know...



On September 25, our 501(c) (3) organization known as the Tri-State Jazz Society will sponsor a Philadelphia area concert with Vince Giordano and The
Nighthawks. The concert will be held at the Upper Darby Performing Arts Center
in Drexel Hill, PA. Both the Center and Tri-State are developing publicity for the concert and would like your permission to download and print photos of The Nighthawks which appeared in your September 2004 review of the band.

Vince has sent us photos of himself- one playing his bass sax and the other showing him, before an old fashioned radio microphone. But I have seen no photos of the band itself other than yours.

The Performing Arts Center and Tri-State would appreciate receiving your consent to use the photos--not the review itself since the band is no longer appearing at the Times Square Grill. Would appreciate a reply by return e-mail. Thanks for your cooperation.

Bill Wallace

Hello Roberta,

I want to express a very special "Thank You!" for the nice review you did
of my cd, "Red Morning Rise". I really appreciate the time and effort you
put into listening to it and reviewing it.

Thanks so much and continue to do the great work you are doing promoting
and supporting the arts.


--Chris (Thompson)

P.S. Thanks to your web master, Bob, too.

This is a great review (by Rodney Suarez)! Not only because of what was reported, that happened on stage, but the history that is brought forth....... reference to "Swingin' Till The Girls Come Home" and other "inside bits of knowledge".... Horace Silver.... Duke.... quotes from the band, and Jon's scatting.
Nice to know you folks are out there.... it's the real deal!
Regards, (Giacomo) Gates

Dear Roberta,

Thank you so much for taking the time out tonight to catch my show. Your attendance was appreciated, and I was greatly honored by your presence. Here's a songlist, and some bios for your perusal. Feel free to get in touch should have any other questions.

Kind Regards,


Hi Roberta,

I hope this finds you well. Yvette asked me to get back to you. All the coverage you've done for the Extension has been wonderful, and we appreciate all of the time it took you to do everything.

Thank you for everything you've done so far, and please let me know if you'd like to take another class. We are having an open house on September 26 where there will be sample classes for the public to watch. Please let me know if you'd like to come.

Thank you again.
Megan (Fortunato)
Public Relations Assistant
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Dear Roberta,
I had the pleasure to meet you a couple nights ago at the TWINZ night presented by Eddie Gomez at the IRIDIUM. I gave you a copy of Judy's latest release About Time. Just went and visited your website and was very impressed, congratulations! I would be happy to put a link to it on my website if you're interested.
I was wondering whether you'd had a chance to hear Judy's CD yet and what you thought of it, and whether you would help us by announcing her upcoming gig at the Jazz Standard on Aug. 29, with me on guitar, Eddie Gomez on bass and brazilian percussionist Café.
Thank you for staying in touch.
Jeanfrançois Prins
Check out Jeanfrançois Prins - Jazz guitarist or go to


first, i'm sorry for my english but i'm french man and i live in toulouse ( near to marciac ) on south of France.
I'm very lucky since 10 years now because I have know Wynton and Wess in 93 on jazz fest in new orleans and since this date, every year, I work for the festival of jazz in Marciac ( the most festival in France who loock like NEW ORLEANS ...). I'm meat my girlfriend 10 years ago in this festival and I present her to Wynton and Wess.

So I'm 41 years now and we have a baby with my girlfriend. His name is MATEO and he will be 2 years the 31 july.

We hope so much to do a dream for him and us : We want to tell you can you give me the mail of WESS because we want to ask him if he accept to be " parrain in french " ( like oncle ) of hearth and music to us baby !

1 year ago, he come with Wynton in TOULOUSE to play with the philarmonical orchestra and I invite Wess and wWynton to eat a jambalaya in my house next jazz in marciac but I know that he dont come here this year.

I 'm not any solution to contact him because I forget his number of phone. So, please, can you give me his mail for contact and ask him directely ( We hope he accept this dream about a french family but...).

Thank's you so much by advance for your contribution to this story ( I join to this mail a picture of us to memories for Wess if he dont remenber us... ).

Thank you so much and God bless you and all your family and every personnes that you love.

Philippe " filou " BERENGUER, Rachel LEFORT, and MATEO.

Thanks, Roberta, for the wonderful review ... too cool!!

It so helps...!
We also got a good one in the Jazz Improv Magazine.
See you soon, I hope....

Vana (Gierig)

thanks dear Roberta, I m in France until the 31st;
I ll give you a call when back in nyc.
love always
fernando (otero)

Dear Roberta,
Thanks for the review about our concert last week at Dizzys.
We had a great time playing together with Harry,Maucha and Joe Locke.
Thanks also for the photos! Your site is already in my favorites. I hope we can get together soon so we can talk about music and of course about bass.
All the best for you!
Nilson Matta

Dear Dr. Zolkower,

I am trying to locate a friend of mine. Not long ago I lost my address book and Jim's home address was among the unrecoverable. If you have an email address or telephone address would you be kind enough to send it to me.

I apologize for having to bother you with this matter but I am at a loss of how else to reach him! Thank you very much for your help, I do appreciate it very much.


Thank you Roberta - great, great job - I will forward it to Birgit as
well!! All the best,

Heike H. Bachmann
Vice President
Marketing & Artist Relations
TWINZ Records

(I'm renting the Bobby Darin film. Did you do some of the arrangements for the film?)
Yes, "Once Upon A Time" and "Fabulous Places" from the Dr. Doolittle LP/CD Bobby and I did. After a LLLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGGG wait you'll see my credit under "Orchestrators" Into The Light,
Roger Kellaway

PPS I spent the 1st 4 years as Musical Director for Kevin while we
developed his performances as "Darin".

Hello Roberta:
Just to thank you for your beautiful review.
And thank you very much for coming to the show at Dizzy's.
I am glad you enjoyed it!
Warm regards,
Oscar (Feldman)

Dear Roberta,
Thank you so much for the positive review and the listing of 4
"notable tracks".
Take care, and I hope you are enjoying your summer.
Bob (Rodriguez)

Roberta Zlokower,

Thanks for your response to my query. I am having a hard time with the cast lists for both the 1943 and 2005 performances of "Deaths and Entrances". My problem may be that I am looking for specificity where they may not be any. I understand that the Brontë names are not used but they are implied. Do the programs only list the names of the dancers and not the characters played? If so, then where do the names "Dark Beloved", "Poetic Beloved", "Lord of the Moor" come from? Are they created by the critics? Are they Ms Grahams names for some of the characters that are never mentioned in printed programs?

When Agnes de Mille states that Erick Hawkins comes on stage as Branwell Brontë (p.251), I assume she gets her information from Martha Graham. But the audience is never made aware of it unless they read Ms De MIlle's book since the characters are not mentioned in the program.

Do I have at least this much straight in my pea-brain?

Thanks again!

Paul Daniggelis
El Paso, Texas

Aquí Gabriela, mujer de Ernesto Jodos, uno de los músicos que asistió el año pasado al Festival de NYC. Hemos leído la crítica de los conciertos en el Consulado y nos alegra enormemente que te gustara!!!
Bueno, aquí estoy conectándome contigo. Ernesto ha ganado con su disco de piano solo muchos premios y acaba de sacar un nuevo disco con 2 tríos y ya está planeando más música.
Nos gustaría estar en contacto.
Te agradecemos mucho las palabras que publicaste!!!
Saludos afectuosos

Gabriela Verónica Comte
Ángel Estrada y Cía.
Bolívar 466- Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Thanks so much! I appreciate the exposure, and the
time you took to listen to the discs and write these
reviews. Hope to meet you next time we're out east...
I'll keep you posted.

Andrew Durkin

I did sent it to the Trio da Paz.
Maucha (Adnet)

Hi Roberta,

it was very nice to meet you yesterday and thank you for coming (to Iridium) to see Eddy and the rest of the boys. I am very impresst with your magazine on line.

Best regards Birgit Knoop twinz

Hi Roberta,

I was able to see your article. The photos came out lovely. We’d love to
have you come take an extension class and write an article. Can we plan
for sometime after the holiday? Last we spoke you were off to the Tony
Awards. You’ll have to let me know how that went. Thanks again.


Megan Fortunato

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Thanks, Roberta ... very cool!!!

I'm in Tenerife (Canary Islands) ... soooo beautiful ... unbelievable hotel
... they're spoiling us.... I'm playing with the symphony orchestra

Big hug and see you soon,


Thank you very much Roberta - this is great promo!!

Heike (Twinz Records).

Hi Roberta -

Thank you SO MUCH for the amazing review! Your support of my artistic
endeavors is appreciated more than you know. I really hope we run into each
other again soon. Perhaps you can stop by the Carnegie Club one Friday
night so I can treat you to a glass of wine.

Mark Rapp

thanks, keep up the good work,
and thanks for supporting live music.


Jon-Erik Kellso


We all appreciate your great support of the Graham Company and the Dance

Very best,

General Strategic Marketing

Hi Roberta – do you know where I can buy the Ludovic Beier/Angelo Debarre
CD reviewed on your site?


Dear Roberta,

Thank you for the review, I read it and it was great !

I also have a lot of work here in Paris this month, sorry for my late

You coul find the CD in several stores (TOWERS, Barnes And Noble), but
maybe you should ask and order the CD. Distributor in the US is HARMONIA
MUNDI, (order on-line OK).

See you in NY


By accident, I came across your website and I just wanted you to know that
I think that it's absolutely wonderful!

Thank you for reintroducing me to New York's cultural life!

Lesley A. Massiah
Assistant Vice President
Office of Government Relations and Urban Affairs
Fordham University

Dear Dr.: I am a big time Stan Rubin fan. I currently own and love the
complete Stan Rubin "Swing Hits of the 40's
Double LP on a CD. That double album has got to the best of swing I
have ever heard. !!!! Although some of these songs are on the currently
available Best of Stan Rubin CD, I don't understand why they didn't put
out the complete double album on a CD? The current "best of" CD leaves
out alot of the great songs that are on the double album. Please reply
if you know anything about availability of such a CD or plans to put out
the double album on CD. I may resort to buying a machine that makes a
CD directly from an LP. :(


Dear Roberta,

I think you are more of a magician than this guy. You turned a wonderful home production into a Broadway-like sensation and I'm very grateful for the coverage, the wonderful personable photos, and the accolades I'm hearing from the executive staff. Thank you so much.

Sincerely, Matt Kovary, Press Coordinator, Association of the Bar Of the City of New York.

Dear Roberta, Thank you much for your continued support. Terese

Dear Dr. Zlokower,

In looking for Stephen James on the internet, we saw photographs on your web page taken by you at the Michael Rosenfeld Gallery last summer at an event called Mood Indigo. We noticed Stephen James in a couple of the photographs.

We, Jill Culiner and myself, Erica Fischer were friends of Stephen from High School at Interlochen and are ourselves having a sort of reunion today after 43 years! In talking about the old days we were both wondering how Stephen is and where he is.

If you would be kind enough to give him our names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers, we'd be most grateful.

Thank you,


Erica (Ricki) Fischer

Hi Roberta,

Thank you so much for the wonderful posting of our review on your website. A great review and beautiful photos to share. We are all most grateful.

If you don't mind - I'll put you on my jazz/live performance mailing list so you'll know where I'm appearing and when. I am most proud of the work I've done with and for Catherine and certain that her career is about to take off and get the continued respect that she deserves for all of her talents.

Thanks again, and best wishes,

Russ Kassoff

Hi Roberta,
I just saw on your website that Monty Sangar, of ABC Radio (Australia) is looking to contact me. My email is:
Thank you!
Carmel Dean
("25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee")

Thank you!

Roberta, for your wonderful piece on your website about the Iridium launch event for Rules of the Road. The pictures are so great! We were so glad you could join us for our celebration of the new CD. Will hope I get to see you again soon somewhere in New York when we're playing out again. Thanks again for your marvelous support of the music. All best. Catherine

Catherine Dupuis

Dear Dr. Zlokower,

I am a professor of music at California State University, Fresno. My guitar duo partner Michael Bard and I are embarking on a tour with 2004 Latin Grammy-winning pianist Gerardo Gandini on Nov. 10th, 2005. We will be performing along the West and East Coasts, including dates in LA, NY, Boston, and Miami. Our NY performance is sponsored by the Argentine Consul. We hope that we may be able to get a review of our concerts either in person or via a video we could provide to you.

Also, Ernesto Jodos will be performing with my guitar duo, Douze Cordes in 2006. We will keep you posted of our performances\ and send you any recordings we make.

I look forward to meeting you

Dr. Corey Whitehead, Guitarist-Lecturer
CSU, Fresno, Dept. of Music

Dear Roberta,

It was nice to meet you yesterday. I am the cellist who jumped in to play two days before the concert date, instead of Ms.Arad. I wish there was more people but we had fun playing anyway.


Rafal Jezierski

Cellist Rafal Jezierski is a member of both the Paderewski Trio as well as the Jupiter Chamber Players.

Dear Dr. Zlokower,

I suspect you may not be able to help me, but at this point I have no other place to turn. I am looking for a recording of an early 2004 concert by the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra that you reviewed in detail at

I heard one of the songs played at the concert, Ornette Coleman's "Kaleidoscope," on a Toronto jazz station, absolutely wonderful music, but there turned out to be no way to communicate with the DJ and neither local record stores nor Internet searches have turned up the recording.

Thanks for any help.


Hi Roberta,

Thank you for all your support. It is nice to know that the concerts are appreciated.

Also, I thought that Frank's review was very objective and full of insight. I am glad that he was present as well. Please thank him on my behalf.

Have a great summer,


Dear Roberta,

Thank you very much for attending our concert last
Wednesday night. I hope you had an enjoyable evening.

I just wanted to let you know that the next "La Belle
Musique" concert will take place on Thursday, June
23rd at 7:00 pm, also at AC Pianocraft. We hope to
program exciting and varied repertoire for next time.

In any case, there will be music, wine, and more!

Have a nice spring - season, not Sonata...


Steven Zynszajn

Hi Roberta thank you for your answer, today i send to you the cd. I hope are a good auspice that you know and study in pisa.
Best Regards
Francesco Federici

Dear Roberta,
it's Marco Losavio, the web director of Jazzitalia ( and the most popular italian Jazz web site.
Searching for a Danilo Rea picture I found your reportage about the italian delegation of Umbria Jazz in New York last year:
Then I have had a look of all your articles. Many compliments! It's great your work.

Marco Losavio

Dear Roberta,
I've just returned from my adventures out west performing the Mildred Bailey material in her home area of Spokane Washington. (Also got to perform in Seattle on the way back.) It was a special musical and spiritual experience but always nice to get home. And what a terrific homecoming present indeed to find your e-mail with these great photos and your kind words about our show. I'm so delighted that you were able to make it that night and of course so appreciative that you took the care and trouble to write about it.
Heartfelt thanks for all this and I hope our paths cross again soon. In fact I finish for the season at the Waldorf the end of June so if you'd like, please do stop in for tea before then. Wishing you all best and a great summer.

Dear Roberta,

Thank you very much for your warm review of our last
concert. I am also grateful to Alex from AC Pianocraft
for providing us with such a nice venue to perform in.

I hope you can make it to the next one on Thursday,
June 23rd at 7:00 pm.

Thanks again,

Steven Zynszajn

Dear Roberta,

Very glad you are attending the "Magical Musical Tour," which promises much more variety. I thought your coverage of the "Eastern Winds" program, with the photos, was as terrific as I could ever hope for. Thank you so much!!

Matt Kovary, Press Coordinator, Association of the Bar Of the City of New York, 42 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036

Hello Roberta:

A belated THANK YOU from all of Eastern Winds for such a lovely review of our recent concert at the New York Bar Association. I've forwarded your review (and link) to all my family and friends.

Hope you can come to our official New York debut concert at Weill Recital Hall Sunday, November 13, 2005.

Very warm regards,

Marc Cerri
Eastern Winds

Hi I am a producer for ABC radio in Australia ...I am wondering if you can help me ...I am trying to locate
Carmel Dean who is involved with , "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee"....Our station is from her home town in Perth Western Australia and we would love to chat to her about her success.

Cheers Monty Sangar
Producer ABC Radio

Dear sir,
I wish send to you my name, curriculum- vitae, address, fax phone and mails address in order you will know me.
I am a leading tenor in Argentina and in Uruguay, my native country, and I have some experience in Singing ( Opera and Oratorio) in South America...
Navigating in Internet I had knowledge of the interesting and international events you are fullfilling succesfully.
I am interested to communicate with you because I like very much you web-site.
I send attached curriculum and addresses and I wait your answer to this mail very hopefully.
Thank you very much

Gerardo Marandino

Michael and I truly appreciate your review of Ballet Builders 2005 and your continuing interest in the works of emerging ballet choreographers. It is so important to the choreographers and dancers that prominent members of the dance press see and review their performances.

Thank you, again. We hope that you will come in 2006.

Warmest wishes,


Dear Roberta,
I enjoyed to meet you.
Thanks for the article. In this one, you has talken about more romantic...I forgot to give you my duo CD, it is wiht another guitarist, I really would like to give it to you, we play a lot of Piazzolla and brasilain music. The way we have together is to mixt Piazzolla and other repertory from russia as Toccatta of Prokofiew.
If you has time, I really would like to give it to you. I stay in NY untill April 28.
Hope to see you again,

All the best,

Hi Roberta, I'm Francesco Federici from Pisa (Italy). I play in a band of Jacopo Martini ( ), in this day exit the new cd ,you are interesting in listening this album? if you are interesting i send to you the cd.
Excusme for my english
Best Regards
Francesco Federici
dear roberta,

found your web page looking for barbara caffe dal sicilia. i think their web page is down but therefore i had the pleasure of finding yours. lovely. if you make a trip to munich, drop us a line.

gruss, de

Hello Roberta:

My name is Andrew Durkin, and I am the leader of the
Industrial Jazz Group, and acoustic jazz tentet based
in Los Angeles. We are goingto be touring the east
coast for the first time this June (full itinerary
below), including a June 15 show at CBGB and a June 17
show at 12 Miles West Center for the Arts (in
Bloomfield, NJ). I am in the process of getting our
promotion in order, and while doing some research, I
came across your website, and thought I would get in
touch. I enjoyed reading through your various
writings, especially, of course, the articles on jazz.

If you think you might be interested in learning more
about my group (you can get a bit of a preview at, I would be happy to send you a copy
of our latest CD, The Star Chamber (released late last
year on Innova, the label of the American Composers
Forum). Just let me know the best address to use.

Many thanks for your time, and I look forward to
hearing from you. Best of luck with your website.


Dear Roberta:

I am impressed! You and I have very different writing style; yet we both are saying the same thing about the Curtis Symphony at Carnegie Hall performance. ...What fun!

Thank you for making my 1st venture in music performance criticism happen....and on-line at that.



Dear Dr. Zlokower,
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
Upon passing on my information to Wheaton, he immediately contacted me. And, a week later, sent me a four page letter describing his life after we went seperate ways back in 1969.
I will be traveling East from LA tomorrow, and am trying to get a chance to see Wheaton.
None of this would have been possible without your help and follow through.
Thank you.
Best rgds.,
Wheaton (the younger one....!)

Dear Roberta,

Thanks for the photo...I love it!

Also thank you so much for making the big effort to be there the last night at the Iridium and Zuni as well. You're wonderful!

See you soon I hope,
Harry (Allen)

Dear Roberta,
sorry, but - you know - better once more than once to less! Now I have opend your webside and be enjoy, realy delight. A marvellous review - thank you so much. I'll meet Rupert tomorrow and will show him your webside.
With my best regards

Hello, Dr. Zlokower!! Please excuse me for just emailing you out of the blue like this! My name is Taisiya Pushkar, and I was the pianist at the Bosendorfer New Speaker's presentation of March 18th. I saw your review of on your website, and I loved the things you said about everything, they are so true and those speakers are something truly unique!!! I saw some wonderful pictures on the page, but I thought maybe you'd want to put a picture of all of the performers on it as well!! So, I'm forwarding you one just in case you do!! Thank you for coming and I hope to perhaps meet you at more Bosendorfer events! yours, Taisiya

Dr. Zlokower: Do you recall what the Mario Cantone's t-shirt had on it in the play, the Laugh Whore? My boss wants me to get one made for someone. It said something like, "Whatever it Takes" Thanks for your time. Kathy

Kathy, The publicist for this show says to contact Showtime Network, who produced the T Shirts. Thanks, Roberta

Hi Roberta. Thanks so much for the great press you afford us. It is much appreciated. Nice photos too. Great review! Best - Scott Scott H. Thompson Assistant Director - Public Relations Jazz at Lincoln Center

Re: Fw: Tierney Sutton At The Oak Room Dancing in the Dark Thank you very much, Roberta. Will forward both links to Tierney asap. Best, Mike

RE: Harry Allen performances Dear Roberta, Yes I received the review. It is wonderful...thank you so much. Last night I read it over the phone to Joe Cohn. We both loved it. Thanks, Harry

(Chicago Correspondent) Susan: Very nice piece...and you are right about the Interactive Gallery...perhaps inadvertently you have really helped us...we have complained about the malfunctioning computers for a long time, but we have just made the decision to turn it into a community gallery for Chicago artists and will be a much better use in a prime location, so...thanks! And, yes, you will be included on all future press mailings. Randy -- Randy Adamsick Development Director Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum
My name is Janet Kroenke, I'm an old student of Roberta Kosse, I studied with her for about 4 years at Mannes. I don't know her email address, but I have a feeling she might remember who I am.

Would you be so kind as to pass my email address on to her. I would like to know how she's doing. I know she lived at Croton on the Hudson but remember that she was thinking of moving further upstate with Erica. Please say hello for me. Thanks, Janet

R.E. Saratoga Historical Research Source: I noticed that Wheaton Coward, Jr. wrote this piece back in 1993. My father thought highly of Wheaton Coward, who he had met during World War II in Panama, and named me for him. Is there any chance you are still in touch with him, or know where I could contact him? Thank you for your help and best regards., Wheaton Mills 1224 W. 27th Street San Pedro, CA 90731 Home telephone: (800) 444-3465

Hi-my name is Sarbori Bhattacharya and I am an old friend of Chandak's. I lost touch with him a few years back, and when I Googled him your website came up. If it is not too much of an imposition, could you forward my email to him? I appreciate your help. Sincerely, Dr. Sarbori Bhattacharya

Hello Roberta, You continue to be my primary lifeline into Manhattan entertainment (and some into Chicago I noticed). See you soon I hope, John

I am searching for the least expensive tickets available for Madama Butterfly in New York City on March 22, for my daughter and I.Can you give me information on where to purchase these? Thank you, Deanne Nanna, E-mail

Dear Roberta,

I hope this note finds you in good health and spirits.

I recently debuted my show Sentimental Journey, Songs of the WWII Era at Danny's Skylight Room. Thanks to a great review from Peter Leavy of Cabaret Scenes (to check it out go to, and a highly enthusiastic audience response, I will be performing the show again on March 29th, and April 5th and 12th. I have also been invited by Kathleen Landis to perform a selection at the Pierre, and will be making an appearance on Joe Franklin's radio program.

I have attached a postcard, and if you are at all interested in attending, know that I would be greatly honored by your presence.

Kind Regards,

Evan Stern

Dear Sir/Mme,

on the internet I read Australian Bass/Baritone Daniel Sumegi sang at the 2004 Richard Tucker Gala concert.
I was wondering if you have any information on his performances, photos, interviews, reviews, perhaps even a recording?
Hoping to hear from you shortly.
Yours sincerely
Kathleen Vermeulen

Dear Roberta,

thank you so much for your prompt reply!
No, I'm not in Australia, I'm in Belgium (Europe).
But I'm a huge fan of Daniel Sumegi, he sang in Belgium but offcourse i notticed it too late. lol

Kind regards,

Ms. Vermeulen-

Roberta Zlokower of asked me to respond to your query regarding Australian singer Daniel Sumegi.

Most probably the best source of information regarding this bass-baritone's schedule, etc., is his own website:

Sincerely yours,
Chandak Ghosh

This is really a strange request. I'm trying to locate
Scott Hamilton's older sister, as we were friends while her husband
and herself was stationed in Meridian, MS. If you can forward my
email address to Scott or his sister I would appreciate it. My name
than was Betty Cutler.

We received a request for someone looking for Scott Hamilton's sister!! Please send this to Scott Hamilton! The woman's email is below.

Dear Roberta,
I forwarded it on to Scott Hamilton.

I gave you credit in the next mailbag notes.

Also, I heard back from Scott Hamilton and the email must be meant for a different Scott Hamilton...maybe the famous ice stater.

I reviewed 2 Scott Hamiltons!!! I should charge private eye fees.

You can never have enough Scott Hamiltons!

You would not believe the emails. People think we're a detective service.

You do a pretty good job of it!

Roberta, thanks for your emails. I certainly remember you and will forward the email you sent meant for Scott's older sister, directly to her. Thanks for your communication.

Michael Sterling
Michael Sterling & Associates
An Entertainment Public Relations Company

How can I get hold of more information about your scheduled June 6th performance of Der Freischutz? Will the full operatic work be performed (stage, set, costumes, and all), or will it be only the score?

Mayo Mayo

Bravo for your program! The world will be saved through the actions of people like you.


Thank you for sending on your review of the Gala! Glad you enjoyed it. It was nice to see you again at the Buglisi Foremen opening.
Christine Dakin

Hi Roberta;
I have photos of Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald i beleve in the 1920s early, 30s. Im trying to sell them but i dont know the value. Can you please give me some guidance.Hope to hear from you.
Sincerly, James L.
P.S. The photos are in black and white, they look very young!

I noticed some photos by Carol Rosegg at your web-site:
I'm seeking permission from her to use some photos also. Do you have an e-mail address I can reach her at?

Paul Stynsberg
Roseau MN

hi roberta.

thank you very much. i already went to your website, it's very nice,
and i am happy to be mentioned in such great company. thank you.
i would like to give you a copy of my CD with my trio.

see you soon.
All the best.

Alon Yavnai

Nice job, Roberta. Very nice.

Best - Scott Thompson

This is really a strange request. I'm trying to locate
Scott Hamilton's older sister, as we were friends while her husband
and herself was stationed in Meridian, MS. If you can forward my
email address to Scott or his sister I would appreciate it. My name
than was Betty Cutler.

Dear Roberta,

I forwarded it on to Scott Hamilton.

Harry Allen

Hi Roberta,
I got your name off of a web site, looking for Jazz information, I'm at a loss. My 15 year old son, is so into Jazz and I'm having a hard time finding a jazz teacher for him. I live in Jericho, New York, any sugesstions?

Dear Dr. Roberta Zlokower

Your article and pictures about the Market are very impressive.

We are developers planning to build a similar facility in Moscow Russia.

Would be able to find out for us who is the Designer of the Market and/or the consultant that established the Mix/Approach and internal layout of it?

Thanks in advance

Best regards

Chaim Bronstein
Devonport Holdings Limited

Projects Director

Hi Roberta,

Phil is a long lost friend of ours. I1/2d like to get in contact with him
again. If he does not want to make contact with us, would you you please remind him, that he still has a suitcase and a well filled clothes bag in our basement.

Please give him regards from Inge and Horst. Another reminder: I still have a good bottle of red wine ready.

Thanks a lot

hi, my wife and i will be visiting new york in march and we would like to know if your bar will be showing the wales v ireland rugby match on sat march 19th. we have been viewing your site and it would be a great place to watch the game.we are from wales!

Hi Dr. Zlokower,

I dont believe that you remember me ( Baron Lewis, Jr. Trumpeter, 22 from Long Island) - You wrote an article about the skidmore jazz institue in 2003. Im currently pursuing my Masters in Performance at Purchase Conservatory of Music. I was trying to get together a press kit for myself (basic) and I wanted to use some of the pics from your website........

..........Thanks so much for your time.


Dear Roberta,

I was lookign for info related to Ron Odrich and found your Site.

It is very nice, full of info to jazz lovers and specially those (like me) that are clarinet lovers also.

Thanks for your job!!!

By the way in the "Paquito D'Rivera Quintet at Birdland" page, there is a photo of Paquito, the fourth one, with the legend "Paquito ... on saxophone"... To be precise, that is a Rossi Clarinet!!!

That's all. My best regards!.


PD: IF you have more info about clarinet and bass clarinet in jazz (Don Byron) could be great!!!

Hi Roberta,

I really don't know how to begin but I was looking for Orquesta Aragon upcoming events in the Tri State area and I ended up in your page.

Do you know if Aragon is going to performed in this area or would you be so kind as to tell me how I could find out.

Thanking you in advance,


Twenty Fingers, Twenty Toes. By Michael Dansicker.

incredible review. fabulous presentation. I can't thank you enough.
Everyone is very excited.

Hi, Roberta,

I met Benny Powell years ago in Honolulu and wondered how I can contact him. Would you be able to provide me his phone number or email address?

Aloha and best regards,

Sharon Miyashita
Hi, Roberta, I checked out your website. Very impressive. If you're interested in Stan Rubin's band you can check us out at the Cajun Club every Thursday night (8-11 PM), on 8th Ave. by 16th St. He has hundreds of arrangements of all the swing-era big bands; the Dorseys are just a small part of his library. We also do a few more-up-to-date arrangements that Frank Sinatra recorded. Pete Hyde
Dear Roberta, I just returned from Paris to read your SAB review. What a lovely welcome home! I'm very glad that you enjoyed the performance so very much. It certainly is an exciting event. I love staging Serenade for so many reasons. I danced the lead Russian solo after I was made a principle dancer. Serenade was one of my most favorite Balanchine's ballets to dance, and is one of my favorite ballets to watch. Hope to see you soon. With admiration and appreciation for all you do for the Arts, Suki
Dear Dr. Zlokower, Great review! Thank you so much for the kind words and mentions. Now we have each other's emails so hopefully we may stay in touch and keep up with good shows going on around NYC! Dana Leong

Thanks for getting in touch, Roberta. I continue to be amazed at the diversity and completeness of your online magazine. Congratulations on your success! PB website:

Hi Bobbye, Nice to see how your site has developed- and your business! So maybe you can include my upcoming exhibit for one of your tours to Philadelphia in the fall??? I will be showing a new series of paintings inspired by my trips to Iceland the month of September at the Locks Gallery, in Philadelphia. Please visit my site: to see a preview of some of the work. Also check out the videos-there is one on Iceland . Let me know what you think. Warm regards, D

Dear Roberta, Thank you for the link. The article and the photos are great! Hope to see you soon. Thanks again, Harry (Allen)

Hi Roberta, Thank you very much for this profound review! I am glad to know you. In Spirit, Thomas Barth

Dear Roberta, Thank you so much for your wonderful words about Skylar. You are responsible for her first career review! I also read the review you wrote about her performance at the YAGP gala. Once again, so great! You are so nice to be as supportive as you are. It is also so generous of you to say such great things about Valentina's school. Anyone logging on would want to know how they can enroll their children. Valentina works SO hard; it's gratifying to be acknowledged. Have a great Memorial Day! Warmly, Barbara

Roberta, Thank you for your kind words about my website and please contact me if you need any further information concerning the Navy. It was a pleasure showing you the ships and sailors today. Again thank you for stopping by Fleet Week and I wish you the best. Have a great Memorial Day! Richard

Subject: Re: Dance Conservatory Performance Project thanks, Roberta - it's just great. Audrey

Buenas tardes : Necesito mail de Dardo Lucero Gracias Genaro Soto M Chile

Dear Roberta Leonardo da Vinci needs YOUR help!! My friend, Carolyn Balducci, thought you might have interest in the following: CATERINA'S SON, by Tak Tarbo, is a new musical drama about Leonardo da Vinci and his relationship with his mother, the shadowy figure of Caterina. But there is momentum. So I am hoping you will mention CATERINA'S SON on If you need additional information, please let me know. Thank you for your consideration. Mary Kay

Hi, My name is Marshall McDonald, I play saxophone with The Count Basie Orchestra and I was also on the gig with George Gee at Birdland. I appreciate your dedication to the music, and I hope to hear from you. Marshall McDonald

Dear Roberta, Great meeting you last night @Birdland -- will keep you posted re my events, please keep me posted as well. I've visited your website and was happy to find many intelligent reviews! Warmest, Lev Lev "Ljova" Zhurbin

Roberta! Thank you so much for the review, I really appretiate it. I specially enjoyed the "Giraudo's bass is a powerful presence to the intoxicating infusions of brass, percussion, and piano." I also really liked what you wrote about Cordoba, it is not easy to realize that the main point of the B section is the trombone short meoldy. I'm also very impressed that you heard the influence of the clave in Ya llega mayo. It is very subtle and tricky (instead of 4/4, it's in 9/4)! I'll list it in my site and add a link to your site as soon as I can. Again, I'm really thankfull for your time and hope to see you soon at a milonga or elsewhere! Pedro.

Dear Roberta, Do you have Pablo Ziegler's contact number or email? I am an Argentinean filmmaker based in New York that once interviewed Pablo on camera. This time I am looking to produce the music for my documentary film. Please let me know if you would have his contact information. Thank you, Sebastian Neville

Hi Roberta, Nice review! my friends that came to the concert with me
read it,and we were all in agreement with your writing
Lauren Castillo

hi roberta,
how are you, i'm gianluca, trombone player from italy,
thanks for all


hi, Roberta
I"m a classical music and ballet lover and look forward to using your site. Hope to hear a hello from you.
Michael Fogarty

Thank you so much for letting us know about the review. We are glad you enjoyed the concert.

Michele B. Golombuski

Director of Special Projects

National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction

Copacabana Photos -- Really liked the sequential pictures of the dancer in the black and white dress as she turned.

"Sounds like a great new project -- Good Luck with it! All the best." David Ostwald (Bandleader)

"Thank you for including me with this! This is very exciting" Margie Freeman

"Hey, What is this? Your very own site? Hey, what is this? A thousand congratulations." Batt Johnson

"Awesome site! Congratulations! See you." Fernando Otero (Musician)

"Congratulations, Roberta. You are an inspiration to me. Good Luck. And I miss you." Joan Paylo
Very impressive!
Nancy It is terrific! But I am jealous of your summer travels. I love Turkey and I love the main street of Saratoga Springs.
Best, Gale Thanks so much for the nice reviews about the release concert and the CD itself. I really appreciated reading them.
Please keep in touch see you soon....
Hilliard (Hill) Greene Thanks so much for following up- these reviews are awsome!
Sarah Niedzwiecki (JVC Festival Productions) GREAT SITES. I DANCED OUT TO A WALK AND KEPT ON GOING.

For more information, contact Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower at