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Judy Niemack Band at Jazz Standard

- Jazz and Cabaret Corner

Judy Niemack Band
(See Judy Niemack about time CD Review)

Jazz Standard
116 East 27th Street, NYC


Judy Niemack on Vocals
Eddie Gomez on Bass
Jeanfrançois Prins on Guitar
Edson Café on Percussion

Publicity: Jim Eigo:

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
August 29, 2005

A vibrant voice, currently appearing on the jazz circuit, is Judy Niemack, who is celebrating her popular CD, about time. Ms. Niemack appears with Jeanfrançois Prins on guitar, Eddie Gomez on bass, and Edson Café on percussion, and this hot quartet is making the rounds and garnering quite some attention. Of course, Eddie Gomez is a renowned musician and records lately on TWINZ Records. Each musician in tonight’s second set had a generous solo riff, and the blended quartet, in combination with the exceptional vocalizations, played off each other’s energy and expertise.

I Like New York in June began with sassy scat, and the band added its own vocal scat, as well. Eddie Gomez literally danced with his resonant bass. The next piece, a Bossanova, was sung by Ms. Niemack with sensuality and silkiness. Edson Café’s congas pulsated and projected, while Ms. Niemack and Jeanfrançois Prins played back and forth with rhyme and rhythm. Soon Eddie Gomez was showcased with his attention to a single note that was repetitively developed by Prins.

Bluesette, by Toots Thielmans, was performed as a Samba, with Café taking the lead, before the instrumental trio fused in a blaze of Brazilian dance. When Ms. Niemack sang once again, Gomez and Café took complementary rhythms, all danceable, singable, and memorable. (If only there had been a dance floor). Where or When introduced a new motif, abstract and surreal. Gomez took his bow for eerie and ethereal effects. In Beautiful Interplay and Hope for the Future, words became scat, became rippling guitar, became fused conga/bass duets. Tomorrow, to a Mambo, clavé beat, found Café on congas with split-timing, and Ms. Niemack closed the set with an exquisite rendition of Autumn Leaves, in both French and English, with vocal/bass scat duets in between.

You can catch Judy Niemack and Jeanfrançois Prins in clubs about town and beyond, if you check their websites above. You can also check Jazz Standard’s website for upcoming events.

Judy Niemack Band
Photo courtesy of Jim Eigo

Judy Niemack Band
Photo courtesy of Jim Eigo

Judy Niemack Band
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

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