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The Industrial Jazz Group: Hard Core

- CD Reviews

The Industrial Jazz Group - Hard Core

2001 Ugly Rug Records

Andrew Durkin, Piano
Evan Francis, Flute/Alto Sax
Mike Dodge, Clarinet, Tenor Sax
Aaron Kohen, Bass
Drew Hemwall, Drums

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 31, 2005

This CD has eclectic and abstract sound effects, fused with jazz and new age. Andrew Durkin has composed all the pieces, except for an allusion to Mozart at one point below. Tracks have catchy names, such as Godzilla Redux.

Notable tracks:

#3 What Is Music For? Pt.1 Composed by Durkin. With a slow, bass bow lead and dissonant echoing piano, the band does some solo jamming. It twists one theme inside out, with different instruments taking turns in sharp and playful refrains..

#4 Fantasy on Eine Composed by Durkin. With a play on a familiar Mozart theme, the band repeats the original and then echoes it back in dissonant combinations. Flute and saxophone combine with piano for an interesting interlude.

#9 Fantasy on Cozy Composed by Durkin. Durkin begins again here with a classical motif, but electronic effects enter quickly, almost like underwater undulation. The track is brief, but engaging.

#13 Art & Commerce Preview Composed by Durkin. With bass bow, saxophone, and piano, Durkin creates energy and effervescence that draw the listener in. The piano interprets the theme early on, before it builds with the band.

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