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Jim Self - InnerPlay

- CD Reviews

Jim Self - InnerPlay
with Strings


Jim Self on Tuba and Fluba
Pete Christlieb on Tenor Sax
Gary Foster on Alto Sax, Bass Clarinet, Flute, and Alto Flute
And Additional Musicians on Saxophones, Flute, Piano, Harp,
Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vibes, Percussion, and Strings
Roger Newman: Conductor
Jay Rosen: Concertmaster

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 24, 2005

This CD has collaborative class, with a large ensemble of brass, reeds, piano, percussion, bass, guitars, harp, and a recorded mix of strings. The Jay Rosen Strings, however, as engineered background music, are an extraneous addition, and I would like to hear this eclectic recording by a versatile band, minus the recorded string enhancement, or with live strings.

Notable tracks:

#2 – There Is No Greater Love – Composed by Isham Jones. The “fluba” lead has a round, smooth effect, somewhat like a muted trombone, while sax, piano, drums, and bass combine to create vibrant swing. This track is very danceable.

#4 – I Love You “Porgy and Bess” You Is My Woman – Composed by George Gershwin. Two combined ballads from Porgy and Bess are evoked with Jim Self’s fascinating tuba solo, deep and classical. The second theme enters with tenor sax in unexpected strength, followed by the echoing theme on clear tuba.

#6 – That Morning in May – Composed by Jim Self. With bits of recorded strings as both introduction and intermingling with the “fluba”, this song makes way for a soaring alto sax that adds to the musical mix. The melody meanders with lyricism.

#8 – No More Blues – Composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim. This bouncy Brazilian samba is the highpoint of the recording, with engaging effervescence, pizzazz, and ethnic energy. I have danced samba to this piece, and the theme is magnetic.

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