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Think of One: Monk's Music Trio

- CD Reviews

Think of One
Monk’s Music Trio
The Compositions of Thelonious Sphere Monk
(Thelonious Monk Bio)
2004 CMB Records
Si Perkoff on Piano
Chuck Bernstein on Drums
Sam Bevan on Bass

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
July 4, 2005

This CD is straight jazz, great listening, with strong Monk interpretations. The varied, versatile rhythms add swing to exotic percussive combinations. All songs composed by Thelonious Sphere Monk.

Notable tracks:

#2 – Coming on the Hudson – This bouncing, lyrical, repetitive theme is extended with keyboard riffs and solid backup from bass and drums.

#4 – Four in One – The racing rhythms are tuneful, danceable, and singable. The melody fuses jazz and swing with buoyant solos.

#10 – Two Timer – Two notes on Perkoff’s piano echo and mix with the Bevan’s bass and Bernstein’s drums to build vivacious volume. Si Perkoff knows how to interpret Monk’s compositions.

#13 – Rhythm-a-ning – This popular theme is often borrowed for a variety of genres. This track is sensational hot swing dance music.

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