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Nicholas Payton Quartet

- Jazz and Cabaret Corner

Nicholas Payton Quartet
(Nicholas Payton Website)
Nicholas Payton on Trumpet, Marcus Gilmore on Drums, Vicente Archer on Bass, Danny Grissett on Bösendorfer Piano

315 West 44th Street, NYC
Gianni Valenti, Owner
Tarik Osman, Manager

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
May 27, 2005

In this first set tonight, Nicholas Payton created a fused jazz, contemporary embellishment to an old favorite, How Deep Is the Ocean? with his smooth, seamless trumpet, Vicente Archer’s bountiful bass solo, and soon some dissonant trumpet trills. With the speed of lightning, Danny Grissett on piano, with Payton on trumpet, both took the lead, as Archer’s bass provided steady, surrounding rhythm. Marcus Gilmore’s drums added a touch of Latin clave to the repetitive, rhythmic undertones. The next piece, with a sensational, bluesy swing, was first led by Payton and later by Grissett on the refined Bösendorfer piano. Gilmore’s brushed drums complemented the fine resonance of this sophisticated piano, so ably mastered by Grissett. Payton kept the group’s momentum, as some of his notes went to the lowest depths imaginable, like an energetic, punctuated monologue.

One piece began to melt into another, with the third as seamless as the others, but with moody meandering and staccato surprises. There’ll Never Be Another You, a recognizable ballad, ended the piece in soft, surreal tones, following the earlier abstractions. Nicholas Payton is a dynamic, driven performer, no onstage chatter or intermittent introductions. His quartet was in full communication, with natural cohesion and presentation. Check the Birdland Website for upcoming performances and special events.

Nicholas Payton Quartet
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Nicholas Payton with Jane and Richard, Guests
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Nicholas Payton and Tarik Osman, Birdland Manager
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

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