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Matt Savage Trio at Birdland

- Jazz and Cabaret Corner

Matt Savage Trio
Featuring Matt Savage, on Bösendorfer New York Piano and Host
Celebration of Matt’s 13th Birthday
(Matt Savage Website)
John Funkouser on Bass
Steve Silverstein on Drums

(Bösendorfer New York Website)
(Bösendorfer New York Musical Salons and New Loudspeaker Event)

At Birdland
315 West 44th Street, NYC
Gianni Valenti, Owner
Tarik Osman, Manager

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
May 9, 2005

Matt Savage, a 13 year-old jazz composer, pianist, bandleader, has personality, stage presence, and a remarkable aptitude for jazz interpretations, creations, and inspirations that left his Birdland audience in awe of his obvious genius and performance potential. Matt daringly celebrated his birthday at none other than Birdland, on the infamous stage where yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s jazz stars greet their seasoned New York audiences. Matt is a sprightly and witty young man, who loves Bösendorfer New York pianos, and he played on one tonight, which has been prominently featured at Birdland for some time. This was a concert to experience!

Most of the pieces were Matt’s compositions, such as Fuego, with piano lead and solos for bass, while a Latin rhythm infused momentum and motion. The second piece had youthful flair and optimism. Dreaming of You, with repetitions, New Age abstractions, and frenzied, fused, echoing piano refrains, was followed by Infected with Hemiola, to rapid Swing/Jazz. Flight of Fancy, straight jazz, had lengthy piano improvisations, in sync with bass and drums. Grandpa’s Ramble, a family tribute, again showcased the bass and allowed for percussive flourishes.

One of Matt’s most poignant pieces was The Wild Rose, written with sensitivity, but playful and positive. The Wild Rose was even danceable, by authentic Latin dance standards. (See the Artisan Bösendorfer piano below, with hand inlay designs, which was Matt’s inspiration for this song). Matt’s Stop and Go, performed to a steady beat with percussive rhythms, was followed by I Got Rhythm. Couch Potato Blues and Waffle Waltz (with authentic waltz rhythms) were melodic and meandering. Matt continued to generously showcase John Funkouser on bass and Steve Silverstein on drums, a classy gesture.

Serenity, another family tribute, this time for Matt’s grandmother, to whom he offered a hug, just before it was performed, included musical raindrops and sweet intonations. Reincarnation of a Lovebird, found Matt’s entire small arms up and down his keyboard, and a solo drum riff helped end the set. Kudos to Matt Savage, Birdland, and Bösendorfer New York for this unique event.

Matt Savage on Birdland's Bosendorfer
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Matt Savage Trio
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Lisa and Gerhard Feldmann's Table
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Lisa and Gerhard Feldmann's Table
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Lisa Feldmann, Matt Savage, and Matt's Grandmother
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

The Artisan Piano is an extraordinary example of hand inlay techniques, featuring the rich exotic woods of Aruba, Burl, Amboyna, Burl Maple, European Walnut, Cherry and figured Mahogany. Decorative accents and ornamentation on the Artisan Piano recall the design of historic 19th and 20th century pianos. The Artisan Piano is the perfect marriage of Bösendorfer’s traditional methods of craftsmanship and piano making with the skills of highly accomplished woodworkers passed on through the generations.

The Artisan Piano
Photo courtesy of Lisa L Feldmann

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