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Daryl Sherman Quartet

- Jazz and Cabaret Corner

Daryl Sherman Quartet
(Daryl Sherman Website)
A Tribute to Mildred Bailey
(Mildred Bailey Bio)
Daryl Sherman on Piano and Vocals
Loren Schoenberg on Saxophone
(Loren Schoenberg Website)
Jay Leonhart on Bass
(Jay Leonhart Website)
Howard Alden on Guitar
(Howard Alden Website)
The Encore NYC
266 West 47th Street, Btw. Broadway and 8th Ave.

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
April 20, 2005

The Encore NYC is a fantastic new cabaret space in the theatre district, with sexy dark décor and elegant lighting design. Daryl Sherman, perhaps the hottest and most seasoned female cabaret singer these days, brought the best of the best to The Encore tonight for a dynamic and fascinating set, a tribute to an original cabaret singer, Mildred Bailey, who would have been 103 years old this week. Loren Schoenberg, Director of The National Jazz Museum in Harlem, famed jazz historian, and saxophonist, Howard Alden, famed jazz guitarist of film scores and international performances, and Jay Leonhart, famed jazz bassist, singer, and songwriter all accompanied Daryl Sherman tonight in this historical musical celebration in a most intimate setting. Ms. Sherman’s personal anecdotes and historical references, which prefaced each set of songs, related to her knowledge of Mildred Bailey’s repertoire as well as to her experience with and appreciation of each of her accompanists.

In a very classy white and black shawl and classic black dress, Ms. Sherman opened the set with Born to Swing. Schoenberg took the theme’s lead, passing it to Alden, as Leonhart kept a steady beat with built-in melodic riffs, with Ms. Sherman keeping time with her rhythmic feet. The second piece, melancholy and very New Orleans, took on an earthy quality. Schoenberg is a pro, and when Ms. Sherman was showcased, he discreetly moved aside, a classy gesture. The piano theme switched toned mid-note! Ms. Sherman presented her band with generous accolades, and It’s Love I’m After was performed playfully and seamlessly. More Than You Know, one of my favorite torch songs, was interpreted here the best I’ve ever heard. Ms. Sherman seemed to have an aura of even Billie Holiday, not to mention Mildred Bailey, in her unique vocal surprises. This warm and close setting was just perfect for Ms. Sherman’s abilities.

Bob White, first sung with hot swing to Leonhart’s hot bass, was then stylized as a guitar-bass conversation between Alden and Leonhart. Ms. Sherman, Alden, and Leonhart followed with Sweet Dreams, which included a most scintillating guitar riff, with innovative improvisations. Some Fish Fry songs were added in, with references to cornbread and the 1940’s Word’s Fair. In Love, Where Can you Be?, Ms. Sherman sang a Capella over Leonhart’s bass, with the bass in contrasting rhythms. The rich vocals were highlighted, before Schoenberg virtuosically carried the theme, with piano and strings on rhythms. Squeeze Me was sung in the midst of anecdotes about Mary Lou Williams, Mildred Bailey, Teddy Wilson, and Fats Waller, with drama and flirtation. Fools Rush In showcased Schoenberg’s solo in sizzling sensuality, followed by Peaceful in the Country.

The finale, We Just Couldn’t Say Goodbye, was a Mildred Bailey number from her collaboration with the Paul Whiteman Band. Kudos to Daryl Sherman for this incredible array of talent, hers on piano and vocals, Loren Schoenberg’s on saxophone, Howard Alden’s on guitar, and Jay Leonhart’s on bass. And, kudos to The Encore NYC for creating such an inviting and engaging ambiance for cabaret at night in the heart of the theatre district. Check out for news of upcoming events.

Daryl Sherman on Piano
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Loren Schoenberg on Sax
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Loren Schoenberg, Daryl Sherman, Harold Arlen, Jay Leonhart
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Daryl Sherman at Leisure
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Dan Morgenstern, Jazz Professor, Daryl Sherman, Loren Schoenberg
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

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