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Lecture Recital: Schubert Lied & Sonata

- Classical and Cultural Connections

Lecture Recital
Schubert Lied & Sonata – The Long & Short Of It
(Franz Schubert Bio)
Music of the Romantic Era
A Series of Lecture Recitals

Bösendorfer New York

200 Lexington Avenue
Suite 902
New York, NY 10016
Gerhard Feldmann and Lisa L. Feldmann, Owners

Presented by Josephine Reiter
Music Professor and Consultant
Assisted by Guest Artists from The Juilliard School
and The Manhattan School of Music: Jennifer Beattie, Soprano, Adiel Shmit, Cello, Taisiya Pushkar, Piano

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
April 6, 2005

(See Bösendorfer Loudspeaker Event and CD Review).
( See Review, Adiel Shmit Cello Recordings on CD)


Franz Schubert (1797-1828)

Selected Lieder (6 Lieder)

Impromptu in A-Flat Major for Piano, Op. 90, No. 1

Arpeggione Sonata in A Minor for Cello and Piano, D. 821, Allegro Moderato, Adagio, Allegretto

Lisa Feldmann, Bösendorfer New York EVP, has arranged a series of lecture recitals at her showroom on Lexington Avenue, housed in the elegant Design Center, which inform the guests about the composer/s, through the expertise of the renowned music professor and artist, Josephine Reiter, MM, JD. Sitting among the very exquisite Bösendorfer pianos, Professor Reiter used a visual and auditory lecture format to enthuse the audience about Franz Schubert: his life, his compositions, and the Viennese history of the times.

The Lieder (lyrics in classical form with romantic content, according to Professor Reiter) selected for the evening were five of 600 songs that Schubert composed for solo voice and piano. Although Schubert was quite prolific and admired by merchants and bankers in his brief life span, he suffered from the unsteady income that is often prevalent in the classical arts community. The year that Schubert died, 1828, was the year that Herr Bosendorfer received his license to manufacture his handcrafted pianos.

To add to the classy and classical ambiance of the evening (not to mention the Austrian wines and cheeses served during the breaks), Adiel Shmit, on cello, Taisiya Pushkar on piano, and Jennifer Beattie, soprano, performed the above listed works with expertise and grace. The first of the six lieder, Serenade (Swan Song), a passionate love song, was expressively sung by Ms. Beattie, accompanied by Professor Reiter on piano, with clear and flowing tones. Laughing and Weeping, about the travails of love, brought contrasting rhythms to the German poem.

The Erlking (The Elfin King), a Goethe poem, is a mesmerizing piece about a father racing through the night with his very ill son on a horse. The son confronts the vision of death (Erlking), and the soprano must sing in the voices of all three. Ms. Beattie’s German inflections were perfect and her tones lent the foreboding and frightening quality necessary for this song’s emotional effect. To Sylvia and To His Guitar followed, with lighter lyrics of love. Litany for All Souls Day was sung in a mournful and somber mood.

Taisiya Pushkar’s interpretation of the Schubert Impromptu in A Flat Major for Piano showed unusual talent and expertise for a music student, and the complicated and challenging Schubert Sonata in A Minor for Cello and Piano, presented by Ms. Pushkar and Adiel Shmit, was professionally and persuasively performed. Kudos to Lisa and Gerhard Feldmann of Bösendorfer New York, to Professor Reiter, and to the three accomplished music students and performers, for a lovely spring Lecture Recital. You can call Bösendorfer New York at 212.684.1895 for information on the June 8, 2005 7:00 PM, Lecture Recital, Nationalism in Music: Dvorak and the Russians, featuring violinist, Yulia Sakharova, accompanied by piano and cello.

Jennifer Beattie, Soprano, and Josephine Reiter, on Piano
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Adiel Shmit, on Cello, and Taisiya Pushkar, on Piano
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Jennifer Beattie, Josephine Reiter, Taisiya Pushkar, Adiel Shmit
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Lisa L Feldmann and Gerhard Feldmann, Bosendorfer New York
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

Matles Florist's Orchid Plant
Photo courtesy of Roberta Zlokower

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