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Ernesto Jodos: Solo

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Ernesto Jodos


Ernesto Jodos, Solo Piano
(See Review of Ernesto Jodos at the Argentine Consulate)

Press: Jim Eigo:

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
April 11, 2005

This is an esoteric, sometimes melodic, sometimes dissonant collection of compositions by Ernesto Jodos, this Argentina-based pianist. These edgy, emotional works are titled either in English or in Spanish, but with no Latin or Tango presence, usually associated with Argentine music.

Notable tracks:

#2 – Darn that Dream – Composed by DeLange and Van Heusen. This piece is contemplative, like raindrops, mostly played on high notes, unfolding a well-known ballad. Jodos endlessly extends each series of notes to a surreal and sensitive listening experience.

#4 – A pesar del diablo – Composed by Ernesto Jodos. Jodos’ personal composition, jazzy and thoughtful, almost creates accompaniment of bass and strings with its wide range of keyboard improvisations. Dissonance and generous pauses figure in the abstract, contemporary motif.

#9 – Parisian Thoroughfare – Composed by Bud Powell. A busy fusion of two different, but intersecting themes, merging, then wandering, is reminiscent of the Champs d’Élysées. Jodos builds the volume of this unique piece to match the characteristic, bustling traffic of Paris.

#10 – Prelude to a Kiss – Composed by Duke Ellington. In this romantic, moody piece, composed by Ellington, Jodos again extends its phrases to pierce or elevate one’s thoughts. Yet, the quality of tone here is generally smooth and soothing.

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