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The Jazz Expressions: On the Road

- CD Review

CD Review

The Jazz Expressions

On the Road
(Wildflower Recordings)

Hilliard Greene on Bass, TK Blue on Sax and Flute, Dwayne (Cook) Broadnax on Drums, Aaron Graves on Piano
(See Review Hilliard Greene CD Alone)
(See Review TK Blue CD Rhythm in Blue)

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
April 3, 2005

This new Jazz Expressions CD has creative fusion of straight jazz, romantic ballad, new age, Latin embellishments, sassy swing, and more. Each musician has composed one or more pieces, each unique for solo or ensemble, and each with its own rhythm and style. Harriet Tubman, by pianist, Aaron Graves, is just as rapturous as Early Time, by Hilliard Greene, is rambunctious.

Notable tracks:

#1 – The Great One – Composed by Hilliard Greene. This track introduces the new Jazz Expressions CD with danceable swing, led by T.K. on sax, backed by a rapid rhythm on Hilliard Greene’s bass. Aaron Graves is busy, as he brings the early melody to abstraction with Dwayne Broadnax’ accented percussion, before he returns the lead to T.K.

#4/#5 – Okums Part I and Okums Part II – Composed by Hilliard Greene. Actually a two-part piece, this interesting composition has a two-minute bass solo, with deep, dissonant, and mournful string effects, followed by a four-minute fused ensemble, with T.K. on fluttering flute, bringing optimism and loveliness to the earlier, darker theme. This piece builds in volume, with nice piano-percussive solos on the heels of the flute’s final flourish.

#8 – Shades of Bahia – Composed by T.K. Blue. Led by piano and bass, T.K.’s exotic sax soars over the band. This long composition, over seven minutes, allows for musical shadings and fascinating surprises, with solos all around.

#10 – Dr. T.L.D. – Composed by Dwayne Broadnax. With a bass lead, Dwayne Broadnax ends this CD with percussive clavé rhythms for a luscious, Latin fusion. Aaron on piano, followed by T.K. on sax, play straight jazz over Hilliard’s and Dwayne’s bass and drums, as a slow Mambo develops. Another track, another concept.

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