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Tierney Sutton At The Oak Room: Dancing in the Dark
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Tierney Sutton At The Oak Room: Dancing in the Dark

- Jazz and Cabaret Corner

Tierney Sutton At The Oak Room:
Dancing in the Dark
(See Tierney Sutton CD Review)
Algonquin Hotel
59 West 44th Street, NY, NY (btw. 5th and 6th Aves.)
Tierney Sutton on Vocals
Trey Henry on Bass
Christian Jacob on Piano
Ray Brinker on Drums
(Tierney Sutton Website)

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
March 8, 2005

With a sexy, sultry voice that warms like hot brandy, Tierney Sutton took The Oak Room by storm and sang Sinatra, the torch songs, that is. Those piercing and poignant ballads that evoke at once the best and the worst of romantic memories and make us want to cry, to laugh, and to dance, depending on the lyrics and the mood. Tierney’s band, Christian Jacob on piano, Trey Henry on bass, and Ray Brinker on drums, was outstanding, as they’ve been together, as a group, for twelve long years, and do they know how to anticipate each other’s next note, next lyric, next riff.

The name of this show is Dancing in the Dark, a CD celebration. Without a Song, a Sinatra favorite, vibrated subtly, with piano and bass up and around Tierney’s vocals, showcasing the loveliness and lyricism of this ballad. The Song Is You was backed by piano and drums, and Tierney’s stunning black dress seemed to glow in The Oak Room lighting. Two for the Road, by Henry Mancini, was sung with an ethereal voice, in soft transparency, floating over the Christian Jacob’s piano. Where or When was strongly supported by Trey Henry on bass, and Cheek to Cheek had fragments of notes moving up the scale, as lyrics became elongated and elegant.

Blue Skies took tiny moments and enhanced them with vibrancy and verve, before People Will Say We’re In Love, from Oklahoma, showcased Trey Henry on bass, in a conversation with Tierney. If I Loved You, from Carousel, was a vocal - piano duet, impassioned but restrained, with deep emotional meaning. Another Broadway song, again from Oklahoma, Surrey with the Fringe on Top, was upbeat, buoyant, and entertaining. More melancholy was Emily, infused with jazz and lots of scat, and a fourth instrument was created, Tierney’s voice. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea ended this show, as a tribute to Harold Arlen, and the energy flowed through the dimly lit Oak Room with warmth and magic.

The Algonquin Hotel is historical, classy, well organized, and exciting for a drink in the lobby or the Blue Bar, a dinner, a cabaret show, or for an overnight stay in the newly refurbished guest rooms. Below, you can see one of those standard guest rooms, as well as Tierney Sutton in the Algonquin Hotel lobby with her band at leisure. Call the Algonquin Hotel, and reserve a hotel room and/or a seat in The Oak Room for dinner or brunch and cabaret. Tell them you saw them on

Tierney Sutton

Algonquin Hotel Guest Room

Algonquin Hotel Guest Room

Algonquin Hotel Guest Room

Tierney Sutton Signs CD's in the Algonquin Lobby

Tierney Sutton and Her Band

Tierney and Flowers of the World Arrangement

Tierney's Stunning Dress

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