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We’re Still Hot! The Musical
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We’re Still Hot! The Musical

- Backstage with the Playwrights

We’re Still Hot! The Musical
At the
St. Luke’s Theater
308 West 46th Street

Playwright, Lyricist, and Co-composer, J.J. McColl
Co-composer Rueben Gurr

Featuring: Dierdre Kingsbury as Marnie,
Deborah Jean Templin as Kate, Marnee Hollis as Cynthia,
and Jane Seaman as Zsu Zsu

Directed by Sue Wolf
Assistant Director: Susan Streater
Set Design: Diego Studios
Costume Design: Philip Heckman
Lighting Design: Greg Cohen
Sound Design: Drew Levy
Musical Direction and Additional Arrangements: Alan J. Plado
Production Stage Manager: Aubrey Shavonn
Press: David Gersten & Associates
Advertising and Design: Sugartown Creative
Marketing: Leanne Schanzer Promotions, Inc.
Producers: Entertainment Events Inc., Robert Dragotta,
Waxman Williams Entertainment

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
March 9, 2005, Matinee

Songs about hot flashes (“We’re Still Hot”), hormones, aging mothers, and young, male lovers, sung in a small church on West 46th Street, could not have been more engaging or more entertaining. If you’re a woman who’s had a hot flash or two, you will love this production. If you’re a man, who has known a woman of some maturity, you may be offended at some graphic references, but you will definitely be laughing. If you’re young, of either sex, don’t bother. You won’t get it.

Three superbly talented actors play three amateur actors, who prepare for a high school reunion in J. J. McColl’s richly textured song, dance, and comedy routines. One alum, Kate (Deborah Jean Templin), has a hopelessly lazy, live at home son, born 9 months after graduation, no husband, and no job. Kate is the energetic revue writer and force behind the stage action. Another alum, Marnie (Dierdre Kingsbury), owns a successful business, sings like a diva, wears business attire, and sleeps with young, male lovers on business trips, as well as a mystery man, who happens to be in town. The third alum, Cynthia (Marnee Hollis), is a prissy snob with a wealthy, straying husband, who loves her dogs, her home, and her religious club. Cynthia undergoes a revelatory right of passage. The fourth character, Zsu Zsu (Jane Seaman), a Hungarian maid who can belt out a tune, has her own sexy secret.

There is an interesting thread in the romantic quilt above, but I won’t reveal it, as the play is worth an immediate visit. This is not a production of shallow, sensational fluff. This is, rather, a very poignant presentation, with a song about an elderly mother, “Little Bird”, that is heart-wrenching and sensitive. Another song, “Fool Fer Love”, has some remarkable lines that magnetized the eclectic matinee audience. Others, like “One Hell of a Woman” and “Nips and Tucks”, should be heard more than once for the fast-paced lyrics laced with luscious surprises. Speaking of surprises, there’s even a “shooting cannon”! J. J. McColl, Playwright, Lyricist, Co-composer, Rueben Gurr, Co-composer, and Sue Wolf, Director, have collaborated on a premiere hit! The cast may be changing soon, but, in any case, RUSH to see this hilarious show, especially if you have had, or know a woman who’s had, a hot flash or two.

We're Still Hot
Photos courtesy of Carol Rosegg

For more information, contact Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower at