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Hendrik Meurkens: 2 CD Reviews - A View From Manhattan and Quiet Moments
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Hendrik Meurkens: 2 CD Reviews - A View From Manhattan and Quiet Moments

- CD Reviews

Hendrik Meurkens
A View From Manhattan
Concord Jazz, Inc. 2003

Hendrik Meurkens on Harmonica, Dick Oatts on Saxophones and Flute, Jay Ashby on Trombone and Percussion,
Claudio Roditi on Trumpet, Mark Soskin on Piano, Harvie Swartz on Bass, Leo Traversa on Bass,
Portinho on Drums and Percussion, Carl Allen on Drums.

Quiet Moments
Evidence Music, Inc. 1998

Hendrik Meurkens on Harmonica and Renato Chicco on Piano

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
March 13, 2005

A View From Manhattan:

This is a hot jazz CD, with sensational Samba rhythms, among others, like Mambo and Swing. Meurkens’ harmonica carries most themes in solo or ensemble. Also included are soft, moody melodies.

Notable tracks:

#3 – Park Avenue South - Composed by Hendrik Meurkens. With a piano lead, the intoxicating theme is carried by Meurkens. His harmonica evokes a muted horn.

#4 – Speak Low - Composed by Ogden Nash and Kurt Weill. A Mambo beat leads this popular song, in a hot and jazzy style. The saxophone is prominent with racing repetitions that converse with the harmonica.

#7 – The Monster and the Flower - Composed by Claudio Roditi and Ricardo Silveira. (See Claudio Roditi Review). The star of this piece is Roditi, with a Brazilian Samba beat. Most instruments blend, but frequently step aside for composer, Roditi’s horn.

#10 - Moment’s Notice - Composed by John Coltrane. With piano riffs, this fused contemporary jazz piece is full of vibrant motion. Powerful percussive solos are included.

Quiet Moments:

This is an intensely romantic and soulful CD of popular love songs. The duo harmonica and piano create a midnight, New York sound.

Notable tracks:

#2 – Sophisticated Lady - Composed by Duke Ellington, Irving Mills, and Mitchell Parish. Meurkens plays solo harmonica with extensive emotion and talent, leading Chicco into contemplative interpretations.

#4 – Quiet Moments – Composed by Hendrik Meurkens. This title song, composed by Meurkens, allows his harmonica to evoke Miles Davis’ muted trumpet. A single note is carried high and low, with soaring and flowing effects.

#6 – A Time for Love - Composed by Johnny Mandel and Paul Frances Webster. Meurkens’ harmonica leads this melancholy, mesmerizing song. Chicco plays in the background, but later takes a slower turn at a twisted, poignant melody.

#8– My One and Only Love - Composed by Guy Wood and Robert Mellin. Chicco leads this song, and Meurkens nurtures the theme of this renowned tune. Meurkens extends and elongates each note for surprising sounds.

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