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Buenos Aires Underground Jazz Festival

- Classical and Cultural Connections

Buenos Aires Underground Jazz Festival
Opening Night

Fernando Tarrés on Guitar
Ernesto Jodos on Piano
Rodrigo Domínguez on Saxophone/Clarinet
Jeronimo Carmona on Bass
Carto Brandan on Percussion
Lucia Polido on Vocals
(See Review of Six CD’s)

Performed at The Argentine Consulate
12 West 56th Street, NY, NY 10019

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
November 1, 2004

Tonight’s concert featured six recent works composed by the musicians. This was a VIP invitational event that opened the Buenos Aires Underground Jazz Festival. Jodos’ piano solo began quietly, which built to dissonant and driven momentum. The second piece included Carmona’s bass and Brandan’s drums in a crashing cacophony, with persistent percussion switching to a piano lead.

The following piece introduced Tarres’ guitar in a melodic motif, joined by cymbals and drums. Domínguez’ sax added to the abstract and accentuated quality of this music. Jodos played the keyboard with his elbow. At times, Jodos evoked a melody of bandoneón and tiny threads of tango from his keyboard with Buenos Aires soul. Domínguez completed this piece with a searing sax.

At times Domínguez’ sax took on the air of a wooden pan flute, a folk instrument of Latin America. Ms. Polido, from Colombia, had strength to her vocals and joined the band effectively. A more melodic piece was introduced with a trio of sax, drums, and piano, but with an abstract effect. When the bass joined this ensemble, a more traditional jazz element was created.

Buenos Aires Underground Jazz Festival

Pablo Beltramino, Deputy Consul General, at the Post-Jazz Reception

Consulate Reception

Pablo Ziegler and Julio Santillan

Art Exhibit at the Consulate

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