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Robin Kenyatta: Cool Blue CD Review (In Memoriam)

- CD Review

Robin Kenyatta
Cool Blue
(Robin Kenyatta Bio)
Jazz Dance Records

Robin Kenyatta, Tenor and Alto Sax
Adam Holzman, Piano, Keyboards
Alan Lucky Burroughs, Guitars
Fred Cash Jr., Electric Bass
Rocky Bryant, Drums
Leopoldo F. Fleming, Percussion

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower
November 11, 2004

This CD has a powerful sound with very American Blues selections. I could imagine West Coast Swing danced to more than one composition. This CD is a fitting tribute to a great jazz musician, whose saxophone evoked a dancing spirit. (Robin Kenyatta passed away on October 26, 2004 in Lausanne, Switzerland where he had traveled to perform at a sold-out concert in Lucerne).

Notable tracks:

#4 – Cool Blue – Composed by Robin Kenyatta and Adam Holzman. Kenyatta’s melodic saxophone takes turns with Holzman’s keyboard, which provides continual and repetitive momentum. The slow, complementary theme on sax eventually merges into this cool creation with West Coast Swing rhythms.

#5 – Xenia -- Composed by Robin Kenyatta. The melancholy sax leads this sensational sextet. A glowing gospel reference seems to emanate from within.

#7 – Love Him and Surrender – Composed by Robin Kenyatta. A soulful, soaring sax stretches over a steady sextet. The sound is warm and enveloping.

#8 – Blue Robin – Composed by Robin Kenyatta and M. Gronvad. This West Coast Swing rhythmic theme is beautiful, buoyant, and blended. Blues and jazz seem to fuse in a warm, embracing tone.

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