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Yue: Both Sides Now

- CD Review

Yue: Both Sides Now
2004 Kellaway LightWorks LLC

Yue on Violin
Roger Kellaway on Piano

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower with Guest Reviewer (Jessie)
August 7, 2004

This is a CD of mellow and melancholy music with interesting violin effects. The combination of Kellaway’s new compositions with the originals of Reinhardt and Strayhorn are a well-balanced mix. Jessie: “The music is soft and sweet. The violin and piano lull you.”

Notable tracks:

#1 – Nuages – Composed by Django Reinhardt. There’s a rippling violin in a fresh rendition, usually accompanied by guitars. The piano allows the violin to be showcased, and, in an understated way, takes its own solos. Jessie: “A floating, floppy feeling. Jumping, jazzy, jubilant piece. Young children playing. Feel like playing myself. It’s sweet, silly, sad all at once. A beautiful song.”

#5 – California Rainy Day – Composed by Roger Kellaway. A windy violin slides through the upper and lower octaves with a sensitive and soft repetition. A relaxing and nurturing waterfall of sound. Jessie: “Going up and down, as racing rabbits running on a rainy day across the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s tapping your feet to peace. Running, racing again. A drop of rain falling on a leaf and causing a chain reaction.”

#8 – All My Life – Composed by Roger Kellaway. A violin theme over a soulful song has an inherent warmth and a hint of wonder. This could be a modern ballet score. Jessie: “A guy standing below a window, singing a love song. A twisted, tongue-tied Ted, who just got dumped. An amazingly rainy day, sprinkles every five seconds. A sixth-sense soul song.”

#9 – Lush Life – Composed by Billy Strayhorn. Yue brings out the maximum musical possibilities of her exquisite violin. A dissonant and sultry series of introspective interludes. Jessie: “A changing day – Rain, sun, rain…A mystery radio theme. A mother telling her daughter to clean her messy room. A song that makes me feel like a running racehorse. A dangerous situation, up creaky stairs, someone screams, falling, trying again.”

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